How Sustainable Development Shapes Tomorrow’s Landscapes

Sustainability is becoming more and more important to people. It’s not hard to see why when you consider the environmental impact of modernity. Wildlife habitats are destroyed, rare species of animals are driven to extinction, and green spaces in and around urban housing developments are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Developers have realized how important sustainability is and many of them have made a shift towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable projects. If you are interested in learning more about this, this post will explore how sustainable development is shaping tomorrow’s landscapes. 

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1. Legal Requirements

In many parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, developers are required by law to build sustainably. The latest biodiversity net gain initiatives champion the preservation of wildlife habitats, ensuring they are left in a better state than they were before development. Biodiversity net gain is mandatory as of 2021. Other countries have similar programs and initiatives in place to ensure that development projects don’t come at a detriment to the environment. If you are a developer, you need to take some time to educate yourself on your country’s specific rules regarding sustainable building. Even if you are not compelled to by law, it is a good idea to try and incorporate sustainable building practices. Worth noting is the fact that buildings built sustainably are more desirable and worth a lot more today than they used to be. Property buyers are actively searching for sustainable real estate.

2. Community Benefits

Sustainable developments are great for everybody, not just the people living in them. Those fortunate enough to live in sustainable developments are typically healthier and safer than people living in other parts of the same cities. Also worth noting is that these developments usually have stronger community bonds, improved quality of life, and provide residents with more hope for the future, making them ideal for people starting families or just living in urban areas. Sustainable developments typically have more green spaces, which improve the lives of the people living in them. Exposure to nature can be very good for one’s health, physically and mentally. Studies show that people exposed to nature scenes recover more quickly in hospital than people who are placed in standard wards. It is a lot easier to be happy when you are surrounded by nature.

3. More Green Spaces

In sustainable development, green spaces are common. This is because they provide habitats for many different plant and animal species, ensuring that they aren’t driven to extinction. Also worth noting is that the green spaces in sustainable developments typically have a higher quality of air than other places in large cities do. As well as improved air quality, green spaces absorb carbon dioxide, combating climate change. There are further benefits of green spaces, including social well-being. The well-being of people living in cities has never been more important, mainly because cities are more populous than they ever have been before. Green spaces give the residents of housing projects and developments places to unwind, relax, and even pursue hobbies like sports and outdoor exercise. Usually, green spaces in urban developments are patches of grass or small plots of forest. Lakes and rivers are also very popular.

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4. Improving Environment

Sustainable developments are much better for the environment than non-sustainable ones. This is because developers do all they can to ensure that habitats are not disturbed. Biodiversity net gain projects actually seek to ensure that habitats are in better condition at the end of a project than they were at its beginning. In addition to doing everything you can to make sure that projects are completed sustainably, consider also adopting sustainable lifestyle practices, i.e., recycling and using hemp bags instead of plastic. Renewable energy is a great investment if you want to save money and protect the environment. Solar is one of the most popular forms of renewable energy. The downside to solar is that initial installation can be costly. If you want to buy solar panels for your house or business, make sure that you source them from a reliable vendor, ideally with good reviews. Positive reviews show that a company can be trusted.

5. Individual Well-being

Individual well-being has never been more important. Governments around the world are doing everything they can to make sure that mental health problems are dealt with effectively. Mental illness has never been more common, which is why this is. Levels of mental illness in the general population began to rise during the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID pandemic and its ensuing lockdowns were the catalyst for widespread depression and anxiety. People are unable to spend time with their family members or loved ones and as a consequence spend most of their time alone, usually sad. Sustainable developments (due to their green spaces and amenities) are very good for people’s health. Also worth noting is that in urban areas, it’s common for people to be depressed because they are exposed to very little nature. By adopting sustainable development practices, developers are able to give people access to green spaces without having to travel out of the cities or districts that they live in.

6. More Beautiful

Sustainable urban developments are typically a lot more attractive than non-sustainable ones. This is because they are typically built with nature in mind. Developers ensure residents have access to green spaces where they can relax, reflect, and escape from city life. The materials used are typically also sustainable, i.e., wood. Sustainably built buildings always look a lot better, because they work with nature, rather than clashing against it. Brutalist architecture, which has been very common in the United Kingdom for some time, is notorious for looking harsh and cold. Sustainable developments are the opposite. Beauty is a very important thing and exposure to it comes with real, genuine health benefits. Everybody should be able to say that they love the place where they live.

Sustainable developments are becoming more and more common. You could argue that they are shaping tomorrow’s landscapes. Fortunately, they are a lot nicer to look at and spend time in than ordinary urban developments. More sustainable development means nicer cities and happier people.

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