How to Setup and Watch Netflix on Samsung Smart TV Real Quick

Are you sad because Netflix isn’t working on your Samsung Smart TV? That could mean you are not based in the U.S., or you haven’t installed the apps the correct way. But don’t worry, Cyberogism is always here for you! Today, I will guide you to fix all problems in watching the American version of Netflix on Samsung Smart TV series within or outside the United States. So, give me your ears (ears or time?! Huh!)

Watch Netflix on Samsung Smart TV

If you love English football, then you are not new to Samsung. No, let’s put things straight – only a rural Martian would not know Samsung! How do you explain not having a clue about the tech giant that has swept the entire globe with amazing devices? Okay, maybe not all are amazing per se, but at least you know the phone battery-bombs. No puns intended, but let’s help those who ask ‘why is Netflix not working on my Samsung Smart TV?’

While the car ahead of you is always a Toyota, the movie streaming service next door is Netflix. No doubt, the online movie service is a giant among dwarfs! But, Netflix comes with several downsides. It is very unfair that the service has geo-restrictions that limit content depending on the country of operation. Already, Netflixing is now a reality in more than 130 countries, including those in Sahara Africa; but, the content in those regions is limited.

So, it becomes a hard thing to watch your favorite shows like the Mitchelle Blair documentary in those areas. Of course, you’d not love to live glued (sounds more like screwed!) to some Bollywood, Nollywood and Boooringwood shows. No doubt, you want to have Hollywood – the mother of them all! Most of the local film industries are somehow myopic and haven’t got to the American or British level. Or where else will you get a film with the stature of Game of Thrones?! That alone tells you to do something so that enjoying Netflix on Samsung TV outside U.S. can be possible.

Well, if you are completely green about Smart televisions, I will be forthcoming. Did you find your parents with that large black and white Sony TV whose best show was SpiderMan? Then I can guess your age already! The smart TV is a metamorphosis of the screens that had huge ‘tanks’ towards their rear! While previous TV species depended on VHF and radio waves, SmartTV works on internet connection.

Smart TV is an intelligent technological device that brings audio-visual experience to your home. It works the same way a smartphone would do, including allowing you to install apps. But, it has a larger screen and USB ports that turn watching movies and shows a Cheese Burger! The Samsung Smart TV is not the only one around, though. Phillips, Sharp, Sony Bravia, LG HDTV, Vizio and Google TV will also serve the purpose. Nonetheless, Samsung is the Kim Kardashian of them all!

Noteworthy, this method unblocks Netflix on Samsung Smart TV and applies to other geo-restricted streaming sites too. For instance, you can use Smart DNS and VPN technologies to watch Vudu, Crackle, Hulu, Now TV or Amazon Instant Video.

Some people run VPN apps on their Smart TVs only to end up getting discouraged – few of the TVs do! The tutorial is comprehensive to make watching Netflix on Samsung abroad a cheesed sandwich!

How to set up Samsung Smart TV US Netflix or local edition

Is Netflix available in your country? If you like the local content, then you might want to set it up right there. Also, if you are in the United States already, this is the best way to connect your Samsung Smart television to Netflix. Of course, you don’t need to trick Netflix because you live in the virtual paradise already! No doubt, most of the latest versions of Samsung Smart TV come with Netflix as a default app – it is pre-installed. But, that’s not always the case due to location and model discrepancies. In such a case, you require to do the installation yourself!

Now, here is how to set up local Netflix!

  1. For you to watch Netflix on any device, you must have an active account! And, you need to keep your monthly subscription alive- at $5.95, it’s almost the price of a cup of coffee! Also, you can get the Netflix Samsung Free Trial- its a thirty-day free access to content upon registration. So, be sure to settle that before anything else.
  2. Connect your Smart TV to the Netflix network and upgrade the firmware.
  3. Next, go to Smart Hub section on your Samsung TV and open the Samsung Apps suite.
  4. On the Categories section, tap on Videos
  5. Find and click on the Netflix App.
  6. Install the latest version of the Netflix App.
  7. Launch Netflix to start watching the latest Season of Game of Thrones and other TV shows!

How to watch Netflix on Samsung Smart TV outside US

Well, if you love your local content, then you’ll feel comfortable using the method above. But, for people who live several clouds from America, the only solution is to beat the restrictions. Yes, Netflix is available in almost all the countries of the world, but the US Netflix still occupies the coveted peak! For a broad scope of movies and TV shows, the American Netflix is the best deal! Do I really need to explain the difference between Hollywood and Nollywood?!

