10 Best Snapchat Alternatives You Need to Tryout

Are you tired with Snapchat? And, looking for Snapchat alternatives or apps similar to Snapchat? Have you been searching for the best Snapchat alternatives for Windows? Would you like to install apps like Snapchat for iPhone?

Alternatively, would you love to find an alternative Snapchat client Android? Finally, how would it feel if you installed apps similar to Snapchat for your Android, Windows or iOS? If your answer is positive for the queries above, then you just landed at the right place!

10 Best Snapchat Alternatives You Need to Tryout Before Snapchat came, WhatsApp was the world’s number one instant messaging platform. But, a better alternative came and swept smartphone users – Snapchat has become more than just an app! Since joining the app market back in September 2011, SnapChat has amassed more than a hundred million users- far higher than WhatsApp or Twitter.

Yet, just like any other growing site or platform, Snapchat has experienced several challenges. So, in this article, you will know the various alternatives for Snapchat. Before that, you may wish to understand what Snapchat does for you.

So, here are the reasons you need Snapchat

Snapchat is the world’s fastest growing social platform. Among all the apps that have ever developed and launched, none has ever reached 100 million daily users as quickly as Snapchat. Thus, Snapchat has broken records set by social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

Again, with the enormous user-base, Snapchat is a convenient destiny for product campaigns. According to Snapchat ads, it is more affordable to engage clients on the site – it is easier, too.

Also, with a firm privacy policy, SnapChat acts as the ideal sexting app. Every snap you send is, in theory, deleted. Thus, you can send any image, video or Chat without freaking out that someone might know. As like in the case of secure messaging apps, unlike WhatsApp or Facebook, no one can find a record of your chats.

Finally, Snapchat is a place for teens – that does not mean there are no adults, though. Thus, it is a prime place to market teen goods such as education, technological devices, and fashion. Again, noteworthy, entertainment is packed! Also, the fact that Snapchat is easy to use means you can use it to get friends as well!

Then, why Snapchat alternatives?

Maybe, you are troubled about why you need an app similar to Snapchat. Or, you want some clarification on Snapchat alternatives. Noteworthy, Snapchat has a few controversial privacy policies and other things that may need you to find an alternative.

First, Snapchat does not offer ultimate safety – many sites reported leaked private snaps pictures over the Internet. In their privacy policy page, Snapchat has affirmed it has admitted they do retain and own all snaps. Also, Snapchat has said that it has the rights to keep and use your snaps. Thus, it is evident that the good site goes against its very own marketing policy – there is nothing like permanently deleted snaps!

Also, users can get an alternative Snapchat client on Android and iOS – they save the snaps you send or receive. For example, if you install the following apps, you will be able to store, save and record all snaps you receive. Some of these client apps include; Snapcrack, Snapsaver, Quick Save, SnapHack and much more!

Second, change does you no harm – you need some fresh air for heaven’s sake! The Snapchat alternatives will introduce a new world to your smartphone or tablet. Social media is growing too fast to stay fixated on Snapchat! And interesting, Snapchat itself is among the Instagram alternatives that users use. This alternative routing can also be taken by Snapchat users too, right? So, get to the iTunes, PlayStore or BlackBerry App World and get these Snapchat alternatives already!

So, here are the best SnapChat alternatives

This list contains the most popular and competitive alternatives for Snapchat. The list also comprises of secure download links for Apple, Android or Blackberry devices.

  1. Wickr

wickrAbove all, Wickr (just call it Wicker) is the best alternatives to Snapchat. Just like Snapchat, Wickr allows you to send encrypted messages in the form of images, chats or videos. Also, Wickr messages have the ability to self-destruct in few minutes. Moreover, Wickr is compatible with several devices. It allows Android 4.0 and later as well as iOS.

As far as security is concerned, Wickr enjoys the reputation of offering the most secure IM services. Also, in the wake of constant cyber-attacks, Wickr remains a commendably safe mobile app.

Wickr also allows you to edit the images you send. Again, the app similar to Snapchat lets you send files without leaving any traceable traits. In the end, you can add friends and invite those who have not joined the mobile world.

iOS Wickr Download Link

Android Wickr Download Link

  1. ClipChat

clipchatClipchat knows what takes people to Snapchat – that is why they are keen on offering safe chatting. Whenever your friends try to take snapshots from the conversation, ClipChat notifies you. As a flashback, Snapchat does not have a feature to deter recipients from doing that.

But, ClipChat blurs images sent and only makes them visible when the recipients are engaging you. Thus, in theory, it ensures no one can record or take snapshots from your “sexts” and images! So it is safe to say, ClipChat is a formidable alternative to Snapchat.

However, Clipchat’s setback is that it is not available in most countries. But still, that is not a thing to worry in this smart cyber world era – you just use a good VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock it (alongside all other blocked sites and services, if any) and use if you find it blocked in your area.

Download ClipChat app for Android

Download ClipChat app for iOS

  1. Cyber Dust

cyber-dustAnytime you think about getting a Snapchat alternative that has inbuilt security features; you need to get the Cyber Dust app. One cool feature of this app is, it notifies you anytime the message recipient tries taking a snapshot of the conservation.

Also, Cyber Dust’s interface is more user-friendly than that of Snapchat. And, yes, this is the best apps similar to Snapchat for adults – at least in our opinion. But, that doesn’t have to do with anything like adult content – simply, Cyber Dust app is not as childish as Snapchat! As if that is not enough, Cyber Dust is free!

