Shazam Partnered with Vadio to Introduce in-app Music Video Channels


Shazam is a popular song ID service from London with millions of active users per day. Vadio, on the other hand, is a startup company from Poland. It has been making streaming video channels for other partners to use. Its aim is to reach the optimal revenue boost. 

Shazam partner with Vadio
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When the two companies crossed the path, a new idea came up. Now, you are no longer able just to ID any song you want via Shazam. You can also find in-app music video channels to choose from and enjoy.

It remains unclear whether this new feature is going to be a hit. Many times manufacturers have been over-optimistic. In fact, their added features have led to complete and utter disaster. 

In some cases, overwhelming the service with features does not end up well. On the contrary, it prevents users from concentrating on the USPs of the service. These are the unique selling points that would make it competitive in the market.

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If you are wondering why Shazam has decided to get such a new feature, the answer lies in the details. In fact, over a billion people have already downloaded the app. This means that it can now face the future with more optimism for profitability. Shazam is already using ads to gain revenue. These ads have overcome the potential benefits from services like Spotify or Apple Music.

On the bright side for those who do not value change and would rather stick to the original version of Shazam, there is no automatic play in use. Instead, the user will be prompted to click on the video thumbnail to start the process. So if you are not interested in adding more than what you have liked while using Shazam, you will not need to.

Vadio Shazam in-built app deal
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In case you are not familiar with Vadio, imagine a blend of the world renowned Vimeo along with Outbrain. There, you have got your answer.

Shazam will get the videos to share, and the company is going to get its share of the profit. Its driving force is to introduce users to new music videos. At the same time, it aims at helping them to discover the wealth of information behind the music. New, innovative features will be available from the company soon.

There are two alternatives for users to expect when connecting to Shazam. The music videos will be the result of music connoisseurs working for Vadio or of algorithms. So it is either one of these options that will define the quality and efficiency of the videos displayed to you.

In some parts of the world, it is still possible to download the lighter version of the app for your Android. Shazam Lite does not need the same amount of space, which means that it can benefit the user a great deal. Check it out, in case you are not fond of radical changes in the way you use an already popular and successful app.

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