25 useful Spotify tips and tricks to make you a power user

Spotify is soon going to become the world’s most popular music-streaming platform – no doubt! Already, the music social platform has millions of registered users across the world. While audiophiles throng there for the music, most users still don’t get the best out of it. Here is a list of 25 Spotify tips and tricks that will enhance your experience, and become a Spotify power user.Spotify tips and tricks

  1. Get organized

    Nothing irritates than listening to random music genres at the same time. Music is all about soothing your moods. While it is okay to have your music lined up, one after another, it could as well be messy. Organize your music in folders and sub-folders.

    The organization allows you to have easy access to the genre of music that best serves your purpose at a given time. You can create folders by navigating your way to the Spotify desktop interface. Navigate to: File>new playlist folder. If you are an impatient nerd (like me!), use the shortcut Control +Shift + N to get there. You can then listen to your selected playlist even when you are offline.

  2. Save your internet data by going offline

    Ever wondered about Spotify hidden features? Did you know you can listen to playlists even when you are offline? Well, Spotify’s new function ‘Your Music’ enables you to load tracks you want to listen offline. The function gives a location for all your music – where it can all play in a single place. It’s quite easy to add songs from your PC. Click the button “+” on the song you want and you will have already marked it for the playlist.

    For easier navigation, go to the artist profile. Then, using the right-side button -like you are highlighting-, toggle to the tile view. Mouse over the album and when you click the +, you will have added the whole lot. Maniacs running on Windows could use the traditional ‘Control + A’ to select all music. Dragging the content to the music section will serve the same purpose.

  3. Use the apps within Spotify

    The App Finder is an excellent one-stop for all Spotify users. Spotify’s interface is friendly and comprehensive. But it also gives you the best experience when used with apps. With the Spotify Apps, a lot of goodies come in handy. The MoodAgent calculates your mood and gets the music that best soothes you.

    Further, it will take a record of your traits; happiness, anger or other feelings. So, it will play your music depending on how you feel at a given time. TuneWiki is the best app for karaoke freaks! It scrolls the lyrics of the song as you sing along. This app will help you save the embarrassment by bringing the bar house to your room!

  4. The Spotify search engine

    Like the Google search, you can get results that have nothing to do with what you need. For instance, if you search music by Michael Jackson, you may get undesirable results. Even choral verses, lyrics, voice overs and spoken word may show up in the research.

    Of course, you don’t need these. So, it’s important to search songs the right way. If you want songs, Michael did in the 80’s, follow the format ‘artist: Michael Jackson year: 1980-1989.’ That’s how you will land to the exact results you were seeking.

  5. Sharing part of music

    Spotify gives you a chance to share your favorite playlists with your friends. It’s the best way to share your feelings with those who mean a lot to you, is it? Well, this is one of my favorite Spotify hacks – connect your Spotify profile with your Facebook account. Those who follow you on both platforms will get notified anytime you want to.

    Just like YouTube, Spotify allows you to add the timestamp to any URL. For instance, if you want to start a song at the first minute, twentieth second, all you need is add ‘#1.20′ at the end of the URL. E.g. Spotify:track:0A0NA0cs9oWwGc77BfBDXm#1:20.

  6. Keep your listening secret

    At times, you may be listening to a collection that you need to keep secret. You can change your settings to bar anyone else from noticing what you are doing. Just hit edit at the top of the interface and select ‘preferences’. On the ‘Profile’ option, uncheck everything to remain invisible.

    Alternatively, on the selected playlist, right-click and then choose ‘Make Secret’. You must do this to keep off people accessing tunes that can be a little embarrassing. Of course, you can also remain in the dark by using the obvious methods. Just don’t add any followers or don’t connect to your Facebook.

  7. The Discover Weekly Playlist

    You will ostensibly love this Spotify tip! It’s fashioned to keep Monday Blues far from your moods. Made by Mathew Ogle, the feature brings you a list of the best songs from the week. So, on Monday morning, they pick the best. Mathew explains that the list is also obtained from “the stuff you’ve been jamming on recently.”

    Also, the relationship between the songs is a great factor in coming up with the playlist. The Discover weekly playlist refreshes itself up every Monday. But when you have this tool, you can save all the favorite weekly playlist.

  8. View your history for hits

    There are times you hear a great song but forget what it was. To avoid the agony that comes along, Spotify gives you the chance to get the history of all the songs you have played. On the hamburger icon at the desktop app, you will find the list of songs you have listened. The history gets synced with your account. Thus, it will be present across all browsers, phone or even the video console.

  9. Drag and drop links in songs you like

    Regardless of the site, you want to share your music, Spotify allows you to drag and share. Using URL and HTML links, you can share any Spotify links to different social sites. Among cool Spotify features, it detects the songs name and creates an appealing thumbnail. The thumbnail contains the songs title, album, and artist.