Well, the optimal Netflix stretches as far as some parts of Canada and Britain. Yet, some Canadians and most Europeans still need to hack other ways of accessing the content. It also applies to Asians, Africans, and Australians who wish to watch Netflix outside the United States.

To block users, Netflix first determines their IP address. So, if you are in India or China, Netflix will not allow you to watch the US version of Netflix. While you will still have full access to your local stuff, the rest shall be geo-restricted.

But, as long as the streaming site places its hope on IP addresses, it is easy to beat them in their game! If you trick Netflix that you are on the US soil, you will easily slip into exciting US-based videos! Oh, can’t end this without telling you something about unblocking Netflix using Tor. Well, The Onion Ring review shows that it’s a wonderful anonymity tool, but you have to keep up with the problems. Tor does not give you a definite IP address, and thus, you cannot rely on it to watch US Netflix! However, two programs should help with that – the SmartDNS and VPN! Below, check out how each works!

1 Using a SmartDNS to access American Netflix on Samsung outside U.S.

If you want a fast connection, SmartDNS is your kind of technology! Smart DNS proxy relies on DNS servers to confuse websites about the location of its users. For instance, when you want to watch Netflix on Smart TV in Canada, SmartDNS will give you a server-generated American IP address.

Smart DNS does not encrypt your data – it redirects only the significant bits of the traffic to a DNS server. Because DNS does not encrypt your data, it is faster than the VPN or Tor methods. This is particularly a thump up in streaming HD content on Netflix.

Also, SmartDNS technology comes has the advantage of letting you switch servers. Thus, you can watch your American Netflix and HotStar concurrently! Yet, you don’t have to change anything in the software- you just open the media! Forget subscribing to expensive plans or switching off a device just because you are running Netflix on different screens! This is pretty ideal for an enterprise setting.

Then, your smart DNS is not a privilege of Samsung Smart TVs! In fact, it is compatible with Android, Apple products, Xbox among others! Also, you can run it on multi-devices. For instance, you can use it on your phone, TV while still enjoying the service on a tablet. No doubt, Smart DNS is a worthy tool for those who want to unblock Netflix alternatives too.

Most Smart DNS software are payable, but with the myriad benefits it comes with, you might find it worthy. If you want to enjoy the full advantages of the SmartDNS, it’s important you subscribe to a good plan. Well, several brands offer Smart DNS services. But, you have to be careful with your choice- mainly because some of them might not unblock Netflix on Smart Samsung TVs. In a previous article, we highlighted some of the best Smart DNS apps. Below is a list of SmartDNS services that can unlock Netflix on Samsung TV.

  1. SmartDNSProxy
  2. IronSocket
  3. CactusVPN
  4. UnBlockUS
  5. UnLocator

Flipping through our SmartDNS reviews, you will note that we highly recommend UnLocator. And, the reason is simple. It is affordable, compatible with a wide array of devices and most important; it is efficient in unblocking sites.

If you want to use UnLocator SmartDNS to unlock American Netflix on Samsung Smart TV, use this simple method.

  1. First, you need to sign up for the UnLocator Smart DNS account
  2. Once you subscribe to the service, select the target country. In Netflix’ case, you should choose the USA. Note down the number because it’s important when establishing Smart DNS a connection on the Smart TV
  3. Then, on your Samsung Smart TV’s remote control device, press Menu.
  4. On the Network page, tap on Network Status.
  5. Next, Select IP setting and then DNS Setting.
  6. Click on Enter Manually and then type your DNS number obtained in (ii) above.
  7. Press OK and reboot your Smart Samsung TV.
  8. Then, sign in to the Netflix app and start streaming movies!

2 How to watch American Netflix content on Samsung TV via VPN

Are you about the data you send to Netflix? Then, it’d be a good time you encrypt it so no one can track what you do! A Virtual Private Network (VPN) hides your IP address through an encrypted network. Companies that provide VPN services have servers in major cities of the world. So, their system lets you connect to one of their servers. The websites you visit take the address of the server you are using, not yours.

VPN apps and programs have friendly interfaces where you can choose from a list of servers. In the case of watching US Netflix, you have to get a server or IP address from the United States. Thus, you can select NYC, Washington, Dallas, Memphis, Jackson, Los Angeles, or any other city within US. This way, all your traffic data channels to the US, and thus, Netflix opens its gates for you!

If you log on to a website using the new IP address, they will think you are actually browsing from America! So, when Netflix tries to unmask you, it will respect you as a U.S. resident. So, you will have access to all the TV shows and movies available on the US Netflix store! VPN expose a lot of content to you- even if you are in deep mainland China, Pakistan, or Amazon forests!

