Spotify Using Weather Reports Tool for Best Playlists Now

Can the weather affect the music we listen to? Spotify says it can!

Have you ever wondered why it is that gloomy weather calls for light music? Sunshine, on the other hand, welcomes more vivid songs.

Everyone knows it and Spotify has taken such knowledge to the next level. In other words, the company has partnered with Accuweather and the result is the introduction of Climatune.

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You will be surprised to see how the weather actually affects our mood. And our mood reflects on the music we choose to listen to. This becomes evident by the playlists available in several parts of the world. What changed was the weather.
Spotify weather best playlists
Spotify has managed to gather data from 1,000 weather stations. The playlists in these locations revealed that music depends on the weather of each day. Let it be Spotify student or any other user when the weather is rainy, people tend to listen to more melancholic songs.

When there is no cloud in sight, however, people wish to listen to faster music and beats. With the help of Climatune, you can tune to specific weather conditions. Once you go to the Spotify browser or use app,  you will see playlists and different types of weather conditions. It is brilliant in its simplicity!

There are suggestions based on the weather conditions in many cities. For example, you can check out “What Madrid listens to when it’s a clear night” or go for “What Buffalo listens to when it’s snowy”.

With the click of a button, you change the playlist and alongside you change the mood. There is without a doubt a strong correlation between the weather and music. So this website has verified the common knowledge about weather conditions affecting what people listen to.

If you wish to read in detail about the connection between the music we listen to and the weather conditions outside, you can check out the Spotify blog post by Eliot Van Buskirk. There is impact of weather on 8 audio attributes. Some of them include acousticness and danceability, energy and instrumentalness.

Apart from the easy conclusions that sunny days call for happier sounds, there are other demographics that show location plays an important role too. For instance, Europe tends to enjoy a greater impact on sunshine than other regions in the world.

It is worth trying out Climatune, so as to see for yourself if the weather indeed makes a difference in the music you want to listen to!

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