The Real Scorpion: Tech PR Lessons from Walter O’Brien

Walter O’Brien is one of the leading names in the worlds of information security and entrepreneurs. He had attracted global attention at age 13 when he hacked into NASA’s servers which were then controlled by the NSA to get his hands on the blueprint of a shuttle to put up in his childhood room. Since then, the boy from Ireland has come a long way.

The Real Scorpion PR Lessons from Walter O’BrienHis organization, Scorpion Computer Services, Inc. is one of the front-runners in information security. O’Brien’s services, though, are not only restricted to the tech world. O’Brien and his team of high-IQ and EQ individuals look to help people out in any way possible. But it is his PR strategy and advice that we discuss today.

Importance of PR

Walter O’Brien’s website ConciergeUp is a portal through which people hire Scorpion Computer Services for solving problems that seem otherwise unsolvable. To help you understand the approach: Concierge Up services aren’t necessarily always related to opportunities in technology.

It is the thought processes used to solve technical problems redeployed to solve non-technical problems that have made Concierge Up successful. In one example, Concierge up was contacted by a father worried about his son’s involvement with a Ukrainian gold digger, but try as he may, his son would not accept the nature of his lady.

So, Concierge Up was contacted to help break the marriage without leaving any trace of his intervention. O’Brien did so quite ably by using a team of technical and psychological experts to get close to the two parties and get the marriage broken off.

Although O’Brien has hired much high-EQ personnel to help manage his high-IQ-low-EQ individuals, he stresses on innovative PR as the catalyst to boost the popularity of his website and business. The #1 CBS Show Scorpion has helped his business scale new heights. He wanted to let people know about his services and nature of business, so he hired the producers from Transformers, Star Trek and Spiderman to come up with Scorpion.

The show is engrossing for both children and parents, and the pilot itself received 26 million views. Before this, the daily visitor count to the Scorpion Computer Services website was 70 and the firm would get a new client every three weeks. After O’Brien’s successful PR stunt, he got over 100,000 website hits every day and received 2,000 funded requests in just 10 days.

Rules of PR

Scorpion Computer Services Inc. spokesperson Jordan French told me that more people have walked on the moon than there are living people with a major network television show based on their life. As stellar as his achievement is, O’Brien says that anyone can do this if they approach PR the right way: The innovative way. For starters, he gives three golden rules for entrepreneurs:

  1. There is a home for everyone who doesn’t fit in
  2. Every problem has a solution
  3. Being smart is cool

These are the cornerstones of modern entrepreneurship according to Walter O’Brien. As for PR, he says that looking for innovative ways to get it done is the best bet for achieving successful PR. More people are interested in your products than you can know, he says.

What’s required is an innovative and effective way to let people know about how they can reach you. People today accept things that are different quite openly. He suggests that companies should use podcasts, videos, and webcasts to demonstrate their ideas and attract the right attention.

Walter O’Brien has an IQ of 197. If a person of his intelligence stresses so much on PR, then it surely means that it is something that requires the attention of all entrepreneurs. He is surely getting it right, for his thriving business is plain for anyone to see. His advice can help anyone willing to follow it.

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