15 Evernote Tips and Tricks to Make Most out of it

If you are still using your phone’s default note app, you need to try Evernote. Evernote lets users clip notes from web pages, share notes, merge notes, and sync them to one account. Read the following Evernote tips and tricks to get the most out of your Evernote, and simplify your digital life alongside becoming more productive.

Tips and Tricks for Evernote

  1. Forward emails and notes to Evernote

If you need somewhere to save important emails before you delete them, try Evernote! Each user has an Evernote email address located in the Account Information menu. Forward emails to it, and they get sent to Evernote. You can also add commands to the subject line:

  • @[notebook]
  • #[tag]
  • ![reminder date]

For example, you can forward an email with the subject line “@articles #writing !2016/6/30”. This sends an email to your Articles notebook, tags it under Writing, and reminds you on June 30, 2016. Keep in mind that this is a premium feature; you can test it in Evernote basic, but only up to five times.

  1. Combine notes together and reduce clutter

With Evernote, you can take several separate notes and merge them together. This Evernote feature is useful if you want to combine related web clippings, or need to clean up your notebooks! Depending on the Evernote app, either Shift-click or control-click to select your notes. You will get the option to Merge your notes together.

  1. Search your notes with advanced syntax

As with forwarding emails, there are commands you can use in the search bar to find your notes faster. You can search for particular notebooks, tags, dates, and m0re. A few good ones are:

  • notebook:[notebook]
  • tag:[tag]
  • created:[yyyy/mm/dd]
  • any: [search terms]

The notebook command searches for terms in a particular notebook. The tag command searches for terms within tags. The created command looks for content created on a specific date. And any command looks for any content matching a group of search terms (separated by spaces).

  1. Link notes together for quick reference

You don’t have to merge every similar note in your notebooks – you can link them! Clicking on a note’s three-dot menu will show the “copy notelink” option. You can copy this, and paste it in another note as part of the text, or just at the bottom. That way, you can reference the note with ease, at any time.

  1. Add photos to your to-do lists

In Evernote, you can make a to-do list into more than just words and check marks. Take pictures of things that need fixing around the house, or pictures that you want to write about. Attach these photos into notes, and write your to-dos under them. Try adding reminders to your illustrated list to make it more useful.

  1. Use two-step verification to secure your account

Evernote has two-step verification capability, like a lot of websites you already use. While you don’t have to switch it on, but, having it makes it more difficult for others to access your account. Evernote sends a code via text (or authenticator app) each time you log into a new application. Under your Account Summary, select Enable under two-step verification, and follow directions from there.

  1. Encrypt highlighted text with a password

You can encrypt certain portions of text within your notes for extra protection. Highlight the text, right-click, and select “Encrypt selected text” to assign a password. This Evernote hack is an excellent way to make something private either to you or chosen people. You can share the password with other users, so only they can view the material.

  1. Draw on notes and photos with Web Clipper

While Evernote’s standalone app Skitch is no longer supported, you can draw on notes. Evernote incorporated markup features into its Web Clipper extension (as well as mobile apps). Use Web Clipper to take a screenshot of a web page. From there, you can use a marker, highlight text, type, add stamps, and more. Save the finished product to your notes, and you’re all set!

  1. Backup your tweets to Evernote with IFTTT

IFTTT – If This Then That – is an automator that connects apps and devices. How? Cause and effect – an action on one service triggers another somewhere else. You can program IFTTT to do many things, like:

  • Change your Twitter profile photo when it changes on Facebook
  • Send a text when you miss a phone call
  • Backup phone contacts to a Google Drive spreadsheet
  • Send reminders to pay your bills
  • Backup tweets to Evernote

Backing up tweets to Evernote is simple through IFTTT. After creating an IFTTT account, create a new recipe with “new tweets” as the trigger. Select “Append to existing note” or a new note, if you like. You can title, tag and organize the note as you see fit. Once the recipe is complete, every tweet you post gets saved to Evernote!

  1. Scan and organize all your business cards

If you have a collection of business cards, this feature is for you. Among other things, Evernote allows you to take photos of business cards and save them. In the mobile app, tap the “+” sign and select the camera option. Place the business card on a contrasting background, hold your phone over it and let the app snap a picture. With business cards, Evernote saves the contact info for you!

  1. Use Web Clipper to save articles and screenshots

Web Clipper is great because it saves web pages in many forms. You can clip portions of a page as articles, bookmarks, screenshots, or save the whole page. From there, you can title clippings, tag them, and add remarks. And, as mentioned above, you can annotate your clippings with highlights, markers, and more.

  1. Set reminder notifications for individual notes

This trick is any easy one. Clicking on the alarm clock icon on any note will prompt you to set a reminder. There is an in-app reminder, as well as an email reminder if you prefer. This feature is ideal for assignments that are due, or projects in progress,

  1. Sync Evernote with other useful apps

The Evernote App Center displays apps that can plug into Evernote and make your life that much easier. Like IFTTT, these apps play well with Evernote. Sunrise – a calendar app – enables you to set Evernote reminders from their app. Take a glance at the app center and see if there are any more you can integrate with Evernote!

  1. Share notes via social media and email

Via the “share” menu, you can share your notes over email and social media. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are your options – but you can also get a link to share to other sites. Anyone with access to the URL can view your note, but you can also stop sharing it at any time. This deactivates the public link, making your note private once again!

  1. Share notes and lists with Evernote users

Evernote also lets you share notes with other users online. You can share the list via link or email, granting them access once they open it. Unless you have a premium account, your friends will only be able to view your note. With premium, you can give permissions to other users for editing the note. That way, you can have a consolidated list between many users.


That’s only fifteen ways to use Evernote to your best advantage. I’m positive these tips will help manage your projects, school assignments, freelance projects and ultimately important deadlines. Once you start using Evernote, you’ll realize how amazing its features are. If you’re using Evernote already for better productivity and have any tricks for putting the Evernote to better use, please share your them with us via the comment section below.

Top/Featured Image: By Joe Ross / Flickr

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