20 Sites Like Netflix With Free Trials (Netflix Alternatives: Updated Edition)

Why do people want to find out sites like Netflix with free trials?

The reason is simple enough.

Netflix is the best.

In other words:

There is no doubt that Netflix is the world’s number one streaming services provider.

It has been on the front line in streaming movies and television channels from the day it went up online.

Even a giant like Apple attempted to start a Nelike alike service – but got backfired.

Netflix has more than 64 million loyal fans across the world.

No other company has achieved those numbers as far as Internet media streaming is concerned.

Thus, Netflix sits at the apex of the streaming industry.

But does that mean there exist no other cool Netflix alternatives?Netflix AlternativesThere are.

Of course.

In other words, you can find several other quality alternatives to the Netflix streaming.

On the other hand, many people are frustrated due to the Netflix VPN ban – and just want to try out alternatives to it now.

Notwithstanding, Netflix stages a stiff competition for other sites with similar content.



Web sites such as the Cloudload, Hulu streaming service, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Sling are picking up the pace.

While some of the best Netflix alternatives are free, others charge you money.

The premium sites like Netflix include Acorn, Sling, and Vudu.

In this article, you will find several sites that can act as alternatives to Netflix.

Just read on for quality media streaming websites and sites like Netflix, with free trials!

So without wasting any time further, below are 20 awesome Netflix alternatives for all your on-demand media streaming needs:

  1. Sites like Netflix with free trials: Acorn Tv

    AcrontvThis is one of the websites that streams television shows from Britain.

    So, if you like following British TV series, Acorn is your kind of site!

    Catch ‘Outnumbered’, ‘Queer as Folk’, ‘Jeeves and Wooster’ e.t.c. on Acorn Tv.

    Acorn.TV is the best bet for people from the Britain, America, Canada and North America at large.

    Acorn Tv is compatible with iPhone, iPad, the web, Chrome, Roku and Samsung Smart Tv.

    Like Netflix, Acorn allows you to use the site on a 30 day trial period.

    The site then charges you a coffee-cup for a month.

    Or what would you call $4.99?

  2. Sites like Netflix with free trials: Sling tv

    SlingTVThere is a reason why Sling TV is one of the best alternatives for Netflix.

    The latter only has content that is a little stale and out of time.

    Sling TV is convenient in streaming live content.

    No doubt, if you love live Television, then Sling is your place.

    Besides movies and TV show files, Sling also has live television.

    You can catch your favorite news on CNN, or get the latest recipe at Food Network at your convenience!

    At only $20, you can catch all the action on NBC or HBO!

    Sling TV is also compatible wit several devices.

    Its compatibility options mean that you can watch your live TV or movies on your Apple smartphones, Mac Computers, Roku or the Web.

  3. Netflix Alternatives: Hulu Streaming Service

    HuluHulu earns the title as a world’s top streaming site.

    In other words, Hulu is a superb Netflix alternative!

    It has standard and premium options.

    The Hulu Plus is chargeable and goes for $7.99 per month.

    The Hulu Plus has partnerships with global entertainment leader. NBC, Fox, and ABC are some of the networks that partner with Hulu Plus.

    Meanwhile, the strong partnerships reflect the quality of the streaming services at Hulu. Hulu also offers streams from several other countries.

    You can catch Comedy Central, Syfy, FX and other cable channels! Hulu Plus is viewable on Roku and Apple Products. You can also find it on the web as well as thousands of other viewing devices.

  4. Netflix Alternatives: Amazon Prime

    Amazon PrimeOwned by the world’s greatest online retail service providers, the reputation gives Amazon Prime the right to become the best Netflix alternative.

    The service has many products which include the Amazon Prime and Instant Video.

    On the site, you can buy or rent videos.

    Rented videos have a grace period of 24 hours.

    That is an appealing idea for those who only need to watch a few movies in a day.

    Renting a film at Instant Video is around $2.99 while purchasing it goes for as much as $14.99.

    For the freaks, Amazon Prime is the better option.

    With $6.58 a month, you can catch every bit of the action online!

  5. Sites like Netflix with free trials: Cloudload

    CloudLoadWith no commercials to interrupt you, Cloudload streaming is what you have been searching!

    Cloudload has an extensive collection of movies, music, TV shows, and other videos.

    As a good alternative for Netflix, Cloudload – the services are available on television screens, smartphones and PCs.

    Cloudload allows you catch all the thrilling action at a monthly fee of as little as $4.98 for 10 GB.

  6. Netflix Alternatives: Vudu

    VuduLooking for legitimate video streaming sites like Netflix?

    Then Vudu is your answer.

    Vudu is one of the best alternatives for Netflix.

    Imagine the newest high-definition films at the most affordable prices!

    streams film the same day they are out.

    Thus, you can catch the moments before they all start talking! The videos are playable on Blue Ray, Smartphones computers and much more.

    Yet, Vudu has a considerate price. Renting a movie goes for $0.99, while a buying it goes for $2.99. A complete season of a Television show goes for around $16.99.

  7. Netflix Alternatives: Google Play

    Google Play MoviesBy now, you are wondering if there are sites that stream to your Android platform.

    With Google Play, the answer is yes!

    The online store comes from the world’s most reputable online service providers.

    With such background, Google Play could pose stiff competition to Netflix!

    To play movies on the phone, all you need is download and install a player from the store.

    This will help you view all films that you rent or buy from Google Play’s collection.

    But the number of movies you can watch will -of course- depend on your plan.

    Google play offers the following prices and plans:

    Even with all the praise, $1.99 is the price for renting movies from Google Play.

    Purchasing it would demand a $2.99.

    To rent a TV show, you need to pay $1.99 for an episode.

