How to Send Pictures on Tinder App

Today’s world is extremely fast-paced, so much so that there is little time to unwind, relax, and seek love. While this may seem like a problem, many dating apps have sprung up over the years to provide solutions: the Tinder app has become one of the most popular and prominent.

Simply creating a Tinder account is not enough though, one must also learn the art of selling oneself in the best way possible. Here it is important to know how to send photos on Tinder: either as a photo, private picture, gif, or bitmoji.

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Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, sending picture messages to tinder matches is not allowed. But not to worry, this post explains several methods to get around this.

What part of Tinder can pictures be shared/sent?

There are many ways to send pictures on Tinder. Photos can be sent in the following areas of the app:

a. Tinder chat/message

b. Tinder places

c. Profile picture

d. Group Messages

In order to successfully share photos in Tinder it is also essential to know the formats of pictures that can be used.

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What formats can pictures be sent on Tinder?

Knowing how to send pictures on Tinder is not enough. To successfully send pictures on Tinder, using the correct format is essential. Examples of the types of photos that can be sent are listed below:

a. Private Picture

b. Profile picture

c. Gifs

d. Bitmojis

e. External photo links

Sending pictures on Tinder chat

Using the chatbox to send pics to a Tinder match is against Tinder’s rules. Thus, other means have to be explored to send pictures on tinder. Find below how to send pictures on tinder using different acceptable formats:

Using external photo links

Generating a link to pictures from a phone’s camera roll is a safe and easy way to send pictures on Tinder. However, this method is risky because, technically, users are not allowed to send links in the Tinder messaging app. The in-built Tinder algorithm flags links in the chat and this can lead to an account suspension or total ban.

Google photos, iCloud, and a few other third-party websites can be helpful for this method.

Google Photos App or iCloud link

a. Browse the images to be shared with a Tinder match and upload the pictures into google photos or a drive account from the phone’s camera roll.

b. Once this is done, the photos are now on the cloud, and an image URL can be generated that can be shared with a Tinder match.

c. This link can then be copied and pasted into tinder messages.

But remember that tinder’s algorithm will flag external links, so here is what to do to by-pass that:

i. Simply put a space in between the dots in the copied link!

ii. Then paste into the chat window, and the tinder algorithm will not detect the message.

iii. The tinder match will just have to copy the link and remove the space to view the images.

This same technique applies to iCloud for iPhone users.

Third-party Apps/Links

Asides from Google drive and iCloud, there are other third-party websites where photos can be uploaded to generate links for sharing. An example is Imgur or, these two work seamlessly and allow tinder users to send pics as tinder messages to their matches.

To do this, simply visit the website, upload pictures from the phone’s camera roll, and then the website automatically generates a link that can be shared with a mobile device. The link appears like this “[link]” when sent via tinder message to remain concealed to tinder’s bots and algorithms.

To be on the safe side, the tinder match should instantly save the images, then delete the link from the chat window on tinder.

This may seem like a cumbersome method but it works fine when perfected.

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Send Gifs

A gif is an abstract sign/object in motion, like a moving emoji. Sending gifs is a fun way, as well as a creative workaround to send pictures directly on Tinder. Gifs are also completely allowed on the app so this is a nice workaround. The downside is that this will not be a photo but an animation.

Gifs do, however, make the chat more interesting, humorous, and fun. Here are the steps to send gifs on tinder below:

a. Open the chatbox on tinder.

b. Find the Gif option located at the bottom left corner of the page.

c. Search for the desired gif and select send.

Below is an example of a gif.

Best Tinder Gifs Texting With Gifs

Send Bitmojis

The procedure to send gifs is different from sending bitmojis. Although bitmojis look similar to gifs they are slightly different. A bitmoji is actually a cartoon version of its user. Bitmojis are one of the pictures that can be sent on tinder. Bitmoji is actually a feature embedded into every Snapchat account.

an image with created Bitmoji

Luckily, a tinder account and snapchat account can be integrated, all thanks to a recent tinder upgrade. The beautiful thing is that there is the option to allow or disable the display of the Snapchat username, which is great for privacy.

Here are steps below to send bitmojis:

a. Open the tinder app.

b. Go to the chatbox on tinder message.

c. Select the bitmojis option in the chatbox.

d. A “connect to Snapchat” option will pop up, click this!

e. Enter Snapchat login details and all is set and good to go!

Send Pictures to a Tinder Profile

Another effective way to send pictures on tinder for all potential matches to see is through the profile page. Based on recent improvements to tinder’s policy, 26 photos can be uploaded to a tinder profile. To upload more recent pictures, some older ones have to be removed. Tinder matches can easily catch a glimpse of each other’s pictures by viewing the most recent profile photos.

Profile pictures on tinder

an image with woman looking at profile photo on Tinder

For every profile picture changed or uploaded on tinder, the pictures are saved on the tinder profile; just like Facebook. Later on, these saved pictures can be easily uploaded as profile pictures for a new tinder match to see or the general public.

In a bid to send pictures to a tinder match, the pictures on the profile can be used. All that needs to be done is to click on “add media” to add pictures to the tinder profile. The match should be pre-informed that the latest upload(s) will be the picture intended that ought to have been shared as picture messages.

