12 Best Messaging Apps for Android to Get Now

Text messaging is one of the primary forms of communication online. And if you talk about Smartphones and other gadgets, the fact is, Android holds the maximum share for the number of users on it – compared to Apple and all others. It is standard practice (and good, too) that many folks don’t settle on default apps made for a particular purpose on any given operating system.
12 Best Text Messaging Apps for AndroidAs many turn to Android security apps, alongside utilising default security features of Android at best possible. Millions of people turn to text messaging apps, to keep track of their friends and family. They chat and exchange messages about their day, their whereabouts and their upcoming plans. They send each other information about their work and school or literally anything they are interested in.

According to the device and OS you are using, some apps cover your needs and make the most out of your text messaging experience. In this article, I am going to show you the 12 best text messaging apps for Android running devices. So, let’s get started:

  1. Chomp SMS

    Chomp SMSWith over 100 free themes and skins, Chomp SMS is a cool option among free text messaging apps. It allows you to configure fully the way you communicate with others. You may get the passcode app lock for a deeper sense of security.

    You also get reminders and birthday wishes, SMS blockers, text snippets, group messaging and MMS options, too. The app is compatible with Yappy, Pushbullet and MightyText. This helps you communicate on your desktop, as well as your Android running device.

    Last but not least, you will also have the chance to enjoy over 1600 Android, Emoji One, Twitter and iOS style emojis – making it one of the top Android messaging apps with emojis.

  2. Textra SMS

    TextraMoving on with the best android messaging apps, this is a light app that does not take more than 3MB to install. It is super-fast to use, and it is aesthetically excellent. It allows users to adjust their material design theme, bubble & app icon colours, according to their desires and preferences.

    You can also get MMS and group messages, as much as GIFs and voice mails. With this app, you can blacklist people and not worry about receiving unwanted messages. It also helps you choose among over 1600 (latest) emojis of all sorts. All the features are free of charge, and the compatibility of the app is the same as that of Chomp SMS.

  3. Go SMS Pro

    Go SMS ProAbout 100 million users have chosen this text messaging app. A continuously growing number of stickers and hundreds of themes are all available to you. One of the most exciting features is that of the private box, offering you encryption.

    You also benefit from SMS blocker and Dual SIM compatibility, pop-ups for quickly checking all new messages and group chat. It’s one of the coolest free text messaging apps for Android! There are also premium features, offered at an extra cost of course. Advanced private box and unlimited cloud storage of your data, VIP themes, etc. Even the free version of the app is quite pleasant and handy to use, though!

  4. EvolveSMS

    EvolveSMSIf you want to enjoy one of the messaging apps for Android free to download, EvolveSMS is ideal for you. You may archive the messages and delete them by batches. Privacy is boosted via the use of password protection for the app.

    You get Android Wear support and a pop up that makes everything runs smoothly. With the app, you can send SMS and more complex forms of communication, such as GIFs and videos, audio and pictures. There are two different in-app purchases for you to select from if you want (including private box and SMS scheduling etc.)

  5. Handcent Next SMS

    HandcentHundreds of skins are available for you to customise Handcent Next SMS. Save your contacts on the cloud for thorough convenience and send messages from your desktop, laptop or tablet – besides Android running devices. A complete backup is an option, and you may also benefit from the private box.

    SMS block and blacklist features may come in handy, as well as scheduled text messaging and of course cool emojis. There are also beautiful e-cards for you to send, great stickers and support for various languages all over the world. An integrated solution, when it comes to best messaging apps Android!

  6. Google Messenger

    MessengerFor those of you who search for Android messaging apps like iMessage, returning to the basics may be the right thing to do. Google Messenger is a simple yet efficient app, offering you the tools for communicating quickly and more efficiently every single way.

    Although it cannot boast sophisticated features and super-fancy perks, it delivers superb results. With its latest version, you can expect to block messages and send emojis, pictures, audios, some stickers and much more. It supports Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and newer editions.

  7. QKSMS

    QKSMSDo you want to have dark themes at night mode while texting with your friends and acquaintances? Over 200 different themes, full customization of the app, group messaging feature and quick replying, MMS and delayed messages, as per your desire, are all significant assets for the best user experience.

    The app also offers support for Android Wear, search options and protection Stagefright MMS exploit. It is absolutely free, and it provides you with a quick and easy way to communicate with others. One of the most reliable free text messaging apps for Android, without a doubt.

  8. Sliding SMS

    Sliding SMSSliding SMS (CM Messaging) is a simple app, with a neat interface that makes everything easy for users in text messaging. Along with various bug fixes, the latest version of the app enables you quick replies, pop-up notifications, support for emojis and themes (both dark and light ones).

    It uses the style of hangouts in sliding conversations and uses breathing notification icon. You get to customise the colours of the app, as well as decide whether you want to hide or show the contact avatar. An efficient app for text messaging that will never let you down.

  9. Wivi SMS

    WiviWith this app, you get to enjoy YouTube videos without leaving the interface. It allows you to have an interactive preview of the SMS, instead of complicated links and thumbnails. It synchronises the content of other apps so that you can share them via Wivi SMS.

    No ads and a plethora of emojis will make your user experience even more pleasant. Other Wivi SMS users can message you for free via Wi-Fi – making it one of the most reliable Android messaging apps that use WiFi. Other users can contact you at regular rates for SMS.

  10. MySMS

    MySMSDo you want to get notifications on your computer, whenever you get a message on MySMS? Send multimedia messages and group MMS chats? With this app, you can get a complete history log of your activities on your computer.

    Using Android#, you may also send real SMS and MMS. At Google Play Store, you will find a useful Android messaging app tutorial on how to connect your Android account with your computer. No extra fees apply when texting from your computer, so don’t worry about that!

  11. HoverChat Free

    HoverChat FreeGet multiple floating windows that allow you to continue your work, without any interruptions whatsoever. You can drag and drop them anywhere with ease. They also brag about their encryption, which prevents NSA and governmental institutions from snooping at you “Ninja Style”.

    For your convenience, you can choose which contacts will be popped up upon contacting you. With a fresh, fashionable interface and with cool emoji support, this is a decent text messaging app for you to consider. Easy access and high battery usage complete the optimal user experience.

  12. Signal Private Messenger

    Single PrivateFree and open source, this app offers you the chance to use end to end encryption for your communication. You do not get to use different logins, rather than a single PIN and username for you to connect to the app. It is fast and provides precise performance for its users.

    If you value security on Android, the end to end encryption feature is enough to give it a chance. In case you send a message from the app to somebody who does not have the app, it will appear in the form of a simple SMS. No in-app purchases will be a bonus, of course!

That’s it! This is our list of the 12 best messaging apps for Android users. Check out their pros and cons, so that you can decide about the most suitable app for your needs and preferences. Enjoy texting and combine all the great features that you love in an app, meant to bring you closer to others!

What is your favourite messaging app? Do you have any to add to the list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Top/Featured Image: Kaboompics / Pixabay

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12 Best Messaging Apps for Android to Get Now
Text messaging is one of the primary forms of communication online. And...


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