Unveiling the Mystery: Who Was Notti Osama?

Do you ever wonder about the mysteries that surround certain individuals? Well, get ready to delve into one of the most intriguing cases in recent history – the enigma of Notti Osama. In this article, we will unravel the secrets surrounding his life, his untimely demise, and the shocking truth behind his alleged killer. Notti Osama was not your average person. He possessed an air of mystique that intrigued everyone who crossed paths with him. Known for his captivating presence and enigmatic persona, he left a lasting impression on all those fortunate enough to have encountered him. But what happened to Notti Osama? The circumstances surrounding his death have perplexed investigators and sparked countless theories among curious minds eager for answers.

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Who Was Notti Osama?

Notti Osama, also known as Ethan Reyes, was a 14-year-old up-and-coming drill rapper hailing from Yonkers, New York, who was recently stabbed to death at a Manhattan subway station on July 9, 2022. Originally born in Harlem, he relocated to Yonkers with his family in 2021. At the young age of 12, he ventured into the world of rap and swiftly amassed a dedicated fan base on social media. His music was characterized by its gritty and intense lyrics, frequently mirroring the harsh truths of his local community. He even had recently released images of “Without You”: a new single, which he had collaborated with his brother.

What Happened? Notti Osama Stabbing Incident

Notti Osama died when he was fatally stabbed following a confrontation at a Manhattan subway station. According to reports, the 14-year-old was involved in a physical altercation with a 15-year-old friend at 3 p.m. that day within the station premises. Although the exact cause of the dispute remains undisclosed, it was evident that the two teenagers had longstanding animosity. Law enforcement discovered a knife and a broomstick at the crime scene, and surveillance footage captured the incident. According to the police report, Notti was initially transferred to New York Presbyterian Hospital for treatment of his stab wounds. Regrettably, the gravity of his injuries necessitated his subsequent transfer to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital, where, unfortunately, was pronounced dead.

Who Was Accused of Killing Notti Osama and the Truth About It?

Fifteen-year-old Kelvin Martinez was initially accused of murdering Notti Osama, with criminal possession of first-degree murder. Nevertheless, as law enforcement found Martinez cornered and threatened with a broom, the charge was downgraded to second-degree murder, suggesting it was unintentional.

However, in October 2022, the NYPD detectives dropped charges against Martinez were ultimately dismissed after the prosecutor determined that Martinez had acted in self-defense when committing the murder.

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Family’s Reaction to Notti Osama’s Death

You can only imagine the heart-wrenching devastation that washed over Notti Osama’s family upon learning of his tragic demise. The news of his death sent shockwaves through their lives, leaving them grappling with grief and disbelief.

As a beloved member of their family, Notti Osama’s untimely passing left an irreplaceable void in their hearts. His vibrant energy and magnetic personality were extinguished far too soon, leaving behind unanswered questions and shattered dreams. They were forced to confront the harsh reality that their beloved son, brother, and friend had been taken away from them forever. The pain they felt was immeasurable, as they struggled to come to terms with the loss of a young life full of promise and potential. DD Osama, his brother, shared a tribute in his honor on social media, whereas his cousin Lily Ortega fondly described him as a happy and loving child.

Questions swirled in their minds about who could have committed such a heinous act against this talented drill rapper. Their anger mixed with sorrow as they sought justice for Notti Osama’s murder, vowing to uncover the truth behind this senseless tragedy that tore their family apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Were There Any Witnesses Present During the Stabbing Incident?

Yes, there were witnesses present during the tragic incident. Evidence from surveillance footage and witness accounts confirmed that Notti Osama and Martinez were affiliated with rival gangs, which provided insights into the motive behind their deadly confrontation.

Are There Any New Developments in the Investigation of Notti Osama’s Murder?

There are no new developments in the investigation of Notti Osama’s murder at this time.

How Has the Fan Community Reacted to the Tragic Death of Notti Osama?

Following the unfortunate passing of Notti Osama, his fans inundated their social media platforms with heartfelt tributes and dedications. In addition to this digital outpouring of support, a candlelight memorial was organized by his admirers in Manhattan to honor the late musician. At the memorial event, one of Osama’s friends expressed that Notti possessed an infectious million-dollar smile, while others remarked on his dedication to his dreams of becoming a successful rapper, highlighting his relentless work ethic. From TikTok to Twitter, social media was awash with fan tributes mourning the deeply tragic loss of Notti Osama.


Notti Osama embodied a multi-faceted and polarizing persona. Like NBA Youngboy, he exhibited remarkable rap skills. He had a promising bright future, but his entanglement in gang-related activities painted a darker side to his story. His untimely demise at a young age stands as both a tragedy and a cautionary tale, underscoring the perils of involvement in gang life. The lasting impact of Notti Osama’s life remains uncertain. People may remember him as a gifted rapper whose potential was tragically curtailed, or they may view him through the lens of poor choices made within the gang realm. Ultimately, his legacy will be a matter of public interpretation and judgment.

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