Cyber Dust app for Windows

Android Cyber Dust app for Android

Cyber Dust app for iOS

  1. Telegram

Telegram is not only a good substitute for Skype, but it is also one of the best alternatives for Snapchat. It has a simple interface but also, has functions that might blow your mind.

In fact, most applications listed on the list of the best apps similar to Snapchat only do chats. But, Telegram also employs the use of live video conferencing. Telegram has a desktop version, so, you do not have to live on your phone forever! Thus, you need to give this fabulous Snapchat alternative a trial!

Telegram for Android

Telegram for iOS

  1. Burn Note

Burn Note is yet another Snapchat alternative with fantastic features! Noteworthy, the greatest weakness of Snapchat is the ability to take snapshots. But, Burn Note addresses such issues head on – it has the technology to stop snapshots! First, the app allows you send closed snaps – to read, you must unveil.

When you send messages on Burn Note, friends receive it in the form of black bars. So, to open the message, your friends must ‘Spotlight’ the bars. The fact that both hands are engaged means there is no way they can take snapshots. Is privacy not what you need? If your answer is, yes I need privacy – you try it must!

Burn Note for Android

Burn Note for iOS

  1. Slinger

slingerSlinger is a worthy Snapchat alternative because it has amazing features, no nonsense in this. If you love sharing encrypted videos, then, you need to try Slinger. This app like Snapchat has all the features it takes to compete favorably against the social giant.

First, the app has an elegant, user-friendly interface that keeps you glued. Also, It has amazing video features; they are made for editing and publishing.

Nonetheless, it is safe for you to consider using Slinger as a supplement for Snapchat. At least, it needs some time before it peaks up like the rest. It supports only iOS devices at the moment, though.

Slinger for iOS

  1. Yovo

yovoIn my opinion, Yovo app is one of the finest alternatives to Snapchat. First, it addresses most of the Snapchat’s shortcomings with sleeved up hands. While the recipient on Snapchat can take screenshots of your snaps, Yovo blurs the images to discourage even such breach of privacy.

So, even if the recipient goes ahead to take a Snapshot, it will not be of any value! At the moment, Yovo was available on iTunes for Apple Products initially – but they launched the Android version recently, too.

Yovo for Apple

Yovo for Android

  1. Sicher

sicherIf you are a Snapchat addict (like me!) and keep receiving regular snap chats, then Sicher is made for you! Sicher is an awesome app like Snapchat for iPhone and Android devices.

When you add as many friends as you want, you will get the most from Sicher! Thus, this will let you access end-to-end encryption messaging services courtesy of Sicher.

Sicher for Android

Sicher for Apple

  1. SlingShot

slingshotIf you are looking for apps like Snapchat for iPhone, then, you got Slingshot already! First, Slingshot and Snapchat are almost inseparable – noteworthy; the later gave rise to the former. Earlier on Snapchat turned down a $3Bn price offer from Facebook Inc.

After turning down the offer, Facebook set out to create Slingshot as a Snapchat substitute. Slingshot has been on the PlayStore since June 2014, but it’s no longer available. Thing worth noting is, when Facebook created Slingshot, they were trying to get a real competitor for Snapchat. So, most of the features of Snapchat are replicated in this app.

Slingshot is only available for Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod. In particular, iOS 7.0 or later versions are entirely compatible. But, other versions have proved compatible with Android 4.0 or later.

Also, Slingshot enjoys a beautiful ergonomic user interface. Like Snapchat, Slingshot allows you to send temporary videos. Moreover, it lets users create, draw and edit images as they like.

However, Slingshot has adamantly refused to perform well as a Snapchat alternative. Thus, Facebook has embarked on building features like those of Snapchat. And, that is how Facebook came up with a Snapchat clone – Messenger Day.

Download Slingshot App

  1. Messenger Day

messenger-dayThis is the newest app from Facebook Inc. Launched in the wake of October 2016, Messenger Day has all the features that seemed a privilege of Snapchat. First, the Messenger Day app can self-destruct images you send, after 24 hrs.

Besides, Messenger Day allows you create your very own pics – it is a combination of Slingshot, Facebook, and Snapchat. But, will the app pose any substantial competition to Snapchat? Well, Facebook is under fire for throwing their wit to the dogs and trying to imitate Snapchat.

However, on whether Messenger Day will be a formidable alternative to Snapchat, only time will tell! Before hitting the conclusion, it is important to note that the alternatives to Snapchat are too many to fit in a single blog post. But we are only listing the best ones after testing each. So, if the Messenger day has made it to the list, that means it has started very well.

Also, Snapchat alternatives for Kindle Fire are available in plenty. The same case is with Snapchat for Blackberry or Apple devices. Besides, Snapchat filters and Phanton for Snapchat will help you get the best out of the social platform.

Yet, apps such as Kik, Viber, Cyber Dust, WhatsApp, and Instagram continue to pose competition to SnapChat. Despite all the competition, sexting seems best on Snapchat than on the two. At the same time, other Snapchat alternatives are worthwhile.

To sum up the debate

In summary, Snapchat is the best app for sending encrypting messages. So far, it has hundreds of million users – so much people cannot be wrong. But, there are many other apps similar to the Snapchat. The apps are giving Snapchat a run for the money already! Yet, most of them do not correctly fit in the shoes of Snapchat.

So, you may require to use them as mere alternatives. By now, you understand that Snapchat is not very safe and not your only option. Thus, you need to utilize other Snapchat alternative apps as well. If you have other Snapchat alternatives in mind, feel free to let us know via the comment section below.

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