Microsoft Rolls Out Free Preview of Quantum Development Kit

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Microsoft releases its new Quantum Development Kit, enabling developers to create apps for quantum computers to process AI and other demanding tasks.

For newcomers, it may sound new but quantum computing has been around for sometime now as Big Data is growing and the need to process large volumes of information has become essential.

Microsoft previously announced in September that the company would be unveiling a new developer kit for programmers to make use of the technology.

As promised, the company has now officially rolled out the Quantum Development Kit.

Using the tool, programmers who are interested in jumping onto the quantum bandwagon can choose to code applications, software programs and other tools to further boost the computing process.

The Quantum Development Kit comes bundled with Q# programming language, which is the first of its kind and will be used by quantum computers.

Compatible with Visual Studio

The newly announced Quantum Development Kit seamlessly integrates into Microsoft’s popularVisual Studio application. The integration allows programmers who are already working with various programming languages to import their creations so that they would work with these super-powered computers.

In order to simplify things, the company also provided a local simulator where all the apps developed can be checked for authenticity. The surprising factor is that it will work on a normal laptop without demanding too much hardware power.

The idea for the Quantum Development Kit is to provide a platform for developers of all sorts to develop content so that they can participate in the quantum wave without getting left behind.

Unearthing the Power of Quantum Computing

In an official statement announcing the Quantum Development Kit release, Microsoft confirmed that the company is working towards building a full quantum computing system which can be used in a wide area of domains including artificial intelligence, climate change studies and processing large quantities of data.

These computers are capable of processing 30 logical qubits of power, which can be pushed up to 40 logical qubits using the Azure cloud platform.

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The Quantum Development Kit has already been made public to download so users can start developing software programs for the quantum computers of the future.

When such power is harnessed, they can do computations in minutes or hours, which might actually take the lifetime of a universe for the average human or any other man-made device.

Scientists who have had the opportunity to use the technology have found it to be blazingly fast unlike no other, and the enhanced processing capability has made AI-related research easier than ever.

A practical issue does exist with Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit because the logical qubits should be stored only in extremely low temperature which is close to zero.

If it is kept in high temperature conditions, the data and processing capability of the computational system may be disturbed or completely destroyed.

The Quantum Development Kit has already been made public to download so users can start developing software programs for the quantum computers of the future.

Not only Microsoft but all major corporations do believe that they require massive storage capabilities, as well as the power to process data to find the relevant information that they need.

The potential is very high, and the Quantum Development Kit may also pave way for more companies adopting the technology to provide third-party development services in the near future.

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