10 Best Shazam Alternatives For All Your Music Needs

Shazam is not the only app out there that lets you identify audio sounds and in fact, there are many Shazam alternatives out there in the market.

And many of them come for free.

But why bother?

Let’s answer that question.

Music is a huge part of our lives, right?

We go ahead listening to music, as we commute or work or even try to do our homework.

We listen to particular songs when we are happy, sad, in love or disappointed, heartbroken or sentimental.

And sometimes our ear catches a song that we do not know, and we get hooked.

We try to sing the lyrics, but there is no way we to remember them correctly!

So, what do you do when you are caught up in such a situation?

Fortunately, there is Shazam, and you can turn to its app for help on songs lyrics!

Shazam alternativesThis app has certainly revolutionized the way we listen to music.

But, this does not mean that Shazam comes without any flaws.

On the contrary, there are drawbacks in using this app.

In many cases, you will find it hard to identify the right song.

Instead, you will come up with wrong results and end up frustrated.


Then, it is not rare for Shazam to suffer from heavy congestion.

It will make you lose something from the overall quality of the sound.

And what is music without the proper sound quality?

In this article, we’ve come up with some amazing Shazam alternatives for you to check out.

You will see that endless possibilities unveil before your eyes and help you fall in love with music even more passionately than before!

Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

  1. Shazam alternatives: SoundHound

    SoundHoundStarting the list with the best Shazam-like apps, SoundHound is a great one to consider.
    It is probably one of the most comprehensive Shazam alternatives.
    In fact, we think that SoundHound is THE APP if you want to get everything that Shazam has, from a software application that can pass as one of the good quality Shazam alternatives.
    You can hum, sing or play the music track you want to identify.
    You can also speak or type the lyrics you remember or the name of the artist.
    All these options enable you to find the right track in no time.

    With LiveLyrics, you can be sure to read the lyrics as the track is on.
    This makes it easier for you to understand what the song is all about and even memorize it quickly.

    In addition, you can check out songs from artists that are not well known yet.
    This gives you a head start towards discovering cool music before anyone else!
    The app is available for Android users at Google Play Store and those with iOS at App Store.

  2. Shazam alternatives: TrackID

    TrackIDIf we are going to talk about Shazam Alternatives then we must talk about TrackID.
    We think that TrackID is amongst the most high-quality Shazam alternatives in the market today.
    TrackID is another great alternative to Shazam for Android, coming from Sony Mobile.
    It is free, and you can download it on your Android running device from Google Play Store.
    You just press a button, and the search is on!
    With this app, you can watch videos on YouTube and interact with Spotify too.

    When you find something you like, you may start a free preview for enjoying the track.
    It also offers you a huge database of artists and their biographies, for gathering detailed information about them.
    It also allows you to capture a song in offline mode and continue the search, once you get online.
    The app is available in 60 languages, making it accessible worldwide.

  3. Shazam alternatives: Tunatic

    TunaticWe don’t think anyone can publish a list of Shamazm Alternatives without mentioning Tunatic.
    One of the most reliable Shazam alternatives for Mac and Windows is Tunatic.
    This system identifies the song you want to find out more about for free.
    You either use a mic, or you play the song through the sound card of your device.
    It is up to you, and the result is great either way!

    As for the database of songs, it is continually expanding.
    You can be a part of this expansion too – if you want.
    The only thing you need to do is to use the program Tunalyzer and upload the music of your choosing.
    Straightforward and fast, the app works well and offers more than good feedback for the song you are searching at a time.

  4. Shazam alternatives: MusiXmatch

    MusixMatchIf we want to start a discussion on Shazam Alternatives, then we have to start with MusiXmatch.
    If you are looking for a combo of quality and quantity, MusiXmatch is a superb option when it comes to Shazam alternatives.
    The app scans your music library and offers lyrics for all of your songs.
    It sounds amazing, right?
    Over 6 million songs compose the app’s ever-growing database, and there are songs in 28 languages.

    These numbers certainly raise the bar of expectations.
    You can also search the top songs, according to their music genre.
    The app connects to your Spotify account and helps you find the lyrics you want there, too.
    It is great to see the translation of lyrics right away, as well as enjoy the floating lyrics on your Android device.
    The app is also available for iOS, making it one of the top apps like Shazam for iPhone.

  5. Shazam alternatives: Sound Search for Google Play

    Google Sound SearchUnlike some fancy apps, this is more of a widget from Google.
    But that doesn’t mean it is not one of the better Shazam Alternatives.
    With Google’s resources at its back, who knows, maybe in a year’s time we could see Sound Search as one of the best Shazam Alternatives.
    It is really light to download (under 1 MB), and it offers quick turnaround.
    Even though it is not sure whether or not Sound Search will identify the artist and the lyrics of the song, everything happen without any delays.

