Nintendo Reveals Details of Its Upcoming Nintendo Switch Online Service

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Nintendo’s Switch Online service will be available from this September. Here are the details behind the new service.

After keeping the gaming enthusiasts waiting for a fairly long period, Nintendo has come out with the details about its online offering of the Nintendo Switch gaming service.

It was way back in January 2017 when the company had disclosed that the Nintendo online service would be launched. Having failed to do so by the originally planned schedule of the last quarter of that year, it will now be made available from September this year, in less than four months from now.

More Details About the Service Shared

Importantly, Nintendo has disclosed the prices for subscribing to its Switch Online service in different geographies. In addition, some of the other details now revealed include the games that will be available, as well as a new facility to save the data to the cloud.

In terms of the prices, American gamers can get the service at $3.99 per month. One can opt for taking the subscription for three months or the whole year in one go, by paying $7.99 or $19.99 respectively.

These are the prices for a single system license. If there are more members in the family interested in playing the games online, then they can choose the family package, which would cost $34.99. The family package allows up to eight subscriptions. That must be very attractive since it is less than that for two separate subscriptions.

The corresponding rates for Europe and Australia have been announced as well. There is not much difference in the rates except that in Europe, the same figures as in the U.S. have been retained in Euros while in countries like Australia and New Zealand, the equivalent rates in their respective currencies have been kept.

20 NES Games to Be Included

This is the part the gamers would be keen to know—what are the games they can play for this subscription. Nintendo has included Super Mario Bros 3, The Legend of Zelda, Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, Dr. Mario, Tennis and Donkey Kong among the first 20 and the expectation is that more games will keep getting added. These are typically Nintendo Entertainment System games and it is claimed that this is perhaps the first time the company will be releasing them for online play.

There will be a virtual console online that you can use and other key features like multiplayer orientation are available. The console controller has to be passed on to the other player to enjoy such competition. Apart from these, the voice chat feature will be activated and the Nintendo Switch app will be used to access this feature.

Other Facilities

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Nintendo has included Super Mario Bros 3, The Legend of Zelda, Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, Dr. Mario, Tennis and Donkey Kong among the first 20 and the expectation is that more games will keep getting added.

As indicated above, one highlight of this announcement of details on the Nintendo Online service would be that the users can store the game data on the cloud and retrieve it when needed. It allows for seamless use of the game’s progress even if you were to change the system or device. Your gameplay can be stored and resumed from where you left off.

However, it has be mentioned here that Nintendo has not informed how the saving of data in the cloud will be precisely executed. More information can be expected to be released closer to the launch in September.

Alternatively, Nintendo may choose to bring out additional information on this subject during the upcoming E3 Expo, the global platform dedicated to the gaming sector. That is when the game developers hold their media conferences to showcase the new games and devices they have developed.

The corresponding smartphone app for playing the online games will receive the updates and the codes needed to download and install the app on users’ phones. These details will be shared by Nintendo as the launch date nears.

Industry leaders like Nintendo constantly engage the gaming community in order to bring forth the best experience for the customers who play their games. The gamers are equally keen to learn what is new in the market and don’t waste a day in buying the game or a subscription to enjoy playing.

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