Also, when unblocking U.S. Netflix Samsung using a VPN, you have a chance to taste your local channels, too! You see, the VP-Network can be switched on or off to allow you experience local stuff. So, when you don’t need Hollywood, you can catch your favorite 8 o’clock G-rated family show by switching off the VPN!

While using Virtual Network Networks, you are safe from government tracking. Of course, you don’t have to worry about anything if you are a law-abiding citizen. But, you never know what could be up – at least, online anonymity and security are worthwhile. No doubt, you do not want a person hanging on your shoulders when you read your mail! So, to keep all snoops at bay, a VPN data encryption is necessary.

But, VPNs for Samsung Smart TVs are a jerk! Most smart televisions do not allow the installation of VPN programs. So, it leaves you with the choice of performing some technological gymnastics to watch Netflix abroad.

Summary of benefits you get from using VPN services to watch Netflix

  • Traffic data encryption
  • Unblocking Netflix and other geo-restricted sites through new US IP addresses
  • Online anonymity services
  • VPN protects you from DNS hacking or proxy transparency

Now, here are some of the best quality VPN providers

  1. VyprVPN
  2. StrongVPN
  3. Hide.Me
  4. NordVPN
  5. ExpressVPN

Oh, you can find more details about each VPN by proceeding to the respective reviews! Noteworthy, most popular VPN services are on the Netflix blacklist. So, they are not efficient in beating the geo-restriction. In fact, you might end up paying a service that won’t help you in the long run. So, I highly recommend you use ExpressVPN. It’s more affordable than most VPN services. Then, it comes with a month’s money-back guarantee and unlimited bandwidth. Also, it applies to multi-devices and receives an active 24-hour support!

How to watch American Netflix on Samsung Smart TV outside the US using ExpressVPN

No doubt, ExpressVPN is the Chuck Norris of unblocking geo-restricted sites. And, when you want to use the network on your smart TV, try using the simple procedure below!

  1. Sign up for an ExpressVPN account
  2. Select a plan that best suits you
  3. Download and install the ExpressVPN file onto your router or computer
  4. Then, run the program and select a server in the US
  5. Now, with the VPN on, register for a U.S. Netflix account
  6. Next, turn your computer into a Wi-Fi hotspot that feeds the Samsung Smart TV
  7. Then, launch the Netflix app on your TV and start accessing the US Netflix! Simple!

Troubleshoots: Solutions for Netflix not working on Samsung Smart TV

Qn 1. How to configure Samsung Smart TVs F, H 2013 and later

Oh, if the methods above don’t work for you, then, here’s a likelihood that your Smart TV is geo-specific. It is not your fault, though- Samsung Smart TVs released after 2013 are customized for different regions. For models released before 2013, you only needed to update the device. But, later Samsung SmartTV models require some more precision.

So, the method above works depending on the country from which you bought the device. If you purchase the TV outside the United States, or in a country where Netflix is not yet launched, the app might not be available on the Smart Hub. And, Samsung Smart TV Apps Store could not be having the streaming apps you need. Yet, it is easy to hack into configuring Samsung F and H series. Below is your hope  to watch American Netflix on Samsung Smart TV!

How to Configure Samsung Smart TV Models launched before 2013

  1. On your remote control device, tap on ‘Smart’ to access the Smart Hub
  2. To open the location menu, dial the following keys. Fast Forward- 2-8-9-Rewind.
  3. When the menu appears, choose the United States and accept the Terms and Conditions therein.
  4. Then, the Samsung Smart Hub will restart and install the default apps for the US region.

How to configure Samsung Smart TVs released after 2013

The Samsung Smart TV Apps Store in F and H are cautious about their region. So, the apps present in America are different from those in Canada and India. US Netflix App is, therefore, absent in the Samsung Smart Hub of most countries. About how to reinstall Netflix on Samsung Smart TV, you must trick them into thinking you are a loyal resident in the US! So, if the Trump administration thinks you are an illegal and want to deport you, at least you can still go home with your Netflix! Now, this is how to make Netflix appear on 2013 and later Samsung Smart TV models:

  • On your remote control, hit Source, then Select TV
  • Next, on the Menu, find Systems and tap Sub Menu
  • Dial Set Up. It should get you to the Terms and Conditions page.
  • Then, follow dial the following buttons. Mute-Return-Volume +-Channel Up-Mute. That should open the Samsung region menu.
  • On the menu that appears, choose United States as your location.
  • The Samsung Smart TV App Store will restart and update to the new region. Likewise, all the default apps in USA, including Netflix, will install!

