The Most Effective Ways To Get More Likes On Your Posts

The simple fact is, everyone wants people to like and engage with their posts and profiles. You might think that since people are followed by default, you can automatically get their attention. But in reality, you have to work harder for people to like your posts. This blog post shares tips and tricks on how to get more likes on your posts so they’ll give your content more exposure. 

Buy Likes

Like buying is an effective way which you can purchase likes from various websites. The folks at explain that it’s a simple process of toggling through a website and finding the best rate available, providing the social media handle you want the likes on, and providing your payment details. This, perhaps, is the easiest way you can get more likes on your posts.  

Post At Peak Times

The best time to post is during peak times, where most of your followers are online. It’s best to look at analytics for the past month and see if there’s a particular time when people will engage with your posts more often than others. Generally, people like to engage with posts more during lunch and after work, if you’re targeting professionals.

Post Relevant Content

If you want to get more likes on your posts, then it’s best that they appeal to the kind of people that follow you. Keep your content relevant and of high quality, because that way it’ll be easier for your followers to like it and also share it with their own friends and followers on social media.  

Leverage On Trending Topics & Hashtags

There are some topics or events so widely publicized on social media that everyone is talking about them at once. When this happens, use hashtags and trending topics as opportunities for engagement! If you can produce a post around those topics, then it’ll be easier for your followers to like that. However, if you don’t use hashtags and trending topics, then your posts will be buried by other people’s posts so no one will see them.  

But, even though the use of hashtags and trending topics is a good thing, it’s best to not abuse them by putting too many at once. Adding too many hashtags can make your posts look spammy and amateurish, plus they can make it harder for people who don’t follow you to find your posts when they search for certain words or phrases. The most effective number of hashtags you should add in a post varies depending on how active your followers are. 

Use Eye-Catching Visuals

You might think that having large blocks of texts with amazing headlines is the best way to get more likes on your post, but studies show that content containing images is much more likely to be shared or liked. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then it’s best that you include images in your posts because doing so can increase social media traffic by at least 94%. The most popular images are those containing memes and other light-hearted, humorous photos. Also, GIFS have become a popular way to engage audiences on social media, so you might as well take advantage of this trend.

Don’t Use Clickbait Titles

Using clickbait titles can be an effective way to get more likes on your posts. The problem with this technique, however, is that it can affect how people perceive you. It can be seen as “spammy” behavior and might lead to a decrease in the number of people who follow you because they don’t see you as trustworthy anymore. You’ll also become easily dismissed by others if your content isn’t relevant or interesting enough for them to bother reading through it before clicking away from it. 

You’ve probably heard about clickbait articles and videos before: they’re typically headlines like these: “People React To ____” or “You Will Not BELIEVE What She Does Next!” It may seem like it’s a good way to get more likes on your post, but the problem with clickbait is that it can come across as disingenuous and annoying.

Comment On Other People’s Posts

It doesn’t matter whether they’re personal or business accounts, engaging with other people’s posts is a good way to get more likes on your own account. This can be anything from liking or commenting on their stuff, which will lead to them doing the same thing back at you. When you engage with other people’s posts, it shows that you’re not just using social media as a platform for self-promotion and marketing yourself. It also allows your name to appear in their feed so they’ll know who you are when they see one of your posts or need a service provided by you. You can even use this tactic while networking – which is especially effective if they have a lot of followers on their personal social media accounts because those people might follow you!

Using the techniques listed in this article, you can find it easier to get more likes on your posts. These strategies have been proven by marketers and social media experts to be effective when done correctly, so there’s no reason for you not to give them a try!

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