How to Get a Netflix US Account Outside US the Easy Way

Did you know that the US version of Netflix is the best. To access it, you’ll need a Netflix US account.

So the obvious question is how do you get a Netflix US account?

We’ll answer that question.

But first, let’s start things off with the obligatory introduction.

To start with, Netflix got inaugurated in 1997.

Besides, it has grown immensely and, it is the best Video streaming site.

In fact, there are some good Netflix alternatives available – but still, no one is able to beat it.

The streaming giant is based in the US but has branched out in other parts of the world, now available in more than 130 countries – each country has its very own Netflix catalogue.

Even so, the US version is the best because it has the largest library of rental videos, streaming movies, and TV Shows.

But, is it possible to have a Netflix US account outside US?How To Get A Netflix Account Outside the USIt’s regrettable that due to geo-blocking, owning a US Netflix account abroad is impossible.

At the same time, some Netflix subscribers are sad.

Netflix has blocked several VPN servers which the majority relied on to get the US version of Netflix.

For this reason, hundreds of users are left to watch their local TV Shows.

A quick recap of what geo-restriction is?

It’s a system that prohibits Internet based on geo-blocks.

At present, Netflix has announced it will crack down on all VPNs and proxies.

But, in my opinion, this is a game plan to make TV Shows and film-makers happy.

As a matter of fact, Netflix will find it extremely hard to block all VPN servers.

The more Netflix will come up measures to block VPN and DNS, the more incentive VPN services will have to come up with new ways to stream Netflix.

So, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

At this point, you can bypass the geo-restrictions using ExpressVPN to access Netflix.

ExpressVPN is one of the very few VPNs that still work with the Netflix.

If you’d want to read about it in detail prior to your selection, read our full ExpressVPN review.

To put it briefly for you, it will aid you to own a US Netflix account outside the US.

So, if you are outside the US, below is a step by step guide on how to get a US Netflix account.

Get a Netflix Compatible Device For Netflix US Account


First and foremost, you need a compatible device you’ll stream videos and shows on.

A tablet, smartphone or any HD laptop will work well.

On a side note, a gaming console like Ps3 or Xbox 360 will also do the job.

Having any of these devices will make streaming Netflix videos anywhere much fun.

Get a US IP Address For Netflix US Account

You cannot access the US Netflix library if you are using a device with an IP address outside the US.

At this point, to sign up for a US Netflix account – you need to subscribe to a VPN to change your IP to another country (the United States in this case) and bypass the geo-restrictions.

We recommend ExpressVPN.


Because it is compatible with several devices (almost all), and works perfectly fine with Netflix even after its crackdown on VPN and SmartDNS services. Besides, this provider will expand your experience. How? Because it offers some cool Netflix hacks to its users as well, including Netflix secret codes, add-ons and extensions and Netflix remote control.

Besides, this provider will expand your streaming experience.


Because it offers some cool Netflix hacks to its users as well, including Netflix secret codes, add-ons and extensions and Netflix remote control.

In my opinion, ExpressVPN is the best to create a Netflix account abroad because of several servers it owns.

Also, as stated already, it stood out after Netflix cracked down on VPN servers.

I have used it in the past three years, and I don’t regret doing it one bit.

You’ll not have issues if you use this VPN software for your Netflix needs.

In summary, do yourself a favor.

Get ExpressVPN if you are outside the US to change your IP to a US one with the VPN that still works with Netflix and enjoy your favorite movies and TV Shows.

So, once you are connected to a US server of ExpressVPN, move forward to the points below.

Get a Debit Card For Netflix US Account

Netflix Debit CardsTo own a Netflix account outside the America, you need a credit card accepted in the US for your Netflix subscription payment.

Still, if you want to hide your credentials or have Netflix without credit card for any reason – this technique works.

The option of using a debit card in creating a Netflix account will not subject you to security issues.

However, make sure the debit card you are using has the Master Card or Visa logo.

Also, get informed that in this case, some gift cards do not work.

But, you can make good use of the free Netflix gift card.


You can redeem for payment services when signing up for Netflix outside the US.

Besides, you can use prepaid debit cards.

With prepaid debit cards, you only need to have enough credit to pay the monthly subscription fee.

Netflix Account Sharing For Netflix US Account

It’s another alternative to owning a Netflix account abroad.

At this point, ask your friends to share their free Netflix account and password.

As a result, you enjoy free streaming.

Besides, one Netflix account can get linked to five different accounts.

For this reason, you don’t need to issue your credit card information.

