Top 5 Google Now Launcher Alternatives for Android

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With these Google Now launcher alternatives, it’s easier to customize your Android phone in more ways than you could imagine.

The best part about being an Android user is the fact that you can actually customize your smartphone to look the way you want it to. With tons of Google Now launcher alternatives available on the Play Store, you will actually be spoilt for choice as they are all awesome in their own ways.

Filled to the brim with amazing themes, wallpapers and icon packs, these launchers have the power to magically to change the way your display looks and give you a completely personalized look.

When you are choosing an alternative launcher, look for the one that has the best customization options, icon packs to choose from and a user-friendly interface which lets you customize with a one-click setup.

We have handpicked the top five launcher alternatives so that you don’t have to wade through too many apps in the store.

Here’s a quick comparison chart for you to pick the one you love the most.

Table of Top 5 Google Now Launcher Alternatives for Android

XOS Launcher LogoXOS Launcher

Every Google Now Launcher alternative offers tons of customization and one of the new launchers in the market, XOS launcher, is known for its ability to easily let you find the apps with an alphabetically listed app drawer.

The customization level is pretty high including the ability to change icons, themes, wallpapers and much more. Apps can also be categorized using the Smart Arrange feature based on the category they belong to.


  • Largest collection of free themes that can be downloaded instantly and applied.
  • Huge choice of themes based on various categories like materialistic, cartoon, abstract and more.
  • Auto grouping Smart Arrange feature.


  • A relatively new launcher in the market.

MIUI Launcher LogoMIUI Launcher

The launcher comes from the popular company Xiaomi which has been revolutionizing the smartphone industry with affordable, premium quality models. Users who own smartphones from different brands can get the MIUI interface using this launcher with special MIUI icons that are flat, unique when compared to the default experience.


  • Turns any phone into a Xiaomi phone with the MIUI interface.
  • Large number of icons allow you to fully customize your phone to get the look.
  • Works with older phones still running on version 4.1.


  • Some users may not prefer the MIUI design.
  • Customization options are limited when compared to the original launcher used in original Mi phones that receives updates from the developer.

OO Launcher for O 8.0 LogoOO Launcher for O 8.0

For users who like to upgrade their phones from traditional UI to the 8.0 Oreo inspired interface, the OO Launcher is an ideal choice. Apart from providing a huge collection of amazing themes, wallpapers and icon packs, it also converts the entire phone to look very much like Oreo which runs only on select devices now.

Compared to other launcher alternatives, OO Launcher is designed in such a way that it changes your animation, app icons, app drawer and makes it easier to find the app you are looking for without any difficulty. It also has some built-in features including an easy way to switch on the LED rear light, unread count for messages and battery saver setup.


  • Makes any phone look like it’s running on 8.0 Oreo.
  • A great choice for users with older devices to upgrade their UI without having to wait for Google’s official rollout.
  • Comes with built-in battery saver, cleaner and other useful features without having to install an external app.


  • Some bugs and slowdowns exist. The developers are working to fix it.
  • May not be as smooth or fluid as the actual 8.0 Oreo system.

Blackberry Launcher LogoBlackberry Launcher

Blackberry Launcher is officially designed and released by the team behind BBM Messenger and Blackberry phones. While the smartphones are no longer relevant in the world of Android and iOS, the simplified and secure user interface has found a strong user base and continues to gain support from the official development team.

The simplified UI when combined with professional looking icons and cool wallpapers can give your phone a great makeover. Blackberry Hub+ requires a membership after a month if you like to remove ads but it’s well worth the price, especially for users who like to stay productive with easy access to their favorite apps.


  • Makes your phone look professional and simple unlike many other launchers that are too fancy.
  • Blackberry pop-up widget lets you easily swipe up or down on an app to view what’s inside without having to open it every time.
  • Seamlessly works with Android for Work.


  • Doesn’t offer too many customization options as it is purely designed for professional users and those who expect to stay productive.

Microsoft Launcher

This is the simplest launcher of them all. Microsoft Launcher was previously known as Aviate but has now undergone some major changes. The launcher is possibly the only one available on Google Play store that supports voice AI. With Cortana AI integration and seamless sync with your PC, Microsoft Launcher is easily the best option for Google Now launcher alternatives that most users could go with.

The launcher allows you to use your phone and continue working on a captured photo on a Windows PC in a seamless manner. All the searches made on the phone can be continued on your Microsoft Edge browser with a clear interface. All you need is a Microsoft account so that it can be synced on all devices including your smartphone.


  • The only launcher with voice AI Cortana integrated in it and a viable alternative to Google Assistant.
  • Clean interface, easy to use.
  • Syncs with Windows PC, allowing you to work on your smