Watch NFL without Cable Online with these 12 Easy Ways

Most of us love watching football; that is a fact. To start with, I’m not just a fan but a fanatic. It’s too unfortunate that in this digital era, it’s pretty hard to watch NFL games without having any cable subscription. In my opinion, watching Television should be free. Away from that, the football season is here and are you aware of ways to watch NFL without cable?Watch NFL Without Cable OnlineYes, that’s true, you can stream local NFL games and National televised games without cable. With this in mind, you can save your monthly television subscription and a lot of hassle. Even so, you can watch football online and over-the-air with the following options.

  1. Watching Via VPN

    If you’re in the U. S and want to access all NFL games via International Game Pass, VPN is the alternative to Cable. You need to subscribe to International Game Pass Package prior using VPN or SmartDNS.

    Make sure the VPN you’ll use has servers outside the U.S. Even so, there is a trap. Game Pass International plan is $199. The only that has changed, NFL has added a 7-day option to Game Pass. In essence, you can try it for a week at $24.99.

    It’s much cheaper compared to paying satellite television, the internet, and NFL Sunday ticket. The best part is that you’ll access all 256 regular season live broadcasts. Also, you’ll see the Super Bowl and the Playoffs.

    Setting Up

    • Ensure you are using your connected to VPN after signing for an International Game Pass package. For instance, you can connect to a VPN or SmartDNS in Europe. The VPN I used for the purpose is ExpressVPN; they are fast and secure.
    • Once you are connected to ExpressVPN, log in to the Game Pass website. Switch to your browsers Private mode if you happen to get shown the U.S version.
    • Change the price to U.S dollars. Then, select the Game Pass package and put in your relevant information.
    • Worry not about the payment. Even if you use your U.S credit card with the address on it, Game Pass accepts any credit card. Even for international versions, payment will get accepted without issues.
    • After you pay, you are ready to go. Watch regular season games in HD, playoffs games and Super Bowl.

    Despite all these, there are pointers you need to remember:

    First, always connect to your VPN whenever you watch NFL games. Second, if you want to see games on your device, the equipment itself should connect to your VPN. Third, most of VPNs clients use Android or iOS – it may or may not be an issue.

    Fourth, if the stream is of low quality, try a different VPN server in the same country. Besides, there are some VPN servers which are faster than others. Once you find that which works well for you, remember it.

    Finally, you can cast games from your browser or your phone and watch on your TV and Google Chromecast. And if you go with ExpressVPN, you can enjoy NFL on different devices of yours (or your friends’ and family) as it covers three simultaneous devices at a time in one subscription.

  2. Twitter

    Don’t get root in the stalemate of I don’t have a cable how can I watch football? First, Twitter is compatible with iOS and Android. Also, Windows, the web and of late it’s rumoured that it has an Apple TV. Second, Twitter will air 10 Thursday Night Football games. These are the same games that CBS and NBC will stream for free.All you need is a gadget that can access this software (Twitter). Finally, you’ll get 10 Thursday Night Football games for weeks 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 16.

  3. NFL Sunday Ticket

    DirecTV is another good option if you’re figuring out how to watch Sunday Night Football without cable. NFL Sunday Ticket will offer you with comprehensive live NFL coverage inclusive of Sunday out-of-market broadcasts.

    Students who enrolled in a 2-year and 4-year colleges will get NFL Sunday Ticket at a discounted price of $24.99 per month for four months. Still, they can watch these games on portable devices, mobile, and computer. Also, they can see through Chromecast, Xbox, PlayStation, and Apple TV.

    Non-students who can’t subscribe to DirecTV can get their NFL Sunday Ticket as a stand-alone service on NFL Sunday Ticket TV. The ticket can get acquired at a premier price of $49.99 (four months payment)

  4. Borrow Someone’s Cable Login

    It’s possible to get NFL games in this era of legal and a gray area password sharing. In the present day, NFL Network/RedZone, ESPN, Fox, and NBC offer live-airing apps. Also, those who get their channel through the traditional pay-television package. Besides, PlayStation Vue subscribers can verify their subscription through these apps.

    But, subscribers need to match with the channel to get NFL games. First, you’ll get all local Sunday games on Fox Sports Go. Second, you’ll get all Sunday Night Football games and 5 Thursday Night Football games on NBC Sports Live Extra. Third, you’ll stream all Monday Night Football games on WatchESPN. Forth, NFL RedZone on and finally, all Thursday Night Football games on

    The following channels are compatible with mentioned devices.

    • NFL– iPad, Xbox one, Web browsers, Apple TV, Play Station 4 and Android tablets
    • NBC Sports Live Extra– Roku, iOS, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Web, Android and Windows
    • WatchESPN– Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, web, Windows, Android, Roku, and iOS
    • Fox Sports Go– Windows, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android television and Apple TV
  5. Get a Pirated Stream

    First, use this method at your risk. Second, there are several places you can stream NFL games without cable. Third, there are some issues come with this approach as follow:

    • Connectivity problems – It’s aggravating to lose connection in the middle of the match. But, this trend is common with pirated sites. You’ll have to scramble to find another location to finish the match
    • Malware – You can mess your computer by getting tricked to download something from these sites
    • Poor Quality – It’s rare to find a pirated site airing HD. In most cases, the stream is of little quality
    • Pop-ups – Prepare to get blasted with pop-ups. But, you can block them using ad blocks

    In summary, you can watch NFL games without cable through pirated sites. But, be sure the consequences that pirated websites involve.

  6. Stream Over-the-air-Antenna

    For many sports that got real rights, antenna form of streaming doesn’t help much. But, it’s a different case when it comes to NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. A cheap indoor antenna goes for as little as $15. Besides, if the signal is strong enough, the broadcast will be of high definition.

    Alongside the antenna, you’ll need a coaxial input on your television. At this point, you can stream video to other gadgets around the house via Wi-Fi too. Also, you can add DVR capabilities to your antenna but, only if you got an extra software. If your television isn’t digital, you’ll need a set-top analog-to-digital conversion box.

    With a good reception, your antenna will cover you the following games:

    • National broadcast Sunday Night Football on NBC
    • All Sunday day games on Fox and CBS
    • Your home team’s Monday Night Football appearance
    • 10 Thursday Night Football games on CBS weeks 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7. On NBC weeks 11, 13, 14, 15, and 16
  7. Sling TV

    Sling TV has come with good news to the majority of football lovers. You can now watch NFL online free without downloading. Furthermore, you can air Monday Night Football each week without cable. Sling TV NFL network will also provide you with NFL analysis from ESPN. Also, pre and post analysis, NFL Insiders, NFL live and more.

    First, Sling TV ( is a streaming service that allows you to air a package of cable channels over the internet through your computer. Also, you can direct through the phone, or a TV using a streaming player. The basic package (Sling Orange) costs $20 per month. It includes; ESPN2, TBS, ESPN live stream, CNN, HGTV, Disney, AMC, and more.

    Moving on, Sling TV NFL network has larger packages up to 60+ channels. In some markets, Sling carries NBC and FOX. But in this case, you’ll need a Sling Blue package which costs $25 per month. Still, if you go with Sling Blue package, you can add NFL RedZone for $5 per month through Sports Extra package.

    The devices that are compatible with Sling Television include Mac, Android PC, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox One, Channel Master DVR, iOS, and Roku.

    NFL games you’ll watch are:

    • All Monday Night Football games on ESPN with Sling Orange
    • All Thursday Night Football games on NFL Network with Sling Blue
    • NFL RedZone with Sling Blue and the Sports Extra package
    • All Sunday Night Football games and 5 Thursday Night Football games on NBC, with Sling Blue in local broadcast
    • All Sunday games on Fox with Sling Blue in local broadcast areas only
  8. Now TV

    NOW TV is a quality alternative for streaming NFL games without cable. First, Now TV is for fans living in the U.K. Second, it will give you (subscriber) access to 7 Sky Sports channels. Third, you will be able to watch more than 100 live NFL online this season. Finally, with NOW TV, you can watch the Super Bowl, the playoffs, and the Pro Bowl as well as Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and Thursday Night Football

    As of now, this channel is offering different subscription sports packages. You can buy a daily package for 6.99 Euros, Weekly plan for 10.99 Euros or a monthly pass for 31.99 Euros. If you intend to follow the NFL all season long, in this case, the Monthly Pass is the best as you can renew it month-to-month for as long as you need it.

    For more information on how you can use NOW TV, follow the link here to get started.

