Raikou, Entei and Suicune Now Live in Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go is re-introducing three legendary Pokemon beasts for a limited period in continent-specific locations before being rolled out worldwide.

The popular video game Pokemon Go is making headlines once again for all new reasons. The occasion is the re-induction of some of the most legendary characters in the game, Raikou, Entei and Suicune.

The characters have just gone live in Pokemon Go, but the only factor to be noted by those who play the game is that all three will not be available everywhere.

According to a press release detailing the news, this major update to the game will be rolled out on a strategic timetable starting August 31 and ending October 13, by which time all three legendary Pokemon will be available throughout the world.

Continent-Wise Location of Legends

The game’s developers, Niantic Labs, and owners, Pokemon Company International, have disclosed that while Raikou can be raided in the Americas, North and South, Entei in Africa and Europe and the Asia-Pacific Region is where Suicone can be raided.

This is until September 30, during which there will be a reshuffle and the dogs will find new regions to keep moving to an area they had not been before.

Regarding what will happen after October, the company seems to suggest that the three legends may not be available for an unspecified duration. It’s possible Niantic Labs is trying to do with the three legendary Pokemon characters what it had done with other legends, like Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos and Lugia, in the past.

Re-christened EX Raids

The new sets of announcements also mention that the new Exclusive Raids, which were announced last month, will henceforth be known only as EX Raids.

This feature, however, is limited to those who are invited to play, and the invite will go to trainers at certain gyms picked and chosen. The choice will be made on the previous record in beating in a Raid Battle. The battle should have been won within that particular gym.

This move from Niantic Labs is also a time-dependent strategy, being executed on an experimental basis, and will eventually be expanded to cover rest of the world.

Updates for Android & iOS Rolled Out

Niantic Labs has also released updates of the Pokemon Go game for the two major operating systems on mobile devices, Android and iOS. The update for Android is being labeled 0.73.1 and that for iOS, 1.43.1.

Some of the bugs in the game have been fixed, particularly a common error in which Pokemon can’t be caught during raids because the Premier Ball is obstructed.

There are other issues addressed through these patches as well, so that the raiding gamesters can enjoy a better in-game experience in locating the Pokemon.

It’s a Case of Beasts Replacing the Birds

Video games have become an addiction for many smartphone users, especially among younger markets. They start to identify themselves with the characters in the game.

In the case of Pokemon Go, many people busy raiding the Zapdos, the bird, will now miss the character. But analysts console the disappointment by saying they can get a new experience by raiding a dog or a beast instead of a bird.

But going by the new rotation policy, players can hope that Niantic Labs will bring back their favorite characters to raid and beat.

Some May Like It; Others May Not

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Will always be people who like the changes and others who feel the charm is lost in the game.

Whenever software developers come up with new programs, it’s inevitable that they’ll receive both bouquets and brickbats. In the field of video games, developers need to retain the interest of the game players, and all changes and updates should be made to keep within this in view.

Particularly when it comes to a very popular game like Pokemon Go, there will always be people who like the changes and others who feel the charm is lost in the game. They may have to start all over again, or make changes to their gameplay. Still, the intensity with which the game is played can still return.

The legendary characters now brought back into the raiding game will have to find their place in the hearts of fans. They may only be available for raids in limited regions and for a limited period, only to come up later in other continents.

But of course, there will be worldwide availability of the legendary Pokemon after this two-month period.

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