Privacy policy and cookies

In Cyberogism, we value privacy and anonymity a great deal, as this is the alpha and omega of safe Internet. Every visitor of the site will be able to wander through our pages, without any fear of having personal information leaked or used in any way.

Data Collection & Use

Our goal is to optimize the user experience and this is why some logs are kept (cookies). Only information that may be used for making your web surfing more satisfying is collected, such as your preferred browser or the language you use. Of course, such data collection is the rule and not the exception on the Internet. All the data collected add to the optimal browsing experience. It is needless to point out that no private data is collected in our site.


Cookies are used, following the same principle as stated above. Cookies will lead to a better user experience and this is why we strongly encourage you to enable cookies. If you go ahead and disable them, you will not be able to benefit from the highest level of web performance. In the case of cookies (small text files that are placed on your browser by Cyberogism), these are details that allow you to get personalized content throughout your web surfing activities. Without them, you will lose the opportunity to adjust the site to your own needs and preferences. Of course, it is in your hands to delete them or even forbid them once and for all.

Comments & Third Party Links

We are not to be held accountable for what is published online, as far as third party links and comments are concerned. If something is published by Cyberogism, we bear full responsibility. That being said, the site admins do their best towards checking the content of comments and evaluating them, according to the principles of Cyberogism. It is important to note once more than Cyberogismdoes not take any kind of responsibility for linksdirecting you outside of this website. If you are about to use one of these links, you are encouraged to read through the Privacy Policy of the specific web pages and get informed accordingly.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Cyberogism holds the right to modify the Privacy Policy of the site at will, even though this is not a frequent phenomenon. In order to be kept up-to-date with the current version, read through the Privacy Policy updates at regular intervals.

Affiliated Websites

In Cyberogism, sometimes, we cooperate with affiliates towards providing the optimum content for the visitors of the site. At times, we add affiliate links to the posts we create, at a small commission and without any effect for the reader. At the Terms of Use and Disclosure section, there are more details on this matter. Kindly be informed that our affiliate websites offer us detailed descriptions of their products and services, without revealing anything.

Please note that any information collected by the affiliates of Cyberogismis under their own respective Data Collection and Privacy and we cannot be held accountable for that, as we bear no responsibility.

Information Protection

We appreciate your trust in us and we do our best to safeguard your information. We have invested in cutting-edge equipment and highly trained staff, so as to make sure that all data is thoroughly protected against any third party. Using limited access even to our own engineers and with the proper safety measures related to web surfing (such as firewalls, security audits at frequent intervals etc.), we live up to the task of protecting all information on Cyberogism.

Contact Us

For any further information or clarification, please do contact us.