    And $14.99 for a full season.

  8. Netflix Alternatives: iTunes

    iTunes MoviesYes, Apple’s store is one of the best Netflix alternatives you can get!

    Apart from the music they offer, iTunes also has a film service that targets users of Apple products.

    Users of iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products can access these services with convenience.

    Unlike the other Netflix alternatives, iTunes does not allow for subscription or streaming.

    Instead, you buy or rent the films at a go.

    An SD (Standard Definition) movie goes for $1.99 and $2.99 for HD (High Definition).

    Renting a television show requires you to part with a high-end price of $49.99.

  9. Netflix Alternatives: Stan

    StanIn Australia, Stan competes with Netflix so much that folks prefer the former to the latter.

    If you love ‘Breaking Bads’ or ‘Better Call Saul’, you need to think about Stan.

    The Australian Streaming site allows you to catch the action at $10.

    But isn’t that price too much to ever make it beyond Netflix?

    Be the judge!

  10. Netflix Alternatives: Cinema Now

    CinemaNowThis United States-based streaming service provider brings you ‘Sopranos’ and ‘The Enlightened Girls’.

    There are several other shows and movies that you will find on their site.

    Owned by BestBuy, Cinema Now is a worthy alternative to Netflix.

    Cinema Now allows you rent movies at prices at $4.99 and buy them at $19.99.

    For television shows, you only need to part with $2.99 per episode.

  11. Sites like Netflix with free trials: PlayStation Store

    Platstation StoreThe makers of PlayStation is also an impressive alternative to the Netflix.

    The store has a broad range of movies, television shows, and music videos.

    It allows you stream content anytime live from your PlayStation kit or other devices.

    Finally, you can steam up your moments by renting a movie at $2.99 for SD or $4.99 for the HD version.

    Purchasing content from the PlayStation Store goes for as little as $1.99.

  12. Netflix Alternatives: My LifeTime

    LifeTimeMyLifeTime is a product of LifeTime, Planet H and History’s partnership.

    Without any commercial interference, myLifeTime lets you watch high-quality movies and TV shows.

    The service is a sure bet for giving Netflix some competition.

    With a monthly fixed price of $3.99, you can catch nearly any show or movie.

    The site updates on daily basis.

  13. Sites like Netflix with free trials: M-GO

    FandangonowM-GO’s ergonomic website and plausible plans make it a worthy alternative to Netflix.

    Though new in the industry, M-GO has a comprehensive collection of the best movies and TV series.

    The site demands no subscription fee.

    But they allow for renting and purchasing of movies.

    The movies go for as little as $1.99.

  14. Netflix Alternatives: Fandor

    FandorFandor is a reliable alternative to Netflix.
    Because it has a wide collection of movies and television series shows.

    The website provides users with award-winning international films.

    Fandor streams the best of indies movies.

    Subscription to Fandor starts at as low as $7.5.

  15. Sites like Netflix with free trials: Blockbuster on Demand

    sites_like_Netflix_with_free_trials_BlockbusterIf there is one Netflix alternatives option that you should give some consdiration then it isBlockBuster on Demand.

    It is perhaps one of the most perfect video streaming sites like Netflix with free trials!

    Blockbuster provides its users with a wide array of great movies and television shows.

    You can rent movies at $1.99 or buy them at $7.99.

  16. Sites like Netflix with free trials: Popcorn Flix

    PopcornFlixIf the price is anything to go by, Popcorn Flix stages a great competition to market leaders Netflix.

    PopCorn Flix website has a wide variety of action, comedy, and fictional science.

    Popcorn Flix services are for free!

  17. Netflix Alternatives: Internet Archive Organization

    ArchieveThe film and movies categories on the web archive are rich in content.

    Internet Archive is Netflix’s great competitor.

    That is if affluence is anything to consider in the determination of an alternative!

    The website is full of movies and tv shows from all over the world.

    You can watch them for free!

  18. Sites like Netflix with free trials: Epix

    ePixEpix is the perfect free version of Netflix.

    They have thousands of films on their website, accessible to registered or subscribed users.

    They have also forged partnerships with Lions Gate, Viacom, and MGM.

    Epix offers movies for free, as long as the user is a subscriber.

    The user registration process is quick and, it doesn’t bite!

  19. Netflix Alternatives: Crackle

    sites_like_Netflix_with_free_trials_CrackleCrackle is a free movie streaming website that has lots of movies.

    Sony owns Crackle.

    The films range from action, comedy all the way to the epic horror films.

    The only film with Crackle is that they include commercials in their movies.

    But does a commercial or two break a bone?

  20. Sites like Netflix with free trials: Hoopla

    sites_like_Netflix_with_free_trials_hooplaIf you wanted a well-equipped library, then Hoopla is the place to be at!

    The Hoopla website consists of millions of files.

    Movies, television series and many other videos.

    But also, the site is a library of e-books, documents, and other useful files.

    The Movie category as all films that you’d ostensibly need!


Considering all these sites, Netflix has a command in the online scene of the film industry.

There are hundreds of thousands of movies and films on the website.

But there are good alternatives for Netflix, too.

The sites above are ideal Netflix alternatives if you want to fulfill your movies and media streaming needs online.

No matter whether Netflix is blocked for you or you feel that the version you have isn’t that great (US Netflix version is the best and most complete one, by the way), now you know where to head – right?

Though there are many free versions of Netflix, I only covered five above because I tested each of them and listed only the best and safe options.

Of course, caution is advisable though when using most of the free movie download sites you find over the web, due to malware and other security issues.

And if there is a site you feel deserves to be on this list, feel free to place it in the comments below!

Top/Featured Image: By Mike Petrucci / Flickr

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