Top Must-Try Apps for Playing All Your Favorite Sports

In a world where you can do just about anything on your smartphone, it’s no surprise that you can also play your favorite sports with help from your mobile. From golf and soccer to tennis, horse riding, darts, and even boxing, the options are diverse, so any sports fan will find a sports-playing app they love. Not only can these apps add to the fun of playing your favorite sports, but they can also help you to hone your skills and analyze your moves. What more could an avid sports fan want? So join us as we unpick the best apps for playing all your favorite sports. 

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The first option on our list of must-try apps for playing your favorite sports is for the golf enthusiasts among you. GolfLogix is an awesome app for on-course fun and special features. This app uses GPS to map out thousands of golf courses in detail so you can see the layout of the land on your phone. The map shows contours, distance, ponds, hidden obstacles, and more so you can make a better shot. You can read more at about the impressive features and capabilities of GolfLogix. This app can also track scores and stats so you don’t have to.

Golfshot is another awesome app that can help you to improve your golf shot by mapping out the course, providing handicap index tracking, its “distance to green” feature, and its ability to keep and display statistics in a clean, appealing way. With Golfshot, it’s important to pay for a subscription, as the free features are very limited, but if you are willing to pay the subscription fee, it’s very worth it.


Next up, we have a couple of fantastic apps for soccer lovers around the world. The FIFA official app offers a new gameplay feature for 2023 that makes simulated football feel so real. You can choose your team, play in various positions, and practice your quick thinking in real-time gameplay situations. From slide tackles and volley passes to making bouncing shots and receiving on-pitch physio, this is hyper-real and interactive gamified football like never before.

Another great app for practicing your soccer knowledge and keeping up with the online soccer community is the Premier League’s Fantasy football app. Not only is this app totally free to use, but you have the chance to win great prizes. So, choose your quad, be tactical, and aim big this season.


Tennis Clash is a great way to enjoy the thrill of the court when you can’t actually be there in person. This app is a multi-player tennis game on your smartphone that provides realistic gameplay and exciting competition. 

However, if you are looking for a tennis app that you can use while you are actively engaged in a game of tennis then you should try out Tennis Swing Analyser. This clever app actually assesses your tennis swing in action. By using the sensors within your WearOS smartwatch, this app can identify the various tennis shots you execute during a match. It then provides insights into the speed and duration of each swing, so you can learn to improve and see your progress. It also offers the choice to take data on wrist and arm rotation as well as wrist elevation if you are serious about the sport.

Horse Riding 

Another sport that can be made better with the addition of modern technology is horse riding. This is a precise and highly skilled sport that can benefit from the ability to capture every movement and analyze this data for better results. Enter Equilab, the app that is used by a million horse riders globally. This app can track your gait, beat, stride, and distance, keep stats on how much of your workout was a walk, trot, and canter, and send your live location to a loved one so they know you’re safe. 

Whether you’re just starting on your horse riding journey or you are a seasoned expert, the Equilab app can open your eyes to aspects of your riding that need attention. Use the data to hone your skills and make tweaks to your riding style.


If your sport of choice is darts, you’re in for a treat. GoDartsPro is a wonderful app that is designed to help darts players refine their skills, practice with people at a similar skill level, and train with a virtual coach. Your virtual coach is available to you 24/7 through GoDartsPro. The virtual coach compares your stats with thousands of other players at your level to identify your areas for improvement then provides you with a training plan to keep you motivated and focused on your progress.


For keen boxing fans out there, World Boxing Challenge is a fun little app that allows you to play at controlling one of the boxing clubs in the world. You can train your boxers and fight other clubs. This game teaches you about boxing tactics, the hard work behind the scenes, and the intense nature of the sport. 

If you are looking for a more active experience, try out Boxx. This app is a boxing training app that can take you from an absolute beginner to a decent proficiency level. Boxx provides you with training plans that include strength and yoga activities. It will also provide a nutrition plan to keep you driven and healthy while you train. Work through Boxx’s library of boxing techniques and moves and get to know this beautiful sport by doing it yourself.


As you can see, in terms of apps for playing your favorite games, the options are almost endless. No matter what kind of sports you are into, you’ll find an app that caters to your interests. From GolfLogix and Tennis Swing Analyser to Equilab and GoDartsPro, you can find a range of apps online designed to improve your experience of playing your favorite sports as well as simulating the sports so you can practice from home. These apps are a great way to inject some sporting fun into an otherwise ordinary day and join an online community of other enthusiasts. So, take your pick and try out a sports app today.

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