How to Switch from iOS to Android with Ease

So, your decision to switch your device from iOS to Android makes one wonder. I also wondered at a time that how difficult is it to switch between the iOS and Android platforms. How is this going to be workable, without losing the beneficial standards of your apps? Well, that’s possible – you can do that without missing out on anything!

iOS to AndroidThis guide will give you the direction to cancel whatever concerns you may have until now. Technology development on Androids is a great factor. It has made you to explore them and decide to buy an Android. They provide the user with the certainty and the guarantee of the optimal user experience.

You can have the ultimate experience of Android devices. And you can do that, without leaving behind your data and apps from your former device – in this case, iOS devices.

Let’s see together some functional ways to keep your iOS files and videos on your Android. In this way, you will not leave any of those to the past. So, let’s find out easy and practical ways for changing your iPhone into Android.

Completing the transition

The idea to change mobile software might sound dull or difficult to some users. Yet, you will discover how interesting and easy it can be. The transaction is very enjoyable, and you can change the iPhone functions into Android functions with ease. It is also really fast. Keep in mind that you have to leave behind some of your old favorite habits, such as files and accessories. iOS does not have the same system to match with that of an Android. This is not a problem at all since you will find similar or even the same apps among Android apps.

Any buys (the purchased lol) you have made in iTune app are no longer valid. The software is different and DRM cannot change to Android. In conclusion, you can delete from the data on your iPhone any music you have bought etc. But your videos and your favorite TV series will stay behind. It is good for you to know, in case you may decide to sell your iPhone. In this point, it will be wise to make a web research first, to sell it at a beneficial price.

Getting your contacts

You will want to transfer your personal data, such as contacts etc., from your Apple device and get them to your Google Android one. To do that, there is a really simple way for you to accomplish that. You need to combine iTunes and Gmail.

Activate iCloud on your iPhone and then tap contacts in Settings with iCloud on your iPhone. You can log on into the iCloud website Click on the gear icon on the left below. Next move is to click Select All and Export vCard. Now it is time to use Gmail and log in. You may now tap the Contacts section. An alternative thing you have to do is to click Google Contacts and tap Import.

Another option you have for the contacts (free of charge) is to go to the My Contacts Backup app. When you download it on your iPhone and add it, tap back up. In this way, you will use your Gmail to send the file to the account assigned on your Android device.

As soon as you complete the procedure, you will receive VCF. You will now be free on Android to add your contacts in this handy and easy to use application.

If you wish to add or remove your contacts, then it is not necessary to do that one by one. Instead, you can edit the contact you need and transfer on your iPhone with Share Contact and send as an e-mail or text message on your new Android phone.

Changes on your calendar

Your Gmail is the best way to transfer your data from your iPhone to your Android smartphone. Since you have already assembled your Google Account, it is ready for you to use it for your iPhone at the same time. The next step to synchronize the devices and your Calendar is to run to the Go Settings selection on your mail account and click on ‘syncing for Calendars’ on your iPhone.

This innovative Gmail app is really effective when you want to keep your iPad data and files. The only thing that you need to do is to activate the Gmail app to sync your new Android device. In addition, you may need to sync your iPad and the Calendar of course.

There is the iCloud app as another alternative option to sync your Calendar to transfer or keep your data. If you have Calendar switched on in your Settings, then you can choose the iCloud app and Smooth Sync for Cloud Calendar. This app helps you through you Apple account to sync the Calendar immediately on your Android Phone. The cost for the iCloud app is 3$.

Changing from Apple to Google services

You have already realized that transition your data, files etc. from an iPhone to Android phones it is not something hard to do on your own. Apple software, as well as that of Android is very well-known and they show environmental consciousness and respect to the consumers.

If you wish to change your software and use Android, then you can activate your Gmail account to have access in an enormous range of services. Now you can sync your device with your account. This huge evolution gives to the user practical solutions. Sync is very easy to complete and then you can enjoy any information and app you wish.

