How to Watch Hotstar in USA or Anywhere (Exclusive 5 Step Solution)

Hotstar is a very popular streaming service and many people want to watch Hotstar in USA along with many other places on earth.

To start with, Hotstar is an online streaming website inaugurated in January 2015.

Second, Star India own this service and provides media content that varies in nature.

Want to watch premium quality cricket? Great. Hotstar is your stop.

This video streaming service offers some of the best Bollywood movies and TV Shows.

Also, if you are a soccer fan or of course, want to watch a lot of cricket, Hotstar offers live sports streaming such as English Premier League and IPL (count Champions Trophy in there too).

In conclusion, it considers everyone.
If you are Indian descendant, expat or even if you aren’t, Hotstar has tons of TV Shows for you. Also, Hindi movies like Sultan, Julie, Hero, and Bajrangi Bhaijaan makes this service worthwhile.

Besides, this content is available in English, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, and Hindi. Also, the same content is available in Telugu, Bengali, and Tamil.

Sadly, this video-streaming service is geo-restricted to India exactly as the Crackle, Pandora, Spotify, Sky Go, Hulu and other services are available to US or UK people only.

So, watching Hotstar in USA is not possible. If you keep getting ‘content not available in your region’ notification, worry no more. At present, you can watch Hotstar abroad on your Mac, PC, iPhone or Android to name a few – literally, on any of your devices.Hotstar_in_USA

Why Watch Hotstar in USA?

In my opinion, this will surprise some of you. Many people want to stream Hotstar in USA because the service has the Game of Thrones. At present, the Game of Thrones is the most popular TV Show around the world. on

Of course, you can watch Game of Thrones on HBO as well but HBO doesn’t have the variety of content that Hotstar has.

And Netflix is more interested in showing you The Witcher Saga rather than Game of Thrones.

Hotstar is it’s own platform, make no mistake about it.

There is a good reason why so many people, especially in India, want to watch Hotstar even when other streaming giants like Hulu and US Netflix are officially available in the country.

Also, it shows the Super Bowl and many worldwide favorite sports. And given the number of Indians living abroad who are fans of the NFL, you now know (or at least have a good idea) why Hotstar is rocking.

Why Hotstar in USA is Blocked

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Just like other online streaming sites, Hotstar has full rights to air its programs in India. For this reason, they block anyone who tries to access their content in USA.

Every time you access Hotstar, the first thing they do is to check your IP address. Once they know you are not in India, you get Hotstar content not available in your region error.

Be that as it may, you can unblock Hotstar and watch it from anywhere around the world. Using VPN services and Hotstar proxy site, you can change your IP address to that of India. As a result, you can stream Hotstar in the UK and anywhere of course.

As a result, you can stream Hotstar in USA and anywhere else as well.

Why VPN? Because the tool will encrypt your Internet connection – and will change your IP address. So, in the case of Hotstar, you’ll appear to be streaming from India. So in the segment, we are going to look at three practical ways how to watch Hotstar in USA on PC or any device you want.

How To Watch Hotstar in USA Using A VPN

No doubt, VPN services have stood the test of time in unblocking geo-restricted sites. Still, VPN has different providers who are all effective. For this reason, though, we use and recommend the IPVanish VPN Service.

There are many reasons why we think IPVanish is the best VPN service if you want to watch Hotstar in USA.

First, it is trusted and reliable.

Secondly, its servers in India are fast and excellent.

Thirdly, it provides a high OpenVPN encryption.

Fourthly, it has excellent customer care.

Fifthly, IPVanish has a special 57% discount on their plans (via our link here) making it one of the best priced VPN’s on the market.

Finally, the firm offers a 7-day money back guarantee.

Still, it improves its services each day.

Follow the steps below to access Hotstar in USA, UK or anywhere you are.

How to Use VPN to Watch Hotstar in USA

To watch Hotstar in USA, you will need to follow the below-given step-by-step guide in the precise order as it is presented to you.

