How to Watch Netflix on Chromecast with Ease Anywhere

For those who might not be certain of what Google Chromecast is, it is important to mention from the beginning that it is a little device used to turn HTDV into Smart TV.

Moreover, there are certain limitations encountered when it comes to watching Netflix on Chromecast and other programs on this device. Most importantly, such issues appear especially when you live outside the USA or are currently travelling overseas.Netflix on ChromecastFurthermore, there are different types of limitations according to specific regions around the world. Also, in some areas, it is not supported at all whereas in other countries you can watch it but only after meeting certain requirements.

Moreover, if you are among the thousands of other users who are sick and tired of facing these limitations, read below to discover how you can watch Netflix on Chromecast without issues today using VPNs and Proxies.

The Advantages of Using a Chromecast VPN

So, the Chromecast supports a broad range of modern applications. However, the perfect solution for accessing all the allowed websites from anywhere is the VPN.

That said, a good virtual private network allows online users to unblock all sort of restricted sites such as Netflix on various devices that they might choose. As a result, choosing the right Chromecast VPN is the best option we have to enjoy Netflix on Google Chromecast wherever we are.

Moving on, whenever users travel abroad, they will undoubtedly face geo-blocking limitations online. And of course, this is an unpleasing experience when you have a special program you were eager to watch on an individual day. However, you can solve the issue of Netflix Chromecast not working now by using a quality VPN service.

Create Your Very Own Virtual Hotspot with Your Favourite Device

A really simple solution to enjoy Netflix on Chromecast even on your iPhone (for example) is by creating your virtual hotspot with your device. Moreover, all you have to do essentially is to connect your device to one of the available VPN servers of your desired location.

And in this case, as you want to access Netflix, you should log into a US VPN server if you want to access the US Netflix catalogue. In case you want Netflix Australia, UK or any other region’s version – you just connect to a VPN server in that country, for example, Australia for the Australian version of Netflix.

If you ask me, not just me, we all at Cyberogism love how effortless the ExpressVPN makes unblocking the US version of Netflix. So, I’d recommend you to get ExpressVPN and connect to any of its US servers or any others as per your need (has 136 servers in 87 countries).

Next, you can transform your computer into a router that can be done via Connectify or Connectify alternatives if you do not know how to do it manually. In fact, this will make all the traffic in the virtual hotspot properly go through the virtual private network connection.

Also, any device you might choose to connect to the new Wi-Fi will browse the Internet as if it were back home in the USA or any of your selected country.

And in this case, you just connect your Chromecast to the virtual router hotspot and then cast the Netflix app on it. In fact, not just Netflix, once your Chromecast is connected to the VPN-enabled virtual hotspot you can unblock any app you want – just look for the cast icon in your favourite apps.

Use a DDR-WT Router with Pre-Installed VPN

The next solution for you to consider when you are dealing with Netflix Chromecast brain freeze is to purchase and use a DDR-WT router from Flashrouters (for example). Why is that useful?

First of all, because these come with pre-installed VPN service that will change your IP address on any new device you might decide to connect to it. This way, you will gain easy access to any website you want thus get rid of any Netflix Chromecast error you may have previously encountered while being abroad.

In addition, a crucial aspect for you to keep in mind at this stage is to connect both the chosen device and the Chromecast channel to the same country VPN server. In fact, this is the only way you will manage to gain access to Chromecast Netflix from PC without further issues or additional settings.

For example, if American Netflix is your current point of interest, then using a US VPN is the right option. In fact, it is the best one when you are wondering how to have Chromecast Netflix from laptop wherever you want around the world.

Steps to Consider for the Installation Process

Now that we have established the main requirements for users interested in Netflix Chromecast iPad options as well as others around the globe – let’s see some clear steps to follow to ensure perfect settings. This section is especially important for you if you want to Chromecast Netflix USA, Australia or any other one to your television.

First of all, choose a VPN. In fact, as I stated above, we recommend ExpressVPN as the best option – and that is due to various reasons. First and foremost, it ensures a really high speed, and it is an ultra-secure option for users interested in perfect online privacy.

Moreover, it is the easiest VPN service to use these days due to its instant setup and intuitive features. It is the most secure and reliable VPN option that will help you watch the content you want from any country on this globe.

And yes, they have top-notch customer support I must say. I was impressed when one of my friends with zero technical knowledge signed up with them and straightaway asked them to help him access US Netflix on Chromecast via VPN, and boom, they stepped in and helped him achieve that in no time.

Moving on, with your choice regarding VPN already made, it is now time to set it up on your router. Next, all you have to do is connect the Chromecast device to your new Smart TV. In my opinion, this step is simple to follow.

And, the best way to get started at this stage is by plugging Chromecast into the HDMI port of the TV and ensure perfect connection with the same Wi-Fi network as the laptop.

Next, just download the Chromecast app and run it on your laptop. Moreover, make sure you do not forget to check the code on the TV and the computer and choose the option – That’s My Code.

From there on, your Internet credentials will get into the game in the Chromecast on all your preferred devices. In fact, once you install the Chromecast extension, you can use the integrated browser button to ensure direct content broadcasting straight to your TV no matter what device you might use as long as it has Google Chrome installed on it.

As a result, you are now the lucky watcher of Netflix on Chromecast wherever you might find yourself on the map at the moment!

Netflix on Chromecast Using DNS Proxies

Subsequently, another option for you to consider at this stage as well refers to the DNS Proxies. As like the VPN tool, this also can enable you to unblock restricted channels such as US Netflix on your new Chromecast device.

The main difference between the VPN solution and Smart DNS is that the latter only ensures direct redirection of the necessary parts of your connection, not all. Given this point, it can be a good option when you want to maintain your Internet speed.

Moreover, other advantages to consider in the case of this option are the following ones:

  • It allows users to effortlessly switch between different areas which enables them to bypass various location restrictions at the same time.
  • No need to set up your device more than once to ensure proper Netflix region changes.
  • No change in IP addresses which means that you will also be able to access local websites at the same time.

Please note that you will need to change your DNS on the router and then connect your Chromecast to the router, you cannot change your Chromecast DNS directly.

If you wish to go with DNS method, I can recommend you Unlocator SmartDNS service – they are best among all others when it comes to using Chromecast with DNS. Once you’ve setup your account with them, it will be incredibly easy for you to do all the DNS settings with the help of the guides available in your account.

To Wrap Up 

All in all, it must be a joy to you now to know that you have healthy options wherever you go. Moreover, it is time to overcome all the encountered limitations and regain freedom online – no need to hold yourself back.

In fact, if Netflix is what you want to watch right now you can do so by following one of the methods presented above. Furthermore, these are easy to follow and ensure the results you need.

However, in the end, it is all about user preference when it comes to making a choice. But in my opinion and personal experience, using VPN is the most efficient and easy way to achieve the target in this case. Choose your favourite method today and watch Netflix on Chromecast wherever you might find yourself on the map!

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