  10. Preview songs

    If you have a lengthy list of songs, you don’t have to play each song. Instead, you can save the time by hovering over the songs. Five will be viewable per every scroll. Spotify will preview the songs by giving you a chance to view pictures that may let you understand the songs. This is important in determining music records that have the same name. It is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

  11. Recover deleted playlists

    Have you ever deleted a playlist by accident? It must have been a traumatic moment. But on Spotify, you can recover it! All you need is find the Account Page. If there already, find the ‘restore’ button and resurrect your favorite playlist.

  12. Clean and Explicit version of music

    Sometimes, you don’t like the radio version of music provided. A little explicit content is thrilling, right? But finding it could be like chasing a wild goose! Thus, Spotify ranks one version more popular than the rest, thus making it hard to find others. But if you want a different version, locate the button ‘one more release’ on the desktop app.

  13. Spotify on Uber

    Uber and Spotify signed an agreement. They decided to enable passengers to listen to their favorite music while on a taxi. This service is available in, London, Toronto, Stockholm, Singapore, New York, Nashville, San Francisco, and other major cities. But it is getting rolled out to other cities across the world. It allows you to play music in the cab using the Uber App then ‘Connect Spotify.’

  14. Spotify Desktop shortcuts tips and tricks

    Every computer nerd wants to know more shortcuts. Some impatience helps, or? Well, you can control the Spotify App using the keyboard alone. But the keys, differ when using Windows or Mac. See these Spotify tips and tricks to help you navigate faster on Spotify.

  15. Follow more friends

    Fun is best shared. You know that music maniac that is always first to listen to a new song. You can keep these tracks on your playlist by following them. It’s simple; select ‘Find Friends’ on the right-hand side of the Spotify app interface. Then add all friends you may need. You can as well Use the ‘connect to Facebook’ option.

  16. Utilize the collaborative playlist

    Create ‘Collaborative Playlist’ by right-clicking on the ‘create playlist’ option. It is the best alternative for sharing music. Spotify allows you to share the playlist link with friends. They can add more songs too.

  17. Sync Phone

    Having Spotify on your phone enables you to listen to music even when you are in remote places. The Windows Phone, iOS device, and Android phones are compatible with the Spotify App. This reduces scenarios of having to plug your laptop in your car. The Premium Account offers the best experience. It’s where you listen to your choice of music without getting interrupted by ads.

  18. Follow your interests

    At times, you want more than just the music. If you need to know more about the tracks you play, you can connect Spotify with ‘Last.Fm. Create an account there, and choose ‘Scrobble to Last.Fm’. You will then get your songs tracked and receive relevant statistics.

  19. Tune to the radio

    When it’s news or a show you want to catch, tune your radio on the left-hand pane. Hit the button ‘Create a New Station’. You are there!

  20. Integrate your Spotify with browsers Firefox or Chrome

    If you are a computer addict, it’s ostensible you wish to make Spotify work on the browsers. All you need is get the Spotify Search add-on. Once the add-on gets integrated with your browser, search for your favorite music and artists.

  21. Listen Online!

    Do not worry if the download fails. After all, you can play your music online! Just log onto the play.spotify.com/discover site. You will experience the same fun as that you’d get when using the app.

  22. Load your own tracks

    If you try to search musicians such as Taylor Swift or Prince on Spotify, sorry you won’t find them. The Spotify catalog isn’t convenient enough. Thus, load all the tracks you need. It’s simple; go to ‘preferences menu’ then local files and dial ‘Add a Source’. Select the folder you want to store the tracks and then import your songs.

  23. Get a little laugh!

    Humor is food for the soul. Far from the ordinary perception, not all the files on Spotify are music. There’s funny content as well! ‘Genres & Moods’ at the top menu is where to go. Click ‘Comedy’.

  24. Never miss a music show

    Though Spotify pays less to musicians, it will alert you on music shows near you. With the help of SongKick, Spotify can let you know when your favorite musician is having a show. You will also secure yourself a ticket! Navigate through ‘Browse’ and then ‘Concerts’. Set your location on ‘Change Location’ menu and you are ready to go!

  25. Motivate your morning run!

    Morning runs can be a little hectic. You need a good tune to escort your exercises. Pick a playlist that rhymes well with the exercise. A track whose tempo articulates with your speed will motivate you all through.

If you increase your experience on Spotify, you will find the need to get the Premium monthly subscription. Do not be left out when the world moves towards digital music. Maximize the use of your Spotify by utilizing the tips and tricks you’ve just learned!

Top/Featured Image: By Spotify (Perszone van Spotify) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 

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