7 Best Prisma Alternatives for Android and iOS

If you are a social media enthusiast, no doubt you have heard about Prisma alternatives. Or maybe you have already used some of these apps. In this present time, Prisma app has exploded on social media. And if you are not enlightened of what Prisma app is, it’s a photo modifying app. It reshapes pictures into a fascinating artwork.

7 Best Prisma Alternatives for Android and iOSBrand your social media profile from the rest with this Al guided app. It transmogrifies pictures leaving your friends and followers stand in awe. This is something that can be of your interest, right? But wait, the interesting news is that genuinely Prisma app was only available for iOS gadgets.

This is so because Android cannot run dmg files as iOS can, but that doesn’t stop folks to switch from iOS to Android. Although developers have undertaken measures to bring Prisma app to Android, but still trying alternatives and see if one can get even better isn’t a bad idea. There are apps like Prisma for Android and iOS that you can use today. You can try and convert your pictures into ultimate art.

  1. Photo Lab

PhotoLab 1 (1)Photo Lab is a Prisma look-alike Android app. Although it is more about various cool montages, and effects. The Prisma artistic effects in this app include. Charcoal drawing, pen and ink, fusion painting, pointillism drawing, antique and oil painting, plumbago, and more.

The results of these artistic effects will depend on the quality of the pictures. Thus, having an array of effects is significant. Also, photo lab cannot come closer to Prisma when it comes to quality. But it is worthwhile to give a shot for its collage maker, cool montages, and a plethora of other photo effects. If you are curious about more similar features, then you can try the Pro version of the app which costs $2.99.

  1. Dreamscope

DreamScopeDreamscope is Prisma dressing equivalent when it comes to features. Besides, it is an iOS-only app. This app converts pictures into paintings designed by the likes of Levitian and Van Gogh. Water, colour, Deep Dream, oil paint, pencil sketch, pastel, temperate, calculus and impasto are some effects features incorporated in this app.

The effect is like Prisma. But Dreamscope has speed deficiency which Prisma applies these twisted effects on images. This app is famous because it has a social network within itself. People can update glamorising pictures using a plethora of effects. In spite of that, you can still share your images to other social sites with much ease. Good news to the majority you can use web client of Dreamscope if you don’t have an iOS device.

  1. PicsArt

PicsArt 2PicsArt has an array of filters which rival the artistic abilities of Prisma. It’s a full-fledged editing app. This app brings some great filters same on what Prisma offers. Pastel, comic, gouache, motion, poster, and much more. All these features are in the artistic category in the ‘Effects’ section of the app. The app is free and available for both, Android and iOS users.

You have a lot more options with PicsArt. It has extra effects categories like colours, papers, pop art and more. They work faster than Prisma only that they aren’t detailed like Prisma. The number of photo editing tools that PicsArt has makes it receive brownie points. Some of these tools include. Collage maker, drawing and painting tools, brushes, overlays and more. Also, it can generate animated videos and GIFs. It has its social network where personages can share images edited with the app.

  1. SuperPhoto

SuperPhoto FreeIf you want a more artistic effects prima alternative app iOS, SuperPhoto is the app to download. It has various cool effects that will keep your engrossed. This app has two versions. The free version which has more than 200 effects and the paid version have more than 1500 effects. You can get it on both, Android as well as iOS.

The downside of this app, it takes more time than Prisma to process an effect. The brighter side, you can customise the output. Picture smoothness, size, the intensity of the effect, and more.

  1. Deepart.io

DeepArtThe familiarity of this app has continued to escalate. Because of its competence to edit videos. Deepart is the best associate if you would like to give your video a content edge in the face of competition. Using the services of this app, everything achieved to the desired limits. Of Prisma alternatives, Deepart is free to use. Especially doubled with vigorous, and comely helpful community.

  1. Pikazo

PikazoAppUnlike other apps like Prisma for Android, Pikazo utilises stylish neural networks. It reorganises bits of an image to create a picture basing on the one you provided. This Prisma alternative supports both, Android and iOS. The pictures produced will leave an everlasting feeling. This app is capable of converting tedious pictures into astonishing artistic work. All you need to do is take a picture, change the style you like and phew..!! You ready to go!

  1. Artbot

ArtBotNot familiar to many this paid app is worth giving a shot. It cost a dollar to download, and it makes pictures like up no other app. This app is not for you if you are looking for daily editing using contrast and brightness. Even so, it is still capable of giving your pictures a new dimension. Just like other Prisma alternatives covered above. It has several filters, edits, and effects.

Artbot is available on iOS platform only. The downside of this app, you will spend more credits and time to design your pictures to perfection. Because of its algorithm. This doesn’t mean you have to discard this app. You can give a try, and the results might be perfect, better than any other app.

Winding up debate on Prisma Alternatives

It’s now easier to transform your pictures and design them to suit you with Prima alternative app iOS. There is no point of disliking Prisma even if you are in possession of a non-iOS device. With these apps, you can still get most of the pretentious display and swank on your social media.

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