25 Best Texting Games to Play With Your Friends

They say work without play makes Jack a dull boy. In this era of smartphones, it can be boring if you don’t get used to texting message conversation. Even though, there are those who like and enjoy text conversation. People have cell phones for different purposes. For some, they use it for calling, texting and transacting money.Best Texting GamesMeanwhile, not everyone owns a smartphone for one or two reasons. For those who owns one, is not a must you have to play mobile games available in app form to keep yourself busy and entertained. There are couples of texting games you can play with friends and family.

Flirty texting games get meant to kick off the boredom! And the real thing, you can play with your girlfriend/boyfriend. What excites me most, even if you are far apart, you feel close to each other by these texting games. Besides, some of these games you can play without installing or downloading anything.

Below are our 25 picks for the best texting games for teens and anyone who wants to have fun with their friends.

  1. Never Have I Ever

    In typical cases, this game involves a lot of players but, you can play it over text with two characters. If you want to get some facts from your boyfriend or girlfriend in a fun way, play Never have I Ever.

    You play each player taking turns play this game. And, each turn, each player make statements about what they have never done before. Each report narrated is the opposite of the other player, who at the same time loses points.

    With all factors considered, both players need to set rules on how to lose a point. Questions and answers reveal some hidden secrets about each.

  2. Kiss, Marry, Kill

    First, this is a favourite texting game online that the majority play. Even so, it can be just fun to play via text. You can play it without the internet. Funny thing with this game, you need to play with someone who has a sense of humour or difficult to hurt. Since the match got based on personal preferences thus, there is no recognised winner or loser.

    The game involves naming celebrities you both know. For instance, your girlfriend texts a name of a person, and you answer whether you want to kiss, marry or kill.

  3. I Spy

    I Spy flirty texting games has been around for generations now. Best played during long hours of driving and, it still offers fun and excitement when played via text. Playing this game is simple.

    Start by telling your opponent where you are to give them a fighting chance. Look around you and spot something that is not impossible for your opponent to guess. Tell them the first letter of what you have spotted and let them begin their guess. You can limit the number of guesses allowed in the game.

  4. In Character

    Think of any two celebrities whom you know and pick two (one is you, and the other celebrity is your partner). At this point, you now have to pretend to be the chosen celebrity. Now, start sending messages to each other saying what the character would say.

    Of course, you have to stay in character if not, you lose the game. In essence, you should not get distracted no matter what? Always stay focused.

  5. Song Lyrics

    If you’re a music lover, a Song lyric is a great texting game. So, the game is as boring for non-music lovers. You can play this game when you’re far apart, is not a must you have to be close. You can play while you’re out and about while your girlfriend/boyfriend in indoors.

    To start with, one person quote lines from a song and the other person has to guess the song lyrics. Also, you can include classic lines from a plot or movie, but both of you should be well conversant with the film.

    Finally, if you fail to guess the correct answer, you need to call your opponent and sing the song. That is the punishment. If the game is not pleasing, you can stick to another texting games to play with your girlfriend.

  6. Would You Rather

    Would You Rather is a game built to reveal the nature of your partner. The basic premise of this game is; you ask your partner “would you rather..?” followed by followed by two different hypothetical scenarios. Even so, the two scenarios should carry equal weight. Also, they can interrelate or can be distant if you want.

    You need to be creative enough to come up with questions that illustrate un-comfortable. At the same time, they should have equal terrible situations. For example, “would you rather live with arms or without legs?” It’s such a fun texting game to play with a guy as it will create a conversation. From it, you can dialogue about each option and how about you think.

  7. 20 questions

    In a brief, 20 questions s a classic game and it gets crazier when played by text. First, the theory of the game is simple. Second, it requires a degree of understanding to succeed. 20 questions is a 2 person texting games where one of you thinks of a subject. The subject can be a place, an object or a thing.

    From here on, once you chose the subject, tell your opponent to send questions through texts. The answers are either yes/no to help your pal narrow down to the topic. For instance, say you’ve chosen a Tablet as the topic. So, the opponent will start a question, are you a human being? No, because a tablet isn’t. Are you a gadget? Yes, a tablet is a gadget.

    Pick something harder guess to make the game more enjoyable. Your partner should guess the answer in 20 questions or less.

  8. Name Game

    Not only is this a texting game for teens but you must have played it while you were a youngster. First, you decide on the topic. The theme can range from a city, celebrity, country or any genre. After that, you agree one of who to kick off. He/she will text a word and then you have to respond starting with the last letter of the word.

    For example, you have chosen “Kenya” as the topic. If the first player texts Nairobi, you have to text back a word starting with “I” because it is the last letter. You get the point now?

  9. Abbreviation

    Abbreviation will make you think at the same time; it will offer you fun and excitement. It’s simple to play this game; one of you needs to abbreviate what he/she wants. The other requrements to unabbreviate it to its original form.

    For example, “I’m Having Dinner” it becomes IHD. So, the other should figure out what the abbreviated word means. It’s a fun texting game to play with your boyfriend but needs a lot of thinking.

  10. Story Time

    This game will leave you laughing. If both you are writers, the better because the innovation and creativityare intriguing. It starts by one of you texting a phrase, and the other one reciprocates with a sentence.

    The game goes on like that, and it can be terrific or horrendous. So, it can be a good story or epic. The flow of the story should not be an issue. And, don’t expect it to be seamless. Both of you should make restrictions. For instance, you limit the number of the word per sentence.

  11. Writing In Reverse

    Writing in reverse is a time killer at the same time, it’s one difficult texting game at the beginning. As time goes by, you get used to writing sentences in reverse.

    Start by writing short sentences or contacts saved in your phone. The more you practice, the harder it gets as you will now be able to write longer sentences.