  1. Visit the IPVanish website to install this tool.
    If you want to watch Hotstar in USA with IPVanish on your Windows machine then you will download the Windows version of IPVanish VPN app.
    IPvanish VPN runs on all devices, not just on the most popular ones.
    Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows are some of the supported operating systems.
    So, just select your device there and download the software version that is compatible with your platform.
  2. Install it once you finish the download process
  3. Run the software. Then, select OpenVPN in your VPN’s menu. You can select any protocol you want; OpenVPN is our recommended protocol as it is a reliable encryption protocol that provides an outstanding encryption.
    Although other VPN protocols offer some protection, you can’t compare them with OpenVPN. Be sure to sure to select it in your VPN’s menu, if OpenVPN is not an option for you – go with Ikev protocol then.
  4. At this point, click on server location. Press ‘List’ and type India in the box. Choose the fastest server that your VPN offers. In this case, click on the first Indian server on the list and hit connect.
  5. Once you click to log into the Indian VPN server, it will take few seconds to connect to the server. At this point, once the connection is a success, your VPN software will let you go online with a shield. If so, you’ll get notified with a green light or lock symbol and your status in the app will be changed to “connected”.
    The connected server should change to India when you’re done.

From here on, visit the Hotstar website and enjoy your favorite TV Shows, movies, and sports.

The great thing about watching Hotstar in USA via devices such as Android media box is that IPVanish has dedicated apps for it.

Maybe you want to watch Hotstar in USA on your TV via Matricom G Box.

Well, you’re in luck since IPVanish has an app for that Android box.

You can download the app from the official Google Play store.

You’ll have to make an account there before you can download the IPVanish app.

Once you finish watching, click disconnect, and your internet will return to normal.


Furthermore, once you have a valid VPN subscription, you can reconnect as many times as you wish.

Note: It is not possible to watch Hotstar in USA on a mobile device, to download Hotstar app in USA you need to make some effort. So normally with VPN and other methods, you can watch Hotstar abroad using your PC and laptop only. But, if you get IPVanish VPN, you simply download its app on your mobile and connect – then download Hotstar Android or iOS app (depending on mobile OS you’ve) and enjoy!

Still, if you want to get a detailed idea of installing any country restricted app on your mobile or tablet (in short, again, I can tell here that it is just about connecting to appropriate VPN server first and then visiting your mobile apps market), take a look at our install Android apps not available in your country article – it will help, I am positive!

How To Watch Hotstar in USA With Free Proxies

Free proxy is another solution on how to watch Hotstar in USA on PC. As a matter of fact, it functions just like any other standard VPN service. If you worry about how to watch Hotstar in USA for free, this service will get you all your favorite Indian TV shows. In this case, you just need to connect to an Indian proxy server to get India IP address.

But, if you compare it to VPN and SmartDNS services, the connection is somehow less reliable. As a result, sometimes it may not work. But, if you establish a secure connection and configure correctly, it is a useful technique.

Above all, you’ll have to bear with many notorious ads during your Hotstar streaming. In the meantime, all in all, this method has proved relatively reliable to unblock Hotstar. But, it depends on the area in which you currently live and the establishment of proper settings.

Installing Free Proxy

The easiest way to get going with proxies is to get your hands on a quality web based proxy, rather than going with manual proxy settings.

Using web proxies is easy, you just need to pick one among the best free web proxies available and input the URL of the site that you want to access (in this case – and visit, you’ll be surfing the site via proxy then.

Now, sit back and enjoy Hotstar in USA.

Do take note that if you are using a free proxy service then you will encounter buffering issues.

Free proxy services experience significant buffering issues and hence make it hard for the viewers to watch a full-length episode of any show.

You will regularly lose connection and as a result, experience bad streaming experience.

How To Watch Hotstar in USA With A Smart DNS

Similar to a VPN, SmartDNS is a sophisticated tool that will unblock Hotstar regardless of your geographical location. Not only does it unblock Hotstar, but, you can use it to unblock other geo-restricted sites.

What a SmartDNS Server Can Do

First, it collects and sends data using a different route instead of a natural path. Second, the information gathered is of your computer location. But, it re-routes it through its server. Your data then get located where the particular website is accessible. In this case, your data will be re-routed to India.

What I like about this software is the fact that it is easy to install. It does not need third-party applications to install on your device. You only need to register with a SmartDNS provider; next, change your device DNS settings.

Then, connect to a DNS server based in India. As a result, you’ll be able to stream Hotstar from anywhere around the world. Some SmartDNS servers you can use are; Unblock US, Overplay, Unlocator, Getflix and more. But among all, we recommend Unlocator – it works best (when it comes to SmartDNS services) for each of my colleagues in the different parts of the world!

