Android Bug from December 2015 is still on, causing problems to VPN users

How would you feel knowing that Android bug has remained unresolved for over a year? Would you still trust Google and use Android or would you change to Apple? This is a huge dilemma, which would not apply if the bug on Android 6.0 was encountered successfully.Android VPN bug 2015At the beginning, the glitch became visible to Android 6.0 Marshmallow and many users started reporting the problem. According to the glitch, users were unable to use L2TP/IPsec VPN security protocol when connecting to their Android devices.

It is worth noting that the problem was evident on multiple Android devices. People using Nexus, LG, Samsung etc. all encountered similar problems. This meant that they had to change to PPTP security protocol to do their job.

Things have remained idle, when it comes to dealing with the glitch. Even in Android 7 Nougat, users found the same issues. Google has been less than accommodating to their demands for delivering a fix. As you can see in this link on Google Code, the problem has been assigned and is indeed critical.

But it is now 2017 and the same problem remains. In order to overcome this issue, Android users switched to PPTP security protocol and managed to connect to their corporate networks. Still, there is substantial frustration as to the lack of initiative from Google and Android OS.

PPTP is not as secure as L2TP/IPsec when it comes to VPN protocols and this means that this is not a permanent solution. Changing to Android 5.0 is not a solution either. So many Android users have decided to give up on the OS altogether.

They have instead trusted Apple iOS that seems to work fine in this matter. In fact, iOS 10 no longer has support for PPTP. As a result, moving to L2TP/IPsec is the only way to go when using Apple devices. This is a great motivation to enhance security online, of course.

Another way for those who use Android to improve their online security is to install a trusted and secure premium VPN like ExpressVPN on Android. If they still wish to use L2TP/IP sec, however, they cannot. When attempting to do so, they will find it impossible to connect. After a whole minute, they will receive a message informing them that they cannot complete their connection. Pretty irritating, to say the least!

So is the option of another security protocol the best workaround for the existing glitch? Will Google ever consider fixing this bug or will it continue ignoring it? The only thing that is certain is the fact that many Android users who value privacy and use VPN will think twice before buying an Android device nowadays. And this is a huge share of the pie among mobile users worldwide.

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