How Technology Can Help Keep Your Employees Safe and Monitored

Incorporating technology for employee safety is doing great things across industries. Using technology to keep employees safe and monitored is increasingly important, especially in the context of remote work, cybersecurity, and health concerns. However, every industry must invest in knowledge to help them know and understand what type of technology best suits them for better occupational safety. Each business has different safety priorities and needs. Therefore, this article will explore some of the ways businesses can use to ensure employees’ safety and monitoring. 

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Surveillance Systems

A major concern for every business should be to keep their employees safe. Businesses can largely benefit from surveillance systems as a means of protecting the business and its employees. Surveillance systems include alarms or security cameras. Business premises are faced with many dangers, especially in the parking lots or at the entrances. Surveillance systems allow businesses to monitor each day’s operations. Surveillance systems are used to protect the employees from abuse or harassment from other employees. Businesses that conduct fieldwork must utilize technology to ensure their employees are always safe while conducting off-business premises duties. For instance, in businesses that conduct deliveries or any other form of vehicle usage, the managers use real-time tracking of their employees to ensure they are always safe. They monitor their movements using real-time GPS or dash cams that record the driving activities. Businesses could work with to refine their fleet operations. Businesses are faced with malicious security breaches, which make surveillance systems a key priority for their success. Alarms are also effective when it comes to keeping employees safe, as they can detect unauthorized entry into the business premises. 

Employee Health Monitoring

In recent years, there have been health concerns from around the globe due to poor environmental conditions, unhealthy eating habits, and the wake of pandemics. As businesses focus on employees’ security, they should also monitor employees’ health to combat health concerns at the workplace. Some of the health concerns monitored include heart rates, respiration, and temperature. Businesses may invest in wearable technologies, kiosks for scanning temperatures, health apps, and others. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, temperature scans were compulsory to address any signs of a possible infection. As they scanned through for COVID-19, high temperatures revealed some other health concerns that needed immediate attention. Additionally, in a working environment that leaves the employees fatigued, wearable technology is able to detect heat stroke, which then notifies the employees to take breaks. Therefore, it is critical for businesses to monitor the health of their employees to ensure they remain productive throughout their shifts. 

Machine Guarding 

Industries with heavy moving machines are particularly hazardous for the employees if no correct measures are taken to protect them. Businesses should invest in safeguards that allow the protection of the operators from preventable injuries. Mechanical errors can be extremely dangerous to the operators. Therefore, these moving parts must be safeguarded. For example, milling machines have parts that move at high speeds that could be catastrophic when the chain detaches from the millers. Additionally, grinders and meat slicers must also be guarded to ensure employees’ safety at all times. 

Drones and Robots

Drones are devices that fly above workplaces to ensure safety from risks and record how accidents occurred and why they occurred. The footage from the drones will help the business owner assess the possibility of similar incidents to prevent their occurrence in the future. Additionally, some environments are extremely unsafe for a human employee to explore them first. Environments with rough terrains and unexplored lands could be dangerous for human interaction without drones. 

Again, in the mining industries, some environments have toxic gases that could be detrimental to human health. Therefore, drones and robots are sent to detect any emissions that they could test later on to ascertain the safety of the gases. Drones are effective as they report in real time to the right persons. They give a go-ahead on whether the places are safe for human employees or not. Robots are also delegated to partake in high-risk tasks. 

Robots are used to assess and monitor storage tanks and tunnels that can pose risks to human employees. They can collect samples and carry out inspections on the strength of the tunnels. For instance, when a tunnel is suspected of weakness, it is highly unsafe to send human employees to assess the amount of damage in the tunnels as they might collapse, causing deaths. Therefore, robots come in handy to carry out such inspections.

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Human safety is critical for businesses as this protects human life. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to invest in technology that ensures safety and monitors employees at all times during working hours such as surveillance systems, employee health monitoring systems, machine guarding, drones, and robots just to mention a few. Workplace accidents can be costly especially when there are lawsuits involved. Settling such claims could cause a strain on your business finances. Therefore, it would be best if you invest in technology that prevents accidents and injuries before they occur.

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