15 Best Skype Alternatives to Get Now

The question is, are there good Skype alternatives available too?

There is no hesitation Skype is the best and most popular VOIP software.

It’s known for free online video and calling services.

With more than 660 million subscribers, the majority of us use Skype in our daily duties.

Others use it for different objectives.

Skype AlternativesFirst of all, despite its dominance, yet the majority of users aren’t pleased with Skype.

So, they have resulted into using Skype alternatives to keep in touch with family, friends and work-related tasks.

Seems like, Skype users have questioned Microsoft ability to maintain quality too – from the very first day Microsoft bought it for $8.5 billion back in the year 2011.

Furthermore, issues to do with advertisements during calls and privacy have debriefed.

Noteworthy, Skype swank high rates.

This is one of the many reasons pushing users to seek Skype alternatives.

Good news for Xbox one, Mac and Windows users! Skype group video is free on these devices.

Consequently, it’s true that Skype is most widely used VOIP tool, but it isn’t the only king of the jungle.

Besides, there are several Skype video alternatives.

They aren’t same like Skype rather; they have real pros – let’s take a look at some good ones then!


  1. Skype Alternatives: Jitsi

    JistiJitsi is a skype alternative for Mac, Windows PC and Linux.

    Furthermore, it is planning to inaugurate a mobile app for its users.

    You can send free text messages; have a video conference with screen sharing feature.

    Furthermore, you can also make video calls with Jitsi.

    Visit/Download Jitsi

  2. Skype Alternatives: Oovoo

    ooVoo as an alternative to Skype callingOovoo is a Skype alternative compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows PC.

    Besides, it’s free tool for high-quality video chat, text messaging and video chat.

    With Oovoo, you can have up to 12 personages in the video chat.

    Most noteworthy, the majority prefers it because of the following features;

    • Record video, one click upload to YouTube and send files
    • High-quality video chat, call recording and video sharing
    • Oovoo premium account provides storage of up to 1000 minutes. It allows calling on a mobile phone and landline. Finally, its ads free.

    The best part with Oovoo is your friend doesn’t need to be on Oovoo to receive your calls.

    He/she can attend your calls via Facebook. It is offered for both, free and paid – Oovoo premium is available at $2.99 per month.

    For more information and downloading Oovoo, click the link button below.

    Visit/Download Oovoo

  3. Skype Alternatives: Voxox

    VoxoxLooking for a Skype video alternatives?

    Try Voxox.

    It is available for Windows, iOS and Android.

    Somehow opposite than other Skype alternatives Voxox supports more than 37 languages.

    It also allows sharing of videos, photos and fax over chat.

    Users can make international calls to landlines and mobile phones at a lower price.

    Voxox does not limit users to personal use only.

    Hence, it offers various business services including sip trunks, hosted PBX, Cloud phone, and Carrier services.

    You can download Voxox by clicking the button right below.

    Visit/Download Voxox

  4. Skype Alternatives: Voca

    VocaVoca is available for iOS and Android smartphone devices.

    As a result, it is the best Skype alternatives for Android.

    If you are looking for a tool to make cheap international calls through VolP, Voca is here for you.

    If your receiver has installed Voca the better.

    Message and all international calls get encrypted between the app, making it a secure alternative to Skype.

    Call rates are cheap though different depending on the country you are calling.

    The user interface of Voca is friendly. Most of all Voca follows a credit-based payment system.

    When you buy a certain amount of credits, an amount of minutes you can talk will display.

    Download Voca via the link in button below.

    Visit/Download Voca

  5. Skype Alternatives: Viber

    ViberBefore Viber became Skype video alternatives, it was a mobile app.

    It’s now compatible with Windows PC and Mac.

    Viber users can make video calls and voice calls around the globe.

    But for the dialogue to be a success, both ends should install this app.

    Furthermore, you can make calls from any device which has installed Viber.

    You can call on mobile phones or landlines around the globe at a lower rate.

    Eventually, for many users around the world, Viber has become one of the most popular apps like Skype.

    Download Viber through the button below.

    Visit/Download Viber

  6. Skype Alternatives: Tox

    ToxThe majority of us use the internet on a daily basis, but we are vulnerable to privacy issues.

    Tox is one of the Skype alternatives that have total control over user conversation.

    Everything gets encrypted.

    It is free and easy to use.

    It offers everything from emotions, video calling, phone calls, file sharing, and photos.

    Opposite to Skype, Tox is to Tox only.

    Visit/Download Tox

  7. Skype Alternatives: Slack

    SlackSlack is lesser as it is an open platform.

    Slack works where it has to pull in a third-party app for it to work.

    The chart part is in-built but the file sharing is via Dropbox or Google Drive.

    Users can also share real-time web analytics using DataDog and GoSquared.

    Intercom and Google hangouts are there for verbal and video communication.

    It’s easier to find what others said using Slack.

    Search the conversation using certain words to determine what the dialogue was about.

    This app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

    It’s mostly used by businesses and cyber entrepreneurs to communicate with team members and manage all the happenings in real-time.

    Visit/Download Slack

  8. Skype Alternatives: Ekiga

    EkigaEkiga is among the cool Skype video alternatives that specialise in video calling, VOIP, and instant messaging.

    The interface is easy and user-friendly.

    Most of all, it supports high-quality audio and high-definition quality video.

    Much as this app is a better skype alternative for Linux and Windows.

    Visit/Download Ekiga

  9. Skype Alternatives: Goober

    GooberGoober is free of charge if both parties have this app installed.

    But if you call unconnected party, a fee applies depending on the location of the receiver.

    Goober to Goober video calls and conference calls are 100% free.

    Video conferences have a minimum of 6 participants.

