How to Share Large Files Online with Safety

Evolution of technology has become an important part of daily routine. Many simple users, as well as technology enthusiasts, need to know how to send large files (and for free, ideally). They need to know how it is more secure to transfer data or important files with the expected speed and safety.

How to Share Rapidly Large Files with SafetyThe procedure to transfer data from any device is getting simpler and easier too. Every user is now able to understand how to work with the newest apps for computers, smartphones, and tablets.

If you use a large volume of data, such as videos, music files, etc., you need some apps to help you out. These apps will be able to offer you a way to share your activities.

Cloud storage and Dropbox have been useful tools for many authorized users. With them, they have immediate access to shared files, at any time they wish. Unfortunately, safety is not guaranteed. To be more specific, users have the freedom and authority to edit without restrictions.

Newest apps are now ready to surprise the public. They do that with the speed of data transfer, the volume and the safety of the process.  New, innovative applications meet any need. Once they are available on the web, it is easy enough to install on your devices.

Let us have a look at some of the best apps for sharing large files:

  1. Share on Wi-Fi

If you wish to share your data and files in seconds, then Share on Wi-Fi is the best option you can get. It is fast, and you can send videos, files, etc. Downloading the app is easy. You just visit Share on Wi-Fi website and download on any device. Share on Wi-Fi is available for Androids as well as Windows, OS X and more. If you wish to use the app on your laptop, it will be better to download java first. This is crucial for you to install the app.

  1. SuperBeam

Another popular app, with over 1 million downloads so far. If you want something easy and straightforward, SuperBeam is what you need. You scan the QR code of the sender, and you share everything. Videos, documents, files of course and even your contact list!

  1. SHARE it

SHARE it is an app, which has over 100 million downloads up to this day. This means that it is a popular one. It is easy to manage, and it can help you to send any file you want. You can also download the desktop app, apart from the mobile app available.

  1. Xender

Do you want to transfer files between different Operating Systems? Xender gives you the way. You can send files from your Android device, your iOS running devices, desktop, and Mac. You use Wi-Fi safely with this app.

  1. Zapya

This is another cross-platform app and allows you to send files of all types from one OS to another. Zapya uses scanning of QR code, just like SuperBeam. You can send the files to up to four different users at a time.

  1. Mesh it up

Using this app, you can choose to work on an existing Wi-Fi network. Or, you can opt to establish a different Wi-Fi network. Besides, you will find it useful that there is an explanatory “How to Use” section on the Mesh it up application.

  1. CM transfer

This app allows you to get the fastest connection to send any type of file. For example, you can send music or movies, files of all sorts etc. It is easy and straightforward to use. The universal acclaim of CM transfer reflects on the 1 million users, who have already downloaded it.

  1. T Share-Best

The app has an incredibly refreshing UI, doing well so far with 500 thousand plus downloads on the Google play store – so many people can’t be wrong. T Share-best uses the WiFi to transfer all the content (including apps, files, pictures, videos, music and contacts between devices. You will use the existing internet connection or by creating a new one.

  1. Sunshine

Named as ShareOn formerly, Sunshine gives high quality of data transfer and high quality of sound.  It also puts your files in order, according to the date when you have made your transfer. The app does not suffer from any disconnections. If you are great fans of movies and videos, Sunshine app offers you the chance to share them.  Sunshine it is not limited to the Android devices, you can use it in iOS, Windows, Mac and more!

  1. WeTransfer

WeTransfer has become popular over the past few years. It started working in 2009. It has increased in popularity ever since. You only need to know the email of the person, who you wish to send a file to. It is a cloud-based service, neat and simple.

  1. Android Beam

This service lets you share files, using NFC (or Near Field Communication). The NFC technology is getting implemented by manufacturers for some years now already, but still, it’s most underused mobile technology. The fact is that Android Beam is available in every Android release since the 4.0. It lets you share anything, almost – let it be a file, photo, link or even Youtube video.

In most phones, NFC can be activated within a menu setting, and if your phone runs on Android Lollipop, you can find it in share menu too.  Once activated it’s very easy to transfer files between mobile devices with it. If you get two phones close together, you then select the proper service from the menu settings. After that, you will be able to share any file.


As you can see, most of them are easy to use and offer great features. According to your OS, feel free to check them out. As a result, you will be able to share large files from any device. Also, you will never have to worry about security. This is an excellent thing, as online threats are on the rise.

So, these are the most frequently used apps in sharing large files, and the best ones that I’ve tested. If you want to suggest any app you think should be added to the list, feel free to let us (and other users alike you online) know in comments section below.

Top/Featured Image: By Got Credit [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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