  9. Watch NFL Live Stream on Your Mobile Phone using Verizon Wireless

    If you shift to Verizon Wireless, using your cell phone, you can watch NFL without cable. Good news is that Verizon customers can download NFL Mobile app and enjoy all live NFL games online without any hassle. You can catch local Sunday afternoon games and national broadcast.

    Stream Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football live, and Thursday Night Football. All, on your mobile gadget! Remember, live stream in only available on your cell phone – not Pc or television.

  10. PlayStation Vue

    In my opinion, Play Station is like Sling TV. The way it works can be confusing for some, though. Besides, you can subscribe to Sony Play Station Vue and enjoy the same coverage. No doubt, Vue offer more channels and features than the Sling.

    For instance, Vue has a cloud DVR that allows you to record games and hold for 30 days. You can also authenticate connected TV everywhere for games. But do you know what this means? You’ll have to pay more.

    With PlayStation Vue, you’ll need a non-Slim package for NBC and Fox games. The package includes live local channels. Besides, it’s available in selected markets and costs $10 extra than Vue Slim bundles. Note that Slim and non-Slim packages are available in some areas and others they aren’t. Visit Sony’s PlayStation Vue plan page, and insert your zip code to know what you can get.

    Aside from that, ESPN got included in all PlayStation Vue plans, and it costs $30 per month. Moreover, NFL Network forms part of the Core. It comes at $35 per month while Elite plan goes for $45 per month. But if you want NFL network, you’ll need to pay $40 and get NFL RedZone. But all in all, you’ll stream NFL RedZone without cable for the entire season.

    With Playstation Vue you’ll get the following games:

    • NFL RedZone with Elite or Core packages and a one-time payment of $40
    • All Monday Night Football on ESPN
    • All Sunday day games on Fox with non-Slim plan but, check your zip code first on Sony’s website
    • Sunday Night Football games and 5 Thursday Night Football games. Both on NBC with a non-Slim plan. Also, remember to check your zip code
    • All Sunday day games and 5 Thursday Football Night Football games on CBS
    • All Thursday Night Football games on NFL Network with Core or Elite packages

    PlayStation Vue compatible devices include Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. You can also access PlayStation Vue through iOS, Chromecast, and Android once you sign up.

  11. NFL Game Pass

    If you live outside the U.S and, you’re figuring out ways to watch NFL without cable – worry no more! This option suits you as it is meant for the international viewers. It’s for this reason that it’s called NFL Game Pass! With it you can Stream NFL games in HD without cable. Also, this technique offers live, DVR, and on-demand options for the subscribers.

    NFL Game Pass allows you to watch up to four games at once on a screen. Furthermore, it’s available on a cross variety of gadgets. Click this link for more information about NFL live stream options and games.Meanwhile, it’s hard to catch all NFL games live. But, the new US version of NFL Game Pass allows you to watch NFL online free without downloading on replay.

    The replay includes all 2005 regular season games and onwards. Besides, out of live pre-season games (some), and older games from 2009-2016 seasons. Also, Super Bowls from these years get aired.It’s perfect for those who got a fixed schedule. Or, cord cutters who watch local market games using their antennas and they want to see missed games. Not so, NFL Game Pass is the best if you would like to watch previous seasons all spring and summer long. In summary, NFL Game Pass is ideal, and you can watch games throughout the year. It has affordable packages of various levels, and ultimately with the Game Pass, you get to enjoy NFL without cable.

  12. Vidgo

    Details about the VIDGO are sparse because it’s not yet out. But, rumours have been that VIDGO will soon inaugurate some channels with NFL Network. You’ll watch College Football without cable and professional football games once it gets launched. You’ll be able to enjoy watching live games at home or on the go. If not this season, it will be an option for you to watch NFL without cable next season – at least!

There you have it, as you can see you have multiple options to enjoy all the NFL games without cable. Each option is different from the other; you need to see what suits you the best and if you ask us, we’d recommend the VPN option among all. It stands tall from the rest because of the added advantages like security online, and ease of use.

In my opinion, more options are yet to develop since many viewers are turning to digital video. You don’t have a concrete reason for not watching NFL games if you do not own a cable subscription, or even, do not prefer that in your life. Let us know which method worked for you, and ask for any other help you need.

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