    Audio conferences can hold the unlimited number of participants.

    Most of all, I would say, this app is more of a social networking tool.

    It features MSN, ICQ, AIM, Jabber, Yahoo, and Google Talk all which are inbuilt.

    Using Goober, you can interact with others through Facebook and Twitter.

    Goober is compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows.

    Visit/Download Goober

  10. Skype Alternatives: WeChat

    WeChatWeChat is one of the best Skype alternatives.

    This app allows users to share photos and videos with other users while online.

    They can also post on their profiles just like Facebook.

    WeChat app has a feature called “Shake”, which allows users to find others within their locality to chat with (a good thing for you in a naughty mood to troll folks who are lesser known to you).

    It has Drift Bottle feature that allows users send a message to float, until when someone finds it.

    The app supports voice chat, video chat, group chat, and emotion sharing. It’s free to download.

    Visit/Download WeChat

  11. Skype Alternatives: Google Hangout

    Google HangoutTo most of you, Google sounds familiar, right?

    Google Hangout is Google owned VOIP available in your Gmail account already.

    Talk to your friends and family members through chat text, VolP call, and video.

    You can also have a video chat.

    Google Hangout can hold up to 10 members.

    Google Hangouts users within the U.S and Canada enjoy free VolP calls.

    But the rest will have to pay though the rates, which are relatively cheap.

    In addition, you can also broadcast hangouts for free using Hangout on air.

    Once Hangouts are over, they get uploaded to YouTube ( if you have a channel).

    Users can also find upcoming events with the help of this link.

    Google hangouts less unlike Skype, no third party app in needed.

    All you need to do is to Sign up for free Gmail or Google plus, and you will be good to go.

    Follow the link button below to jump on Google hangouts.

    Visit/Download Google Hangout

  12. Skype Alternatives: Vsee

    VSeeVsee rather started as a Telehealth app.

    Its aim was to provide medical consultation to those individuals living in remote areas.

    Since then, it has evolved and not limited as users can use for their specific purposes.

    Users can enjoy unlimited video call for free. Also, this app uses less bandwidth while Skype uses more.

    Vsee offers easy file sharing and 720P HD video calling.

    Users who are on a free plan enjoy the following:

    • Instant messaging
    • File sending
    • Unlimited group video
    • 1 screen share each day

    For one to uplift the share limit, you sign up as a paid member.

    You pay $9 a month for the paid plan of Vsee.

    For students with .edu email id, Vsee Plus account is free.

    Download your Vsee through the button below.

    Visit/Download Vsee

  13. Skype Alternatives: UberConference

    UberconferenceUberConference is one of the most trusted and used software.

    First of all, it is not a video conferencing service.

    But it is used when it comes to audio conferencing.

    It has free and paid plans.

    For free plan subscribers, they enjoy the following:

    • Integration with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus profiles
    • Unlimited conference calls up to 10 members (Paid members enjoy up to 100 callers)
    • No PIN needed for Organizer (No paid members will need a PIN)
    • High-quality HD Audio. Users can record or lock for security reasons

    Subscribed users pay $10 per month.

    Visit the official site to download this software through the button provided below.

    Visit/Download UberConference

  14. Skype Alternatives: ICQ.COM

    Skype_Alternatives_ICQICQ software is one of the original messaging platforms.

    It is one of the cooler Skype alternatives for PC.

    It offers text chat messages across computers and mobile phones.

    Furthermore, it also delivers voice and video calls.

    ICQ is compatible with Java, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, and Symbian.

    Making international calls on ICQ is free.

    Furthermore, it is free to download.

    Download yours today through the button available right below.

    Visit/Download ICQ

  15. Skype Alternatives: GoToMeeting

    Skype_Alternatives_GoToMeetingGoTomeeting is the best Skype video alternatives.

    First of all, when it comes to video conferencing, it is the best-rated tool.

    Most businesses use it as a quality alternative to Skype.

    This is a paid software! Users pay $49 per month, but it has a one-month free trial.

    Eminent features of this software include:

    • Quality HD audio and video
    • It’s compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows PC
    • It offers keyboard or mouse control sharing. Besides, it provides single click screen sharing among other features
    • Up to 25 members can join for a video conference. Too to unlimited meeting

    Read more on how this app gets compared to other conferencing ones here. Furthermore, you can visit the official site and download by clicking the button below.

    Visit/Download GoToMeeting

Skype Alternatives: Conclusion

In this present cyber world, any Internet service isn’t the only lion of the jungle – hence, Skype is no exception either.

Some predators have given it a fierce competition.

Yet, this does not mean that Skype has scratched!

Your originality should not hinder you from using Skype alternatives.

You should enjoy the world of video conferencing and VOIP with or without Skype.

Share your experience with other users (and us) about alternative video and voice conferencing services you have used, which one is your personal favourite if you were to tell only one?

Feel free to share your thoughts via comments!

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  • Another cool alternative is the Credit Call app (creditcallapp .com, should be available for both iOS and Android) – super simple to use, very good rates, NO INTERNET NEEDED (all calls go via regular phone network, so no cuts and quality trouble), mobile-like dial, no BS. Especially useful for international calls and call-any-time kind of people.

  • Another very good Skype alternative is: R-HUB web conferencing servers. It is an on premise solution which works from behind the firewall, hence better security, Plus it provides 6 real time conferencing applications in one box.

  • I actually was searching for my business some similar solution, to cut the telephone expenses. When my company was small and we needed call service for 3-4 persons only we were using services for individuals, like keku, rebtel, callnspeak. Now I have 50 people in stuff and almost 40 of them need constant access to such a service to communicate with our customers abroad… now we are thinking of implementing this solution at our contact center. Have anyone tried to manage one?

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