10 Reasons to Use Spotify Web Player Properly Right Now

With the Spotify Web Player (click here to go to the official website), you can enjoy the music service from anywhere, anytime.

Let’s face it, no one enjoys using Spotify via the desktop application?

Hence for people who want to use Spotify on the fly, we have the Spotify browser.

But what is Spotify browser?

And why should you care about it?

Most of all, why do you need it?

Let’s answer all of these questions right here and right now.

To answer the question of what is Spotify browser, you only need to know this:

Spotify browser client is accessible from any browser, including mobile browsers with Flash.
10 Reasons Using Spotify Browser is a Good Idea Today

Reasons why you should start using Spotify web browser today

With Spotify browser you’ll be able to perform the same functions as the desktop app.

How come?

Well, it is a versatile alternative.

Moreover you can rest assured that all the great Spotify tips and tricks that you know for long will work with it too.

Check out ten practical reasons why using Spotify Web Player can save you space and perform as well as the desktop version.

  1. Save Space on Your Personal Computer



If you’re anything like me, you don’t like clutter.

The fewer apps and programs are installed on your computer, the better.

With Spotify Web Player, you don’t have to install anything.

Just open the web player in your preferred browser.

And listen to your music from there.

Users can access playlists, favourite songs, albums, and favourite artists from the web player.

Between that, radio stations and browsing, Spotify Web Player has every feature required to listen to music.

  1. Listen to Music on Any Web Browser

The Spotify Web Players removes the need to have the desktop application installed.

With the web player, users can access their Spotify from any computer – home, work, a friend’s house, etc.

Spotify Web Player makes it easier to share playlists and favourite music with others.

While some might not have Spotify installed on their computer, everyone has a web browser!

And if you use alternative web browsers rather than typical browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.), it will work in those browsers too.Spotify Search Function

  1. Access Spotify from Several Different Devices

Since Spotify requires a Flash player, the web player doesn’t function on typical mobile browsers.

But, you can listen to Spotify Web Player on mobile by downloading a browser app with Flash.

Apps like Puffin Browser, Lightning Web Browser, and Boat Browser all support Adobe Flash Player.

Lightning Web Browser is free, unlike some of the other Flash-compatible mobile browsers.

And at only 2 MB, there is no way installing Lightning Browser can clutter your mobile devices!

Meanwhile, the Spotify Music app takes up 24 MB on Android (and 88 MB on Apple devices).

  1. Spotify Web Player Has a User-Friendly Interface

Spotify browser based is great because it has a user-friendly interface.

The tabs on the left side are organised and straightforward to navigate.

The web player eliminates the “Activity” tab and the “Local Files” tab.

Songs, albums, and artists are all condensed under “Your Music”, freeing up sidebar space.

And users can still access the Radio and Browse features from the web player.

The fonts are nice and big, and the site loads fast. Try it out for yourself!

  1. You Can Still Use Spotify Hotkeys

Ditching the desktop app does not mean you have to lose Spotify hotkeys!

Hotkeys let users do anything from creating new playlists to log out of Spotify with ease.

To access them, you’ll need to download a Spotify hotkeys extensions for your browser.

Chrome has Spotify Web Player Hotkeys, as well as Firefox has Spotify Hotkeys.

These extensions allow hotkeys from any browser tab, making controlling the Spotify web browser easy!

  1. Making Music Playlist Widgets is Simple

If you’ve made or found a great Spotify playlist, it is easy to embed on HTML-compatible websites.

Spotify has their very own Play Button that can turn a track, album or playlist into a fun music widget.

Just paste the link into the specified field, and Spotify will provide the embed code.

This is great for blogs and other sites that allow the editing of HTML.

If the Play Button isn’t working for you, Embed.ly can turn any link into an embed code – just copy and paste!

  1. You Can Copy Playlist Links to Share

If you just want to share your playlists on social networks, Spotify Web Player can help!

By right clicking on a playlist (or track, or album), users can copy the playlist URL.

From there, they can share it on various social media services.

Playlists can also be bookmarked for easy access, an excellent idea if you have a lot of playlists to sort through.

Share, email, or send playlists links to friends in chat.

Even if they don’t have a Spotify account, they can listen with Spotify Web Player.Copy Spotify URL

  1. Get the Lyrics to Every Spotify Song

Have you ever wanted the lyrics to your favourite songs without having to look them up?

Lyrics Here is an addon that displays the lyrics for songs from Spotify, YouTube, and more.

You can find the Firefox addon here, and the Chrome addon here.

Users can adjust the preferences to use certain lyrics sites, as well as what theme and font the Spotify browser plugin uses.Spotify_web_player_Lyrics_Here_Addon

  1. Access Spotify Web Player on Chromebook

If you have a Chromebook, accessing Spotify Web Player is fast and convenient.

With the Chrome app for Spotify, users can add Spotify to their app shelf.

From there, the web player can be opened in a new tab or new window in Google Chrome.

Chromebook was made with Chrome apps in mind, so accessing Spotify this way is seamless.

Chrome users on other PCs can also install the Spotify Chrome app if preferred.

It will still link to Spotify Web Player.

  1. Spotify Web Player Shares Features With the Desktop App

With Spotify Web Player sharing a majority of its features with the desktop app, why not use it?

Users can still browse for music, play radio stations, and saved songs and playlists.

Moreover users can access their messages and notifications, even if they can’t view friend activity.

The big difference is that Spotify Web Player cannot access local files, while the desktop app can.

But if you don’t use Spotify to play your music files, this is hardly a big deal.Spotify_Web_Player_Spotify_Desktop_App

How to Use Spotify Browser

It’s easy to start using the Spotify Web Player.

Just type the name of a song or band into the search bar.

From there, you will see the most popular tracks, as well as playlists and artists with similar names.

You can open the artist’s page by clicking on their name.

Here, their songs and albums are listed, as well as related artists and a biography.

This is an excellent way to discover other artists within your scope of musical interest.

If you want to create your very own playlist, just click the “Your Music” tab and select “New Playlist”.

After typing in a name, you’ve made your playlist!

To add tracks to a playlist, hide tracks from the playlist, browse Spotify for your favourite songs.

Once you find a track you want to add, click the “…” menu either next to the track title, or by hovering over the album art.

Select “Add To”, and choose your new playlist – it’s that simple!

You can also decide to make a playlist “secret” so that other users cannot see it.Spotify Web Player Add Track to PlaylistAnd if you sync Spotify to your Facebook, it will show your friends and their playlists.

But be aware that your profile name will change to your Facebook profile name and cannot change back.

Trust me; I tried – even after disconnecting Facebook.

If your Facebook name is something you don’t want on your Spotify profile, you won’t want to connect it.

If you prefer your Spotify account to be private, visit the Settings menu on the bottom left of the web player.

You can specify if the activity is public or if playlists are public, and enable private sessions.

But if you want to change your avatar, you’ll have to use Facebook and change your profile picture.

Maybe Spotify will allow more profile customization in the future.


In the end, Spotify Web Player is more portable and versatile than the desktop application.

If you don’t need to access local music files, the web player can perform all the same functions.

Even better, the web player does it without the need for installation.

With Spotify Web Player, you can take your music and playlists with you on other browsers and share them.

Try the Spotify browser today and see how useful it is!

And if you have any questions you can always use the comments section below.

Moreover, you can also use the comments section to let us know your thoughts on Spotify browser.

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