How Does a CISSP Certification Help an IT Professional?

Professionals in the highly competitive IT industry always seek quality resume-building certifications. The choices seem endless, so careful consideration of which ones to spend time and money on is of utmost importance. Increasing your IT knowledge is important, but deciding what to pursue can be daunting.

CISSP certification is a good choice for IT pros looking to build their credibility in the world of cybersecurity. Dest Cert is a fantastic source of information, education, and certification for professionals at any stage of their careers. In a world where information is power, why not increase your knowledge?

What is CISSP Certification?

CISSP, or Certified Information Systems Specialist Security Professional, is the certification that an IT professional has been trained in the complex and crucial field of cybersecurity. CISSP certification proves you have extensive knowledge of how to defend web-based information systems. It’s not for those who are new to the world of cybersecurity. CISSP certification should only be attempted by professionals with a strong working knowledge of cybersecurity techniques.

The ISC2, or International Information System’s Security Certification Consortium, administers the CISSP certification. This certification is accredited under the ANSI ISO/IEC Standard 17024:2003 and is also a requirement for those who want to work with the Department of Defense’s cyber workforce.

CISSP certification requires time, money, and a deep desire to work in the industry. Once certified, you’ll still need to earn a minimum of 120 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits every 3 years. However, once certified, you’ll be recognized as part of an elite team of cybersecurity experts.

What’s Required for CISSP Certification?

To become CISSP certified, the following is required:

  • A 4-year college or university degree
  • A minimum of 5 years of employment in the field of cybersecurity
  • Pass the exam
  • Within 9 months of passing the exam, you’ll need to be endorsed by another CISSP holder

How CISSP Certification Can Help an IT Professional

Advancing in a chosen career takes time, commitment, and dedication, and the realm of cybersecurity is no different. There are many hurdles to jump in acquiring CISSP certification, but the effort required far outweighs its obstacles.

Builds a Stronger Resume

Having CISSP certification on your resume shows prospective employers you have the advanced qualifications to lead a cybersecurity team. This puts you far ahead of others who merely have an undergrad degree and a couple of years of IT work under their belts. At a minimum, it shows employers and recruiters that you have at least 4 or 5 years of hands-on experience in the industry.

With the certification on your resume, it shows that you’re fully dedicated to learning all there is to know about cybersecurity and everything it encompasses. CISSP is the gold standard for network and internet security.

Increase in Salary

Whether at your current position or if you are looking to move onward and work for a different firm, IT professionals with CISSP certification can demand a higher salary. Although salaries vary for cybersecurity professionals, those with CISSP certification in the United States typically earn approximately $120,500 annually.

Become a Member of the Largest Cybersecurity Association

Once you obtain CISSP certification, you’ll join the world’s largest nonprofit cybersecurity association. Membership in ICS2, whose current membership is approximately 140,000 worldwide, allows for many networking opportunities. You’ll be amongst the best of the best in the world of cybersecurity.

Increased Knowledge of the Cybersecurity World

To maintain a CISSP certification, it’s required that you continue your education. This mere fact forces you to keep moving forward and increasing your knowledge and skills in the cybersecurity world. You’ll be completely updated on everything encompassing the industry, a very attractive feature for future employers.

CISSP Certification: Final Thoughts

With CISSP certification, your options open up exponentially. From getting the job you want with the salary you deserve to earn extra income as a cybersecurity expert, the effort it takes to become certified is well worth it. If your spirit is entrepreneurial, you can easily move from working for a firm to being your own boss.

If you’ve been working as an IT security professional and it’s become your passion, there’s no good reason you should not work towards gaining CISSP certification. It’ll open more doors for you than any other type of certification will. With cyber-attacks and data breaches becoming more common and stealthy, having the most up-to-date knowledge and a finger on the pulse of the industry ensures you’ll have plenty of opportunities for success.

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