Apps like iCloud and Safari are no longer necessary since you can activate Google and Gmail. This is what you will be using for your Android and your device from now on. So now you can have the maximum service of your app as your data files, sync with Google Chrome and you can also have your bookmarks. Your contacts are something that you will not miss, as you can ‘share’ them in all the devices you have.

From now on, you can backup your calendar, as you can use the Google drive to back up anything you need. You can also edit and share documents in Google docs and store your music or stream from Google music from the cloud. You can also use the Google photos for accessing photos and videos and finally Google Keep to share your notes and thoughts, as well as to-do lists.

Last but not least are the Google maps. They can help you to navigate. In addition, Google wallet is a great app for any type of transactions you need to make with NFC.

Any Google app is available for you to enjoy, since you have changed the software you had been using up until now. This experience is going to become necessary and easy to use in your everyday life, as anything you need is just in your Google account. You simply need to search in Google play store for any app you need, exactly how you’ve been searching in Apple store.

There are Links to have a closer look at any application you want to explore and they are available on the web from Google.

Getting your hands on your music

Now we can see closer how you can move your music to your Android device. Although there are several ways to achieve that, the easiest one is to sign in Google music and use your computer. This is where iTunes have already found shelter in the past, prior to your decision of switching from iOS to Android. You’ll need an app called “Android File Transfer” if you have a MacBook, in order to access your phone’s file system – as the OS X doesn’t let users do so on its own.

You can select Music Manager and set it up. Move your favorite music in the area that is available and easy for you to find at any moment. Set your playlist and upload them. You can also sync iTunes and make your buys in your Music Account at the same time.

You do not have the option to copy TV shows from you iTunes. You must first remove DRM to do that. The same goes if you wish to have e-books.

Obtaining your photos and videos

Moving your photos and videos is not a hard thing to do when you migrate from iOS to Android. The most popular way is to use your USB plug from one device to another through Windows PC. Afterward, you can open your device view files where your photos etc. are. Everything is in the DCIM folder, which is going to be there for you as a safety box in your device (most of the times).

Another option for those who use MAC is the following. You have the ability to transfer and put them in your device, when the popup file comes up. Your iPhone has connected to that. You can click on your files and move them into your Android.

You may want to make the procedures using wireless methods. In that case, you have to know that is going to take a much longer time for the process to complete.

Getting your text messages

If you wish to transfer your text messages from iOS to your Android, you need to know that this is more complicated than you might have expected. Since you want to keep them, then you can follow the procedure to ensure that your text messages all get from your previous phone to your Android. You have the chance to move them through the use of the Isms2droid app. The disadvantage of this app is that it does not have updates for a long time. Still, it is a reliable app for you to use.

The easiest way is to backup your messages on iTunes and find for yourself the proper file to get them readable. There is software that permits you to transfer the messages in newer Android devices, although there are no guarantees for that so far.

Navigation issues

You may experience some trouble navigating on your Android device. Especially if you have been using iOS for too long, this is going to be a rather strenuous procedure. But you will come to realize that the navigation on Android devices is not as difficult as it seems. The main buttons you are going to find on an Android device are the following:

  • Home (for getting you to the Home screen)
  • Back (you can see what it does by its name)
  • Recent Apps or Multitasking (it shows the recent apps for you to use)
  • Menu (it will bring you to the menu)
  • Search (it will allow you to search for something on your Android device)

It is straightforward, as you can see. Within a couple of days, you will have got the hang of it!

Bottom Line

There are differences between Apple and Android devices. You will realize these differences throughout your transition. However difficult the decision to change from one OS to the next might be, it will unveil a whole new world of possibilities. Android apps will appeal to you and you will see that there are many of the iOS apps available here, too.

You will need to dedicate some time to adjust to the new device after your iOS to Android switch, of course. After you do, you will be able to appreciate the power and flexibility that Android offers. This is a radical change from iOS, but it can prove to be a great change as well!

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