Insider Insights: How To Make Informed Decisions When Buying FANUC Robotics Electric Parts

Choosing the right FANUC parts is essential when building a robot for automation. You need to check that all parts are compatible, that you’re getting a good deal, and that the parts are authentic. It can be a challenge to know where to start.

That’s where this guide comes in! We have all the insider insights you need to make informed decisions when buying FANUC robotics parts. Keep reading to learn more.

Determine What Parts You Need

First, you must know what FANUC parts you’ll need for your machine. Consider what you want the robot to do and what parts are required to accomplish those tasks. Then, look up the parts and write down their model numbers. It helps to have a checklist available to make sure you get everything.

You should also note any special parts you need—for example, customized ones or parts with special features.

If you already have a FANUC robot, you must check the documents that came with it. These can include manuals, buyer guides, and other instructions. They often contain important information on parts for the machine.

You should also have access to a maintenance history log. Make sure you check it for parts that have issues often. That way, you can save more of those parts in case something goes wrong.

You can always contact technicians if you’re still unsure what parts you need.

Do Your Research

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The only way to make informed FANUC purchasing choices is to research everything. It can take some time, but you’ll know you’re buying the best parts for your unique machine.

Let’s break it down into steps.

1. Research FANUC Part Suppliers

Start by looking at the different suppliers you have access to. You should always ensure that they’re certified sellers. Otherwise, you might not get what you pay for. Certified suppliers provide quality, authentic FANUC parts. 

Next, spend time reading online reviews. You’ll learn more about the supplier’s reputation among technicians and other customers. You want to know you’ll receive outstanding customer service when you trust that FANUC parts seller.

Overall, you should always look into a company before ordering from them especially when your goal is to get reliable parts for automation.

2. Check the Part’s Compatibility

Of course, you must get FANUC parts that you can use. So, you’ll need to review those parts’ compatibilities with each other and the machine you have.

Check the FANUC robot model you have and compare that with the parts. FANUC provides lists of compatible parts for all of their machines. All you need to do is cross reference that list with what you order. You’ll need to know how to find the FANUC part number to identify what you need accurately.

You need to evaluate the performance requirements of the specific electric parts. They must have certain power ratings to be compatible with your machine. Power supplies can damage parts if the voltage doesn’t match.

3. Review the Part’s Quality

It’s also essential to inspect the part’s quality before you finalize payment. There are a few ways you should do this.

First, verify the part’s authenticity. You can do this by checking the product codes and unique FANUC labels on the part. Then, compare the price of the part to other options online. If it’s much lower and seems too good to be true, then it’s likely a fake part.

You can always reach out to FANUC’s customer support team if you suspect you’ve discovered someone posing as an official part seller online. They’ll let you know if they’re real, and will take down the fake pages.

You can also tell if the part isn’t made well or has awkward phrasing on it. Counterfeit parts won’t last as long, and there’s a high chance they won’t fit your robot.

4. Check Return Policies and Warranties

It’s also good to review the return policies and warranties that come with the parts. Sometimes, suppliers make mistakes and send the wrong parts. They could also arrive damaged or not as described.

Having a reliable warranty in place allows you to return the parts when they’re not up to your standards. Check what’s covered and how long the warranty lasts.

If you’re looking at buying from two different sellers with similar part prices and quality, you should go with the one that has the better warranty and customer service.

Lastly, you should know the terms and conditions of the warranty. That way, you don’t accidentally break it, voiding the return policies. The supplier might require you to have specific documents and the original packaging.

5. Compare Prices

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You should also check the price of the parts you want to buy, making sure to look at several suppliers. Sometimes you can find what you need at a better price. However, it’s best to hold some skepticism if the price seems too good.

We recommend writing down several prices to better understand what the part should be worth. Then, you can find good deals easier, while realizing when something’s too good to be true.

Keep Up on FANUC Part Research

It’s important to keep current on the newest trends and advancements in FANUC technology. You may learn that you should replace certain parts to get more from your machine. You can engage with others online or attend in-person events. There are training programs that you can participate in to get certificates in FANUC tech.

The FANUC company also publishes trustworthy information on its website. You’ll want to check it occasionally.

The more you keep up with FANUC research, the more confident you’ll be in your robot, and be able to get the right parts for it.

Use These Insider Insights For Your FANUC Parts

In short, you can use these insights to help you buy your FANUC electric parts. You’ll know that you’re getting the best replacement parts and upgrades for your robot. Always check the model numbers on the parts before ordering.

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