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Are you an avid manga reader looking to take your reading experience to the next level? Have you been searching for a convenient way to access and read your favorite titles on the go? Look no further than Tachiyomi App – the perfect app for all your iOS device needs.

Tachiyomi iOS App Download For iPhone iPad

Now that the Tachiyomi App can be downloaded on iPhone and iPad devices, readers everywhere will have even more opportunities to enjoy their favorite manga anytime, anywhere. Keep reading to learn about how you can start using this amazing app today!

Features Of Tachiyomi App

Tachiyomi App is an open-source manga reader app that lets users download and read their favorite manga. It has a great selection of reading modes, including single page, full screen, or continuous scrolling mode. This makes it easy to navigate your way through the book with ease. The app also offers amazing features like bookmarking and library organization which help keep track of what you’re reading and make it easier to find new material. There’s even cloud synchronization so you can access your books from any device! With Tachiyomi, downloading your favorite manga couldn’t be easier – just pick out the titles you want and get started on your next reading adventure!

Install The Tachiyomi iOS App Using AppValley

Now that you are familiar with the features of the Tachiyomi app, let’s look into how to install the iOS version. Installing the iOS Tachiyomi app is easiest done through AppValley, an unofficial third-party app store for non-Apple apps.

  1. In order to install Tachiyomi app via AppValley, first download Tachiyomi app and install AppValley onto your iPhone or iPad from their website.
  2. Once installed, open up App Valley and search for “Tachiyomi” in its search bar.
  3. The results will show various versions of the manga reader. Select the version you desire and click “Install” next to it.
  4. It will then start downloading automatically; once downloaded, simply click “Open” to launch the app.
Install the Tachiyomi App on iOS

Voila! You can now enjoy reading your favorite mangas using this awesome manga reader right away without having to worry about any external ads or popups interrupting your experience.

How To Use Tachiyomi App On My iOS Device?

Using the Tachiyomi app on your iOS device is a great way satisfy your manga appetite. Once downloaded via the AppValley app, open the app and select your preferred language. After setting up your profile, start browsing through over 25000 manga titles of various genres.

Now that you have installed the Tachiyomi app, you’re ready to start reading! The main screen allows easy navigation between different categories such as popular series or new releases so you can quickly dive into whatever interests you most. You can also search using keywords if needed; just enter what you’re looking for and hit “search” – results should appear almost instantly. Every title comes with detailed information about its author, release date and more which makes finding exactly what you want easier than ever before.

Once you’ve found something interesting, simply tap on its cover image and begin reading! A few adjustments regarding font size, page layout etc., are possible too if desired. Additionally, there are some customization options like dark mode or background music that add even more convenience while reading Manga through this amazing app. All these features make it very simple yet powerful tool for enjoying comic books on your iOS device anytime anywhere!

Can I Download My Favourite Manga Offline Using Tachiyomi App?

Yes, you can download your favourite manga offline using the Tachiyomi App for iOS devices. This app is a great tool for any paperback manga reader who wants to keep up with their reading without having to go out and buy physical copies of their favourite stories. Unfortunately, the official Apple App Store does not support it due to its third-party content. However, there are other ways to get this app on an iPhone or iPad.

Once you have downloaded it from one of these stores, all you need to do is open the app and start downloading your favorite manga titles. It’s easy and convenient to take advantage of the amazing features offered by the Tachiyomi Manga App.

Can I Get Tachiyomi On A Jailbroken iOS Device?

Yes, you can get Tachiyomi app for free on a jailbroken iOS device.

Is My Search History Safe On Tachiyomi App In iOS?

When it comes to using the Tachiyomi App on iOS, safety is a key concern. Installing tachiyomi app in an iPhone or iPad can be done quickly and easily. It starts by going to the Apple Store, where you will find the best manga reader that suits your needs. After simply installing it, open up the app and start installing all of your favorite titles right away!

The good news is that search history on this app is kept safe and secure. This means when you read manga online, no one else can view what you have searched for or downloaded. The following list outlines some of the ways that users’ information remains secure:

  • Encrypted data storage – All searches are securely stored with encryption technology so only authorized personnel can access them.
  • User authentication – Every time someone attempts to log in, their identity must first be verified before they gain access.
  • Secure connections – All connections between devices and servers are secured by industry-standard protocols such as TLS 1.2 protocol.

These features ensure users’ information remains private while using Tachiyomi App on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. Privacy settings also allow users to customize how much information about themselves is shared with others who may use the same device or account as them. By taking these extra steps, readers can rest assured their personal details remain secure while reading manga online through Tachiyomi App on iOS devices.

Tachiyomi Manga Reader App For iOS – Best Alternatives

The Tachiyomi app is an incredibly popular manga reader app for iOS. Unfortunately, Tachiyomi isn’t available on the Apple Store, so iOS users must look elsewhere to read their favorite comics and manga. Fortunately, there are a few great alternatives that allow iOS users to enjoy the same experience without having the tachiyomi app on their devices.

The first alternative is Manga Rock. This app offers a huge selection of comics, including some very popular series such as One Piece and Naruto Shippuden. It also allows you to filter by language or genre, making it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly. Another great feature is its built-in library which stores all your downloaded content in one place for future reference.

Lastly, Comixology is another great option if you’re looking for more than just manga. This platform has thousands of digital comic books from big names like Marvel and DC Comics as well as smaller independent publishers. It also offers exclusive titles that aren’t available anywhere else and even provides discounts when purchasing multiple titles at once. With Comixology’s subscription service called Unlimited, subscribers get access to unlimited reading with no ads or intrusive popups.

There’s also another app called NewToki which also has great features just like the first two mentioned apps.

How To Download and Install Tachiyomi App On Android?

Android users can easily find the Tachiyomi app free download for Android, AKA the manga reader. All they need to do is go here and download the APK file (app).

After a few minutes, the installation process will be complete, allowing them access to thousands of manga titles from multiple sources.

The next step is setting up an account with Tachiyomi so that you can access all your favorite manga titles quickly and conveniently. Users can add different source sites such as MangaDex or KissManga in order to get the most out of their experience. They also have the option of creating custom libraries by genre or language preferences. Once everything has been set up, Android users are ready to start browsing through hundreds of genres and discovering new manga stories!

This intuitive manga reader provides readers with a great way to explore various genres without having to leave home. With its easy-to-use interface, fast loading times, library customization options, and more, it’s no wonder why many people prefer using this popular reader instead of others available on Android devices.


Overall, the Tachiyomi app is a fantastic way to get access to tons of manga content without spending a fortune. It’s user-friendly interface makes exploring new series or catching up with old favorites incredibly easy and enjoyable. Plus, since it’s free, everyone can take advantage of its excellent services regardless of their budget constraints.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable way to read manga, then you should definitely check out the Tachiyomi Manga Reader App for iOS. With its amazing features and simple installation process using AppValley, you’ll be able to start enjoying all your favorite titles in no time at all!

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