Rugby Redefined: How NFTs Are Changing the Game

Over the years, we’ve never experienced such a big advancement and adaptation to modern times as introducing blockchain technology in the world of sports.

The thing with blockchain technology is that we still haven’t fully explored its capabilities. One thing is for sure, this technology is great when we are talking about digital collectibles. 

And this is where the world of traditional sports and modern technology collide. We’ve always been fascinated by the professional athletes that compete in such sports. And as the passion grows for a certain sport, most people are looking for different ways to engage with their passion.

One of the most obvious ways is through sports memorabilia or collectibles. This is where trading cards come to save the day.

NTF inscription on cubes

There is nothing better than collecting trading cards of a certain sport, that might appreciate in value, and give you a way to extend your passion for the sport. Now even though traditional trading cards are quite popular nowadays, the world has advanced and now we have a new segment called non-fungible tokens.

They are just like regular trading cards, only digital. The certification and ownership are recorded on the blockchain, which proves that it is authentic and who’s the owner. 

Ever since this NFT-craze began to happen, we’ve seen many sports organizations that want to take a piece of the cake called the blockchain. 

From NBA to Baseball, and even Rugby, there are plenty of sporting NFTs to choose from all coming with their unique styles and usability. Entering the world of NFT Rugby isn’t that difficult and comes with many benefits that will make the sport even more popular and entertaining.

Meet the First NFT Rugby Project 

If you’re a rugby lover on the hunt for some digital thrills, let us introduce you to OVAL3. It’s like a match made in heaven for rugby fans, as this groovy fantasy card game is all about blending your passion for rugby with the exciting world of NFTs.

Now, here’s the scoop – OVAL3 is gearing up to drop a piece of its exclusive NFT collection on Binance NFT. And get this, they’ve timed it perfectly, just a few months before the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France. It’s like they’re aiming to be the rugby version of Sorare, the big deal in the NFT game.

So, what’s the lowdown? OVAL3 is a real go-getter in the blockchain scene, and they’re dead set on bringing professional rugby right into the heart of Web3. Their master plan? To serve up an immersive fantasy league game spiced with NFTs for players and fans.

These folks have already made a splash by teaming up with the French Ligue Nationale de Rugby (LNR) and the American Major League Rugby (MLR). Thanks to a legit LNR license that spans nine years, OVAL3 has snagged the rights to TOP14 and PROD2. This fancy agreement has roped in more than 1500 players and 30 pro clubs into their project.

Their partnership with Major League Rugby has been a game-changer too, giving them a solid footing in the world of transatlantic sports. Since they kicked off their Marketplace on April 7, 2023, they’ve been in full swing, selling player cards worth over $100,000 in just two months.

For a sweet two-month stretch, you can snatch up some hand-picked OVAL3 NFTs exclusively on Binance NFT. This platform will showcase some top-notch cards representing players from TOP14, PRO D2, and MLR clubs. Every week, they’ll shine a spotlight on one club from each championship, and different cards will go up for auction for 24 hours a pop.

So, how does this work? 

NFT Card Collection and Gaming Adventure Think of OVAL3’s cards like the ones in Sorare – they’re all about showing off players and giving you the real scoop on their performance. These cards come in five flavors of rarity: common, limited, rare, super rare, and unique.

Playing OVAL3’s fantasy game is as easy as making a cup of tea. Here’s the drill: grab “player” cards from the Oval3 marketplace or Binance NFT, put together a dream team of 5 players, go head-to-head with other managers, and pocket rewards based on your spot on the leaderboard. These rewards could be anything from cards and OVL3 tokens to cool swag, match tickets, and real-world fan experiences.

OVAL3 is on a mission to be your one-stop-shop for all things rugby in the digital world. With their mix of NFTs and fantasy leagues, they’re making the future of rugby all about going digital, getting immersed, and having a blast. Get ready for a whole new digital rugby experience!

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How Is the Blockchain Technology Changing the Game?

As you can see, many new Web3.0 companies have started to emerge offering new ways for fans to engage with their favorite sport. In the case of Rugby, players can now own digital collectibles from real-world athletes and on top of that participate in a fantasy game with their favorite athletes.

This is changing the games in different ways. First of all, it provides a much deeper engagement with sports fans, as they get a chance to own a piece of the sport. Additionally, NFTs can help the sport grow in popularity, especially for the younger generations.

Lastly, this technology allows the industry to bring more money and make the sport even more exciting to watch. Blockchain technology can unlock many new revenue streams, which can be beneficial for both the sport and fans. 

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