The Future of E-Bikes: Integrating Smart Technology

E-bikes are becoming more and more advanced. There are plenty of different ways that smart technology can integrate with them, helping to make your rides smoother and safer. You can also track your workout data with ease.

The future of e-bikes is here. You’ll want to learn more about the ways you can incorporate smart tech on all of your rides. Keep reading!

1. E-Bike Mobile Apps

Many smart e-bikes feature apps that you can install on your devices. These apps offer several handy features including route planning with GPS, trip tracking, battery monitoring, and fitness data.

These fitness metrics can include:

  • Calories burned
  • Heart rate
  • Distance
  • Pedal speed

You can find accessories that allow you to mount the smart device to the bike, so you can see all this information at a glance. It’s an excellent feature for checking your GPS, but you need to be careful that you don’t crash.

These apps can even give you your current speed, total travel distance, and other information about your trip. Plus, you can see stats relating to the bike’s motor performance.

So, if you want to know as much as possible about your bike and route during a cycling trip, getting a thorough app would benefit you greatly.

Lastly, there are theft-prevention features for you to consider. The bike can send you a notification if someone attempts to move it or tamper with it in some way, giving you enough time to react. If it does get stolen, the bike can even send you its location.

2. E-Bike Bluetooth Connectivity

You can also find models that come with Bluetooth. This technology allows the bike to connect with your devices wirelessly, so you can access several more features. 

You can use it to link the e-bike to your phone, allowing you to check your speed and route. It could also be used to play music or listen to GPS directions if your bike comes with a built-in speaker.

Most modern devices have Bluetooth, so it makes sense for e-bikes to. That way, they can connect with the technology that you already have.

3. E-Bike Smart Displays

black dslr camera on black tripod

Next, your e-bike might have a smart display screen. This screen allows you to access much of the information discussed above, but you won’t need to download an app or use Bluetooth to view it.

The LCD screen displays crucial information including the battery status, your speed, the pedal assist settings, and much more. These screens are often right on the handlebars, making them easily accessible as you ride. 

They either come with touchscreens or buttons, allowing you to scroll through different menus, settings, and options.

4. E-Bike Integrated GPS

person holding white iPhone 5c

Some e-bike models come with GPS right on the display screen. You can use it to determine the fastest routes and not worry about getting lost. These GPS systems can provide real-time tracking, so you always know where your bike is.

You’ll want to have some navigation technology on your e-bike when you plan on taking it places you’ve never been before. Having GPS built right into the bike means you won’t have to worry about whether your phone dies or doesn’t get good service as you ride.

5. E-Bike Additional Safety Features

Next, modern e-bikes use technology to provide riders with more safety functions. For example, added lighting. You get more lighting on these smarter e-bikes, making it easier for you to see as you cycle. It also makes it easier for others to see you, so you can avoid collisions. 

Some e-bikes even adjust the lighting automatically. So if the sun sets while you’re riding outside, the lights on the bike will turn on without you having to do it. Some e-bikes even use lights to signal turns, like how it works with cars. This feature makes it safer for you to turn because others know what your intentions are.

Another safety feature alerts you when something gets too close to the bike when it’s moving. This collision detection feature can help prevent accidents.

Some bikes make it easier to avoid crashes by monitoring your blind spot using this technology.

Lastly, some advanced e-bikes can even contact emergency services for you, if you were to get in an accident.

6. E-Bike Customizable Smart Features

All of this technology can be customized to suit your needs. That way, you can use it in ways that make sense to you as you ride.

For example, you can use the app or screen interface to switch between different pedal assist modes. You can select the terrain and weather to help tailor the pedal assist to your current riding conditions. That way, you can also ride safely because you’ll feel that you’re more in control of the bike.

You can also customize the battery and motor settings, allowing you to get more out of a single charge. It’s good to make these adjustments before you go on a long ride, so you don’t have to manually pedal your e-bike the entire way back.

7. Maintenance Reports

The e-bike can also use technology to let you know when it needs your attention. You’ll be able to take care of the bike better, so it lasts you longer.

You can read a detailed report on the e-bike’s parts, like the motor and battery. You’ll also see if anything needs repairs or replacements.

You should get alerts when something goes wrong, so you know to stop the e-bike immediately to avoid a crash. You’ll get a chance to review the issues before you get back on.

The e-bike will also send you an alert when it’s time for regular maintenance. Plus, you can contact the e-bike’s customer support team for live troubleshooting using the information the e-bike provided you.

The Future of E-Bikes is Here

black commuter bike on snow covered ground during daytime

In short, there’s plenty of new tech you can incorporate with your e-bike. You can use it to have a better riding experience and track all of your fitness data.

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