5 Tips to Use Your Smartwatch to Get Fit

Cyclist biking looking at smartwatch while riding road bike.
A smartwatch is a great fitness tool that can motivate you to keep track of your calorie intake and complete your exercise goals.

Most mobile devices being developed today have a strong focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle. But wearable smartwatches steal the cake by being at the top of the list of health-conscious technologies.

A smartphone has apps to help you monitor calorie intake, while consoles promote VR games to get you physically engaged during gaming sessions.

Unlike computers or smartphones, a watch is a timeless personal accessory that most people love to own. And when it’s infused with smart technology that lets you keep track of your movement, calorie count and much more, a smartwatch becomes an indispensable tool to get fit.

Instead of having to rely on an external trainer, you have all the motivation you need strapped around your wrist. Besides, the fitness tool is stylish and is also connected to your smartphone, making it the best fitness accessory out there.

Here are a few ways you can harness the features offered through your smartwatch to get fit.

1. Monitor Your Sleep Pattern

Do you feel tired all day long even after sleeping for eight hours per night? If so, you are possibly not getting enough rest at night or your sleep pattern isn’t as deep as it should be.

On any given day, an internal process called “circadian rhythm” is running its course in your brain. Scientists say this process is responsible for initiating a pattern of drowsiness and alertness throughout a 24-hour period. When this process is interrupted by certain factors like jet lag or even staying up later than normal, that imbalance directly affects your sleep quality.

That’s why keeping track of your sleep cycle is important. It can help you gauge where you can change your behavior to improve the quality of your sleep. Most smartwatches are integrated with apps that monitor your sleep by tracking your movements during the night and providing suggestions on what to do to get a good night’s sleep.

Improving your sleep cycle is the first step towards getting a fit body because improper sleep leads to lethargy and fatigue.

2. The Stopwatch that Motivates You

Runner using stopwatch for running.
People that love to jog or run to reduce calories can push themselves hard using the stopwatch and timer features.

With the stopwatch feature found in a smartwatch, it’s easier than ever to keep yourself motivated at the gym, in the running course or in a tennis court.

Individuals who love to jog or run to reduce calories can push themselves hard using the stopwatch and timer features.

You can continue to beat your previous records while enhancing your fitness levels.

3. Your Reminder to Move

Your smartwatch is an extremely capable fitness tool in this regard. With motion sensor integration, a smartwatch can easily identify when you are idle for a long time.

In this technology-driven era when people are using computers and smartphones to fulfill everyday tasks, they often forget to move for long hours at a time. And research overwhelmingly proves that a sedentary lifestyle yields negative health outcomes.

Your watch sends you a reminder and will ask you to get up, take a short walk or at least stand up in your own position. The reminders help you take advantage of the opportunity to break your habit of staring at the computer screen for too long. It also rejuvenates your body.

4. Heart Rate Monitor and Temperature Analysis

Be it the Apple Watch or Google’s Android Wear, all the latest smartwatches are equipped with a heart rate monitor and temperature monitor. They not only help you keep fit and active, but also send timely notifications to slow down a bit when you are working out too much.

When your heart rate goes beyond the suggested levels during a workout or a run, your watch will immediately warn you. It can also detect heart diseases or irregular heartbeats to notify you early in case you need to see a doctor.

Smart watch with health app icon on the screen.
Smartwatches are equipped with a heart rate monitor and temperature monitor.

Temperature monitoring helps determine how to keep your body cool, reminding you to drink water— thereby helping you balance your body temperature.

5. Step Up Your Game

Smartwatches and wearable fitness bands have always had a primary goal. They make you move, remind you when you are idle for too long and monitor the number of steps you take every day.

According to guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults should get 150 minutes or more of moderate aerobic exercise on a weekly basis. Going on daily walks is an easy and effective way to help you achieve this goal.

While you’re at it, your smartwatch can keep track of these steps, letting you know every time you complete a milestone and motivating you to complete the task.

Make use of the stairs in your office, walk the park or go to the nearest store to buy something—all of which counts up to getting fit in due time.

Using a smartwatch to get fit and lead a healthy routine is the best thing you could do in a world filled with consumer technology.

Apart from the five tips mentioned above, the watch has a whole lot of other features like smartphone integration, music players as well as apps designed to keep track of your daily calorie intake.

When merged together, it becomes the most reliable and convenient fitness tool to use to stay motivated until you achieve your desired weight or activity level.

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