  12. Hangman

    A simple guessing game yet, fun and hilarious texting games to play with your girlfriend. This game is text-based on like a piece of the paper version. Both players set many points. Then the after, first player sending texts messages with a series of underscores. Each stress represents a letter of the chosen word.

    The opponent needs to guess a letter which he/she thinks is part of the name. If the theory is correct, then the first player applies the letter in one of the underscores to complete the slot. Thus, if the message guessed is incorrect, the opponent loses a point. The winner chooses another word.

  13. 13 Emoji Conversation

    The sense brought in this game is hilarious and thrilling. It is a 2 person texting games played when one of you gets bored. But, you all need to have smartphones with latest emoji keyboards.

    You need to be creative enough to string emojis together in a way that they make sense. Not so, the message you’re conveying should lead to laughs. The interesting part is that not all of you will be able to communicate using emojis with success. And, this is the best part of it.

  14. Rhymes

    First, Rhymes is like question and answer type of game but above all, it’s a fun game to play. To begin with, one player chose a phrase or a word which the second person must respond. As a matter of fact, the responded must follow with a phrase that rhymes with the initial response.

    An example of this game is I’m riding my bicycle and downtown…the other player responds, making my way to the market covering some grounds. The game continues like that until when one player is unable to respond with a rhyming phrase. You get the point, do you?

  15. Breakdown

    Just imagine you’re given the word cornucopia and you need to break it and create different words. Some words you can create from it are corn, piano, run, etc. It’s what Breakdown is.

    This game is simple but fun and challenging. It helps sharpen vocabulary skills. You can make the game more enjoyable by setting time limits. Also, you can give extra points for every word typed.

  16. Fill in the Blanks

    It’s a flirty texting game to play with your girlfriend. This game is crazy if you’re comfortable with each other. No doubt, this game is fun if you haven’t seen each other for some time.

    One of you poses a question. I look sexy when…… then the opponent fills the blank space. But, you should not always expect good compliments. For instance, you might ask, You love it when..the response came when you were cleaning the house.

    To avoid ruining the game, set some rules on the answers.

  17. Truth or Dare

    This game is like that played in front of each other. It’s more interesting to share pictures. But remember to delete them afterwards. Still, when played through messages, the fun elements are great.

    As a result, when you choose truth, your answer should be accurate. So, if you choose dare, the camera should get used to capture the evidence of dare. The interesting part of this game is that your partner will share some truth which they wouldn’t share in person.

    Keep in mind not to ask questions that are too offensive to hurt each other feelings. Let questions flow in a fun and interesting way.

  18. Personal Trivia

    If you’re new to dating or you dated a while ago, Personal Trivia is a fun texting game with your crush. There are some personal things you can learn about your partner when you play this game. Besides, this game involves asking some questions which you get asked during job interviews.

    For example, you can ask your buddy what he/she can do with a million dollar. You can play this game for days or even weeks. It’s simple, but the fun facts revealed about your partner.

  19. Blind Eye Spy

    The texting version of Blind Eye Spy is fun and challenging. It’s like the original I Spy but with this one, you ask your partner to tell you what you are seeing using clues. Even if you aren’t at the same place/room, they have to guess. In case you are in the same room, the clues need to be more specific.

  20. Where I’m

    This game will entertain you for some hours. The good thing is that you don’t have to be in a particular place that you don’t want your buddy to guess. This flirty texting game is like I Spy. Both players expect to describe the surrounding of a particular place.

    The location shared might be a landmark or a place. Each will take turns to describe the location, and the other party has to guess the place you have described. But, you don’t have to describe the distinct factors.

    Avoid getting into boring subjects to make this game more interesting. Take turns to build the game to be enjoyable.

  21. Silly Pictures

    With this competition, you need to send a picture thus it isn’t a real texting game. It’s the best texting game online Barbie if both of you have an internet connection. You can find funny pictures online which you can send to each other back and forth.

    To make it more interesting, you can narrow down to a particular category. For instance, you can use animals, funny quotes, etc. Silly pictures can be severe, absurd and ridiculous. Try to find pictures that are not only stupid but need a lot of thinking.

  22. Ghost

    This game gets played with a handful of player but still is a 2 person texting game. The primary goal is to add letters to a growing word without a valid word. You can set parameters such as word length or category. Each one of you should have a word in mind then each player adds letters one after the other.

    The player who completes the word receives a ‘g’. The game continues the same way until one player completes all letters in the word ghost.

  23. List Builder

    We all have aims in life that we would like to achieve. When all these get turned into a text game, it can be thrilling. This game each player takes turns to name something that belongs to a certain genre. It can be anything from cities, movies, food, etc.

    Each player has to go through the alphabet one letter. If not, the next answer will have to start with the same letter the last answer ended. Whoever adds the final word on the list is the winner.

  24. Movie Lines

    If you all love movies, you challenge each other to have a text game. You can make it more challenging by picking a movie in a particular category. Pick some phrases from a movie and ask your opponent if he/she knows the movie from which the scripts are.

    It is one way of knowing your favourite films. Try not to cheat and make sure your conversation is sensible.


    The concept of this game is straightforward. One player sends a citation to his/her opponent, and the opponent has to figure out the author of the quote. The quote can be from a musician, famous author or an actor.

    You can offer hints to your partner, but again you can put in place to the time limit. The basis of this game is on the whether the responded answered from the brain or got help.

These text games vary. Some are easy while others are involving. Meanwhile, texting games are enjoyable between two parties or more. They should have smartphones capable of sending text messages. I’m sure one or two of these games will offer you great fun. If you’re looking for more online gaming options, check out Unblocked Games 67, a website that offers a wide variety of games that you can play without any restrictions.

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