Again, for safety and privacy reasons this picture can be deleted once viewed by the tinder match. Other tinder users that coincidentally find this tinder account at the instance the picture was uploaded which would not be nice. So, this approach comes with a bit of its own risk too.

This is a more straightforward approach to sending pictures on tinder without the fear of being banned.

Private pictures

This is another way around the picture messages restriction on tinder. Linking an Instagram account is key to being able to send pictures to a match on tinder. The unique advantage this option offers is that only one person can see the pictures on tinder.

But before anything else, the linked Instagram account integrated into tinder has to be kept on private. On the other hand, permission will be given to only the tinder match to be able to access the pictures.

This is probably the safest approach to send pictures without having to deal with links.

Sending Pictures on Tinder Places

Tinder places is another sure way to send pictures on tinder. Firstly, this tool helps to suggest places where a tinder match is located nearby. Then the best picture from a tinder profile can be featured in those places. The icing on the cake here is that the pictures can be sent directly from a photo library or camera roll.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, answers will be provided to frequently asked questions that most newbies to online dating have about tinder and how to send pictures on tinder. Kindly find the questions below:

What does Tinder do?

an image with tinder app on smartphone

Tinder is an online dating app that uses the power of physical attraction to match users to one another. A tinder profile can be tailored to find matches based on a specific age range, gender, and location.

After seeing possible matches, there is the free will to either go on to chat with the person by swiping right or simply moving forward. Interestingly, tinder is a two-way street, so both parties must be actively involved in the process of matching.

Everything that happens here has to be mutual, for a successful match to happen, both parties have to like each other. If a user likes a picture of another user, the other user will not see such like unless there is like from the other user too.

Where to download Tinder from?

Tinder is available to both android and iOS users. And can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store.

There has recently been a web-based version available at

How to set up a Tinder Profile?

Once the app is downloaded, the next step is to carefully set up the profile to make sure the matches are accurately done. Registration can be done using a phone number or use a Facebook profile to log in.

an image with Tinder app opened on iphone

Specify all the preferred age ranges, gender, and location of match that is the best fit. Tinder’s main goal is to search for people that have common preferences and suggest a match-up. Apop-up of possible matches pops on the user screen with individual pictures.

A heart icon or cross appears below the picture, where tapping the heart implies a like while tapping the cross implies not liking. After a match is done, the messaging function opens up automatically. If a tinder profile is linked to a Facebook profile, information is pulled from there as well. Information such as job, education, pictures can be pulled from Facebook into tinder.

Tinder can also be linked to Instagram and Spotify. Linking to Instagram brings in more options to send private pictures while linking to Spotify helps to match based on common music.

What are the features Tinder has?

As a 21st-century dating app, many amazing features exist on tinder as highlighted below:

a. Prompts

b. Videos

c. Super like and boost

d. Explore

e. Vibes

f. Hot takes

g. Video Chat

h. Block an ex

What is Tinder Smart Photos all about?

The purpose of Tinder as a dating app is to match individuals with common interests and profiles together. While there are other factors that determine a match, an attractive photo can seal the deal to complete the match. In a bid to perfect how to send photos to a profile, tinder came up with this tool.

On tinder, the number of swipes matters, and the tool improves the chances of getting a swipe on a tinder profile. Basically, users are allowed to test different photos to know which one is the most popular.

an image with Tinder icons

This is achieved by tinder featuring different photos on a tinder profile to potential matches and seeing which one gets the most swipes, either left or right.

The photos are now systematically arranged on the profile according to the data collected over time. The preferences of the previous viewers help determine what picture is seen next. Tinder will notify the user of the most popular photo.

How can Smart Photos be activated?

This tool would not function if not activated under profile settings on tinder. The implication of this is that such a tinder profile is likely to get less engagement.

When this tool is not turned on, tinder can not select the photo that will be shown first. On the other hand, when this tool is turned on, then tinder chooses the best photos.

To turn on this tool, go to “edit profile”, scroll down to the ” add media” button, just below this button is the slider to turn on the tool. Swipe the slider right and this tool comes on.

Should I use SmartPhotos?

This tool was created to help improve views, engagement, and right swipes on a profile. This tool will change the profile picture from time to time to find the best one. Anyone who trusts the process tinder has put in place with this tool and is fine with the rotation of profile images, then this can be used.

Bonus tips on how to get more matches

Here are a few tips that can increase matches on tinder for a wider reach. Find the tips below:

a. Have an outstanding but short bio. This should include a catch tagline.

b. Take the lead advantage by using an outstanding picture. This better communicates the personality of a user than plenty of words in the bio.

c. Photo library on the tinder account should contain top-quality images capturing the right face and body angle with good lighting.

d. Optimize match settings based on location, age range, etc.

e. Consider using the tinder gold feature which gives access to various profile boosts and super likes.

f. Throw in some group pictures on the tinder account to show an affinity for socializing. But these have to be very few.

g. Do not put out too much information; leave potential matches with something to wonder about. This can instantly prompt private messages.

Final Thoughts

From all that has been said about tinder is a versatile app judging from its algorithm, in relation to pictures. Also, more clarity about how to send picture messages during tinder conversations, and some backdoor to achieving that has been shared. Do well to use the amazing resources succinctly explained in this blog, and see things turn around for good on tinder.

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