    If you feel like buying a song that you have just identified, you can do that and add it to your Play Music library.
    All the Android devices can be in sync so that you get the music you want on your mobile, tablet, etc.
    Overall, it is an easy and simple option for those who seek quick and relatively accurate results.

  6. Shazam alternatives: SongKong

    SongKongSongKong is another one of those Shazam Alternatives that can give Shazam a good run for its money.
    There are many reasons why we think that SongKong is one of the best Shazam alternatives right now.
    For managing and identifying the songs of your liking, SongKong is a reliable solution.
    Among the major features of this app, we find automatic song matching and duplicate songs deleting.
    You can also add artwork that appeals to you.

    SongKong supports iTunes, which is awesome for those who get songs from there.
    With its full flexibility, you can manage and control even the largest music library.
    You can rename all the song files, according to your very own preferences.
    So, full customization is an option.
    For the pro version, even more features are on offer.

  7. Shazam alternatives: Music Identification

    Shazam_alternatives_MUSIC_IDENTIFICATIONJust because we are talking about Shazam Alternatives here, doesn’t mean we can’t include apps that approach the same problem in a different way.
    This is an app especially suitable for people who just want to find what song they are listening to.
    It is super-fast, although the interface of the app does not feel like it.
    The database is not wide, but this does not mean that you cannot expect decent results.
    If the song is in the database, the feedback is going to be swift.

    Much swifter than many other competitors on the market!
    Plus, it is free to download.
    It is available for Android running devices.
    If these details meet your criteria, you should take a chance and download this app for quick and easy operation.

  8. Shazam alternatives: Music ID

    Shazam_alternatives_MusicIDIf we could describe Shazam as a song identifying app then Music ID is one of the best Shazam Alternatives.
    A cool song identifier by sound is Music ID.
    You just tap on the microphone, and the search starts.
    Once the app recognizes the song, you will get the results on your device.
    You will get the name of the artist, the lyrics and fresh information about the song.

    You will also get the opportunity to purchase the song via Amazon or head to YouTube for the video (and for other similar videos to this song).
    A lot of potentials are available for you, while the design of the app is modern and does not have any unnecessary features or details.
    In general, this is a stylish and practical option to ditch Shazam.

  9. Shazam alternatives: TuneUp Mobile

    Shazam_alternatives_tuneUpTuneUP doesn’t sound like a name that should belong to a list of Shazam Alternatives, but trust us.
    TuneUp belongs to any list of Shazam Alternatives.
    Moving on, Shazam like apps include TuneUp Mobile – a reliable companion for music lovers!
    You get instant song recognition, and you learn more about it, through the information on your screen.
    If you want, you can buy the song or the whole album of the artist from iTunes Store.

    For social media lovers, this is a great app.
    It allows you to automatically post the song you are listening to on Facebook and Twitter.
    Another cool feature is the thorough scan of your complete music library by the app.
    In this way, any flaws are reported and fixed altogether – for instance, if the name of the artist is wrong or if there is duplicate content.

  10. Shazam alternatives: Facebook

    Shazam_alternatives_facebook We bet you never thought Facebook would find itself on a list of Shazam Alternatives.
    But that’s exactly what we are saying it is.
    It too belongs to the list of Shazam Alternatives that work.
    Even though it is not an app whose sole purpose is music identification, Facebook is definitely among the most popular sites like Shazam and many other sites all over the world.
    Facebook lets you identify songs and tag them within your Facebook posts.

    The whole process is easy and involves a new status update of yours.
    After turning on the song and TV show identification feature, you can be sure that Facebook listens to all the sounds near you.
    As soon as a smiley face is on, it means that it has identified a song, and this is it!
    It is not a straightforward alternative to Shazam, but its database is awesome!

Shazam Alternatives Conclusion

As far as Shazam Alternatives go:

This is it!

We don’t think we have missed out on any good Shazam alternatives.

If you think we missed out any worthy Shazam alternatives then do let us know.

You can share with us your list of Shazam alternatives by using the comments section below.

And don’t forget, this is a list of Shazam alternatives.

In other words, it doesn’t rank Shazam alternatives.

We have just listed some good Shazam alternatives that we think deserve a mention.

Your requirements and needs may vary.

Hence, the best way to make use of this list of Shazam alternatives is to try out all these Shazam alternatives.

One by one.

Only after that, you can make an informed decision on which of these Shazam alternatives best suits your needs.

Enjoy music like you have never enjoyed it before, with all these Shazam alternatives offering you great features and superb flexibility!

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