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Each of us has encountered the need to give our presentation to someone who does not have the software to view it. This is where the problems begin: you either have to teach your colleague how to use the new software, or send the file in a different format. But what if you want to keep all the original information and structure? The solution is simple: convert ppt to pdf online. In this article, we’ll look in detail at how to do it as quickly and easily as possible. Ready to give your presentation a convenient and practical file name extension? Then fasten your seatbelts – we’re off on a journey through the world of file format conversion.

Convert PowerPoint to PDF

What is the Difference Between a PPT Presentation and a PDF Presentation

PPT and PDF presentations have differences. Some of them are listed below:

  • Interactivity. A PPT presentation can contain elements through which to interact effectively with the audience: animations, video and sound effects used to attract the audience’s attention. A PDF presentation, on the other hand, is a static document, and does not have the ability to play such interactive inserts;
  • Editable. A PPT presentation is a modifiable document which can be easily edited or augmented according to the user’s needs. Whereas, a PDF presentation excludes detailed editing in order to protect it from changes;
  • Compatibility. A PPT presentation is a format specific to Microsoft PowerPoint, and it can only be opened on computers where this software is installed. At the same time, applications for reading PDF files are more common, and for different devices;
  • File size: Generally, a PPT presentation has a larger file size than a PDF presentation, which may be a problem when transferring or downloading the file;
  • The security level of a PPT presentation is lower than that of a PDF file. The latter can be locked to prevent not only editing and printing but also copying;
  • PPT presentations have some language limitations unless additional archives have been uploaded for Microsoft PowerPoint. Support for different languages when working with PDF files is observed by default.

In general, both formats have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between them depends on the purpose for which you want to use the presentation. If interactivity and editing is required, a PPT presentation is the best option.

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Why You May Need to Turn Powerpoint to PDF

Converting PPT presentations to PDF format is a frequently used feature that can be useful in many different scenarios. Below you will find a few examples when converting pptx to pdf comes in handy:

  • Ensuring compatibility. PDF files are convenient in that they can be opened on any device, including computers, tablets and mobile phones. Converting PPT to PDF format ensures presentation compatibility on any devices without the need to install Microsoft PowerPoint;
  • Protection from editing. If you convert ppt to pdf, you can protect your presentation from accidental or unwanted modification. PDF files can be protected from being copied, edited, printed, or globally altered, making it especially useful for confidential presentations;
  • Ease of distribution. PDF files can be easily shared via email or websites. That means if you want to share your presentation with colleagues or clients, you should turn powerpoint to pdf to make the distribution process much easier;
  • Reducing file size. If you want to email your presentation or upload it to a website, it may be necessary to reduce its size. Converting PPT to PDF makes it easier to transfer or upload your presentation;
  • Multiple Language Support: PDF files support multiple languages, making it particularly useful for international presentations. You can create business and educational documents with multilingual content and the resulting presentation will be understandable to people from all over the world.

Not many people know this, but PDF files can be used to create accessible content for people with disabilities, such as visually impaired or blind people. When converting a PPT to PDF format it will be useful to add image descriptions and alternative text to improve the accessibility of the presentation.

How to Convert PPTX to PDF with Pandadoc

Converting PPT to PDF using the PDFPlatform service from Pandadoc is a quick and easy way to save your presentation in an easy-to-read format that can be opened on a device with any amount of RAM and display size.

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An online service with an excellent reputation offers a fast and easy way to convert PPT to PDF. The process of converting file formats popular in office workflows takes only a few seconds, saving time and effort. The conversion can also be done in batch mode, which enables you to process multiple presentations simultaneously.

Moreover, PDFPlatform gives a number of additional options to improve and optimize the converted multimedia presentations. For example, users can set the security level for a PDF file to prevent unauthorized access to the content of the document with which they will be presenting a group of products or a specific service. Users can also add comments and notes to PDF presentations, which can be useful for feedback or for collaborating on a presentation with colleagues.

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