With SmartDNS, once you change the DNS of your device and connect to that of SmartDNS server located in the region of your choice, you access restricted content with much ease and without compromising any speed.

Setting Up SmartDNS

Setting up a SmartDNS is simple! The good thing is, it can get done with any modem or router. The only thing needed is to change your router/modem DNS IP to that of SmartDNS proxy IPs. In case you go with Unlocator, you just need to sign up for an account with them and then from your account you’ll be able to select your device for DNS setup.

It takes just a couple of minutes once you have your account created with them! Not just Unlocator though, any good SmartDNS provider will have easy to follow guides available in your account for setting up DNS – just keep in mind to select Indian DNS as you want to watch Hotstar.

So, given that you have got your SmartDNS account with Unlocator, everything will be provided to you in your account by them. But, below I’ll demonstrate anyway that what steps you’d need to take for setting up SmartDNS specifically on router or modem – as routers and modems are what with which most people appreciate some advance understanding before jumping into any settings.

First, log in to your router administration panel.  All the information about your admin panel is in the instruction book (router/modem). Still, you can get access to your router admin panel when you enter the following in your browser.


Of course, in your router/modem instruction guide, the correct IP address is listed.

Once you enter the correct IP address of your gadget into your browser, your admin panel will open.

Second, enter your admin username and password. Or this case, I’m talking about your modem/router.

In most cases, routers and modems use ‘admin’ or ‘root’ as default usernames. And, ‘admin’ or ‘passwords’ as default passwords. By entering correct details, you’ll access the admin panel of your router/modem.

Third, find the DNS settings and change them to SmartDNS Proxy DNS IPs.

Log in and find a section that says DNS settings. It may get selected as automatic, or it may show some DNS IP.

If it’s automatic, your router is getting the DNS from your Internet Service Provider.

If it isn’t in automatic mode and you see some DNS IPs, Note them down.

It’s because if you wish to revert, you can change to the old IPs. In other words, you can select automatic, and your new settings will get reversed.

At this point, you need to change your router DNS IP to SmartDNS proxy IP. Follow these steps.

Most routers will say DNS SETTINGS 1 or DNS SETTINGS 2. If not, they say PRIMARY server and SECONDARY server. Either way, update the following DNS IPs. In other words, use the close server to your physical location. Select a server that is close to you as primary. The secondary server should be the second close to your physical location.

Fourth, save your new settings.

The save button is down the page.

Also, use the ‘Apply’ button.

Click Save and Apply.

Finally, restart your router, and you are ready to go.

Once you login to your SmartDNS proxy, you should see three green ticks.

If your IP shows not active, click update IP button.

Consideration in Choosing VPN Services

There are some factors to consider while opting for a VPN to watch Hotstar in USA.

First, find the speed and the quality of Indian VPN servers. Second, consider reliability and up-time.

The two can make or break your VPN to watch Hotstar abroad. Third, the encryption protocol that VPN providers offer.

Finally, keep in mind the professionalism and privacy policy of the VPN provider.

There are hundreds of VPN servers on the market, but it is regrettable that most of them offer poor services.

And for you not to get Hotstar content not available in your region error, we have listed the best options for you.

So, using our selected methods, you can enjoy Hotstar stress-free.

Still, these services have great Indian servers.

Besides, they are perfect for airing films in HD quality. Even so, these services are different because they got different features. Also, they offer different VPN packages. For this reason, it narrows down to personal preference on which method you’ll opt. Above all, they have all you need to get free VPN for Hotstar.

Earlier on, we saw that you could only watch Hotstar in USA using a PC or laptop.

But, Hotstar has an app which you can as well download and enjoy its content. If you are in the UK or the US, this is how to make Hotstar app work in the USA.

The fact is, no much details needed. You just need a reliable VPN such as IPVanish VPN to access Hotstar India website.

You can then download the app on your phone or tablet and watch Hotstar wherever you live.


It is possible to watch Hotstar in USA and anywhere around the world, with some effort from yourself!

Simply put, all you need to do is to follow the handy steps in this guide. So, now you have all the information you need to unblock Hotstar.
In other words, you have to follow one of the following three methods,

  • watch Hotstar in USA with a VPN service
  • Or learn how to watch Hotstar in USA via Hotstar proxy
  • watch Hotstar in USA using a SmartDNS

Leave us a message if this article has any errors, or you need help at any stage.

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