Why Massage Is an Essential Part of the Balanced Work Life

We spend a significant amount of time working; in many situations, we put in up to 35 to 50 hours every week. Some folks put in more time at the office, sometimes exceeding 70.

People’s jobs vary; some work physically while others sit at desks or are always on the go. But if you are constantly afraid of the onset of the morning, and the desire to go to work has not woken you up for a long time, pay attention to massage. Agree, the thing is much simpler and more pleasant than the special techniques of alternating hours of sleep and painful attempts to force yourself to get up on time. Even while on vacation, do not ignore this opportunity as the quality massage course has a long-term effect. Thus, while being in the UAE, for instance, do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying Full Body Massage in Abu Dhabi and immerse yourself in the world of relaxation.

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If you want to improve concentration at work and increase motivation and interest, massage is what you need. Let’s look at how regular massage can make your every day extremely productive and at the same time maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.

Massage Promotes Clarity of Thinking and Concentration

Massage helps us sort out our thoughts. The results of a study in which middle-aged people attended 15-minute massage sessions for 5 weeks showed that regular massage significantly improves computational skills and attention. 

Massage Helps to Cope With Stress and Prevent Nervous Breakdowns

Even the simplest classical massage has an extremely multifaceted effect on the human body, including the hormonal system – it helps to reduce the level of stress hormones.

Researchers have found that massage lowers the level of the main hormonal marker of stress – cortisol and its low level persists for several days even after a 20-minute session!

Massage Increases Your Creativity

Do you know that feeling when a useful creative idea suddenly comes to you? Would you like this to happen to you more often?

By promoting concentration and mental concentration, Abu Dhabi massage can “pull out” brilliant thoughts and remove all obstacles in the way of the flow of your creativity.

Massage Improves the Quality of Sleep

A gloomy and gray morning can ruin your whole day without leaving a drop of cheerfulness. One way to avoid this is to improve the quality of sleep. Regular massage improves the quality and duration of sleep and allows you not to drive yourself into the rigid framework of the need to fall asleep at the same time – after the session, you will be relaxed, and your body will tell you when to go to bed

Massage Helps to Reduce Blood Pressure

You may have already heard that massage lowers blood pressure, but now it is time to find out how it will affect the quality of your life. Lowering blood pressure helps to relieve the physiological effects of stress, relieves you of nervous and physical tension, and improves overall well-being.

Massage Helps to Relieve Pain Caused by Constant Tension

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Typical “work” injuries in people who spend most of the day at the computer are often associated with regular repetition of the same movements and prolonged being in the same position. This can be avoided with regular exercise and stretching. But not everyone has time for this. And then massage comes to the rescue.

Scientists have long proven the effectiveness of massage not only as a means of therapy but also to prevent the development of such serious nerve damage as, for example, carpal tunnel syndrome.

Massage Relieves Muscle Tension and Headaches

We all suffer from headaches and muscle pains from time to time. Massage helps to relieve muscle tension throughout the body and in addition, it helps to fight tension-type headaches that develop due to nervous overstrain.

If you constantly have a sore neck, head, and eyes from daily work at the computer, it is important, of course, to work on your posture, but first of all, you need to relieve acute symptoms – massage will perfectly cope with headache and muscle tension, and then your masseur will help you with the choice of exercises to correct posture.

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