Qn 2 My VPN service no longer works in unblocking Netflix on smart TV. Instead, I get the message “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.” Is there something I am not doing right?

Netflix has been cracking down on the use of Virtual Network Services to access their services. As a geo-restricted service, Netflix wants to customize content according to the users’ region. Flocking to a different region brings a jam on the Netflix servers in that region. So, they block networks that allow access to foreign content. While many VPN providers are on the blacklist already, Express VPN remains convenient. Or, you can try the UnLocator smart DNS.

Qn 3 Samsung Smart TV Netflix black screen

At times, when you launch the Samsung Netflix app, it turns into an irritating blank screen. The feeling is worse when all other apps are working, and Netflix is letting you down. In most cases, this happens after updating the firmware and does not work even after resetting. Luckily, all these infer that it is a problem with the Netflix app. But, it can be solved if you try reinstalling Netflix on Samsung Smart TV. The method is simple, as shown below!

Qn 4 How to reinstall Netflix on Samsung Smart TV

First, you need to know how to uninstall Netflix on Samsung Smart TV. But, it is simple. Go to the Samsung Smart Hub and hover on the Netflix app. When you tap Tools, the Netflix app will be uninstalled. Thanks to the Samsung Smart Hub tools, you don’t need to uninstall. Instead, get how to reinstall Netflix on Samsung TV! On your remote control gadget, dial the Smart Hub button. Then, choose reinstall, and have the app replaced by another that can function on your smart TV.

Qn 5 Netflix not working on Samsung 4k Smart TV

When Samsung Instant ON is on, it could affect how Netflix works on Samsung 4K. But, you can turn it off- or disable it- to optimize and make Netflix work. Oh, this is a verified solution, and am pretty sure it will serve you right!

Qn 6 I don’t know how to Activate Netflix on my TV

The problem is common to Samsung 48UJ6000, F and H series. If Netflix is not available on your device, you need to install the app on your Samsung Smart TV. This could involve changing your Samsung region. Follow the procedure in answer to question 1 above. Then, restart your TV- it should work.

Qn 7 My new Samsung TV won’t log in to my Netflix Account

At times, new devices tend to misbehave, especially during the sign in process. But, it is simple- first, follow the procedure outlined in this article. If you the problem persists, try to login to the account using another device, preferably your laptop. If it does, then the problem is with the Samsung Netflix app. So, update the Smart Hub and reinstall the Netflix app. Simple!

Qn 8 Netflix keeps losing service on my Samsung Smart TV

Well, Netflix service can be a nuisance, especially when streaming HD videos. No doubt, you need to have a connection that is 3.5G and above. Otherwise, no one wants to receive an error message when a movie is at the climax! And, the Netflix service connection problem is common among most Netflix Samsung users. While many solutions are complex, few work!

But, this simple trick will do. When the Smart TV is ON, unplug it at the socket, then wait for about twenty seconds, and then plug it back. The Netflix service and connection loss should disappear like dew in the morning! Oh, the trick works on a lot of devices too, including computers, laundry machines, and refrigerators!

Qn 9 How to update the Samsung Smart Hub TV

Smart Hub is the Samsung App Store. To make sure it contains the most recent versions of apps, you need to update it. But, it’s simple. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. First, ensure your internet connection is reliable enough, and then turn on the TV.
  2. Give it five to ten minutes or so to get fully active
  3. Then, dial the MENU button on the remote control.
  4. Head to the Support option and tap on Software Update
  5. Then, choose Online. The device will connect to the Samsung servers for updates.

For the manual update, visit the Samsung Download support page to find your device. Or, try searching the TV code in the Search Box. Then, install the firmware right from the support page. Next, download the file from the site (using a computer) before transferring it to a USB drive.

Hey, before I catch my Netflix show…

In summary, US Netflix is a geo-restricted, service and it is no doubt the best there is! Overseas, local content is never sufficient, owing to the less developed film industry across the world. When you want to watch Netflix on Samsung Smartphone, you must be ready to trick them that you reside in the US. To get a new virtual IP, VPN and Smart DNS should offer the solution! So far, UnLocator is the best Smart DNS proxy. Of course, each method has its thumbs up and downsides; but I love the VPN method because of its encryption of data and online security benefits. ExpressVPN remains my recommended service. Oh, but of course, you may still wish to stick to your favorite!

If you still have any question about watching Netflix on Samsung Smart TV, feel free to raise them below. Some people have given up, but that’s not at Cyberogism! We believe in solving every tech issue our readers has. So, I stick to my Samsung and Netflix, because the problems are fixable. What about you?!

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