And, there are no legal issues.

What else is remaining apart from enjoying your favourite movies and TV Shows?

PayPal For Netflix US Account

Image taken from Flickr

In my opinion, the majority of us have heard about this payment method.

If not, most of us are using it to make payments for several other services.

You can use your PayPal as a Netflix account payment method instead of a credit card, as like the debit card option discussed above.

As a matter of fact, PayPal will encrypt your data thus ensuring you of adequate security.

In essence, no information about you will get leaked.

So, your credentials will get linked to your bank account through your credit card.

Of course, when all these are getting done, none of your information gets leaked.

In conclusion, you can use PayPal to create American Netflix account.

Follow the steps discussed below to register your Netflix account using this method.

First, access Netflix from your browser.


Second, select Start Your Free Month option.

Third, click on the email address in the label box.


Fourth, insert your PayPal email address.


Finally, hit register.

At this point, you’ll go to payment section page where you have to choose PayPal instead of Credit Card.

Proceed to PayPal and, Start membership.

From here on, you’ll access Netflix without using your credit card.

Entropay or Netteller For Netflix US Account

Image captured by the author

If you want to access Netflix fast without credit cards, and do not want to use your regular debit cards nor PayPal – consider Netteller or Entropay.

First, Entropay is a US based firm which has partnered with Visa to issue the US virtual credit card.

Second, it’s verifiable with a credit card number and an expiry date.

So, this virtual card will help you to sign up for a Netflix US account.

To get started, visit Entropay and sign up for an account.

Top your new Entropay account using your non-US credit card.

It will only take few minutes for a Virtual Visa card to get generated.

It will have a valid card number, end date, and a security code.

Once you have your EntroPay card details with you, you then can use them on Netflix payment step.

Netflix US account Netteler Netflix
Image taken from Wikipedia

Moving on, Netteller is another great payment option for signing up for a Netflix US account.

If you have issues with debit or credit cards, sign up for a Netteller card and access Netflix account.

And don’t worry about censorship issues.

A Step by Step Walkthrough to Create a Netflix US Account

First, ensure you have set up your ExpressVPN service to get a US IP and unblock the Netflix US account.

Next, double check if it is working because Netflix will scrutinize your location when signing up.

Now, go to Netflix main page and begin the signing up process.

At this point, you can use your credit card or any of the methods discussed above even if the billing address is in your country and not in the US.

Before you continue, check the bottom of the Netflix page you are on should read the USA.

It’s the only way you will know you are on the correct page (Netflix USA).

Next, you need to fill a zip code.

In this case, Netflix will be asking for a US zip code.

Construct a 5-digit zip code from your postal address.

To get a postal code, pick a US city and State and search on Google Maps or Google Earth.

If the city you’ve chosen has less than five digits, add zeros at the end to make it a 5-digit postal code.

To verify its legality, use USPS Validate postal code Tool. (!input.action?mode=2).

At this point, if the zip code is not valid or existing, add one to the last digit and verify once more.

But, you should get a US postal code that works if you use Google.

If you are still struggling to find a valid US zip code, you can turn to this site too.

Point to Note For Netflix US Account:

In case Netflix displays a text Please check that your ZIP code corresponds to your billing address, know that your credit card does not work with your zip code.

At this point, use Entropay or similar virtual credit card.

Also, if you have problems with your credit card validation, clean out your cookies.

If not, your internet cache.

Devices you can use to watch Netflix outside the US

  1. Apple TV
  2. Your smartphone/tablet using ExpressVPN apps for iOS and Android
  3. Your desktop/laptop using ExpressVPN app for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Netflix US Account Conclusion

You can stream Netflix from wherever you are.

That is one cool fact.

You just create an America Netflix account with these steps, and, stream Netflix from wherever you are.

At this point, you’ll be on your way to watching HD television shows and movies.

Of course, getting a US IP is an essential and very first step towards your journey to have a Netflix US account outside US.

The easiest way to get a US IP address is via a VPN service.

There are lots of VPN services out there.

But we recommend ExpressVPN.

Of course, any good VPN service would work with US Netflix.

And, not just ExpressVPN.

But, we insist on ExpressVPN to unblock the US censorship.

The ease of use, the stable pricing, and the fact that it is not vulnerable to Netflix blocking attempts makes it a perfect choice.

So wait nor more and go, you can watch Netflix from anywhere around the world without worry now.

Happy streaming!

Top/Featured Image: By Bryan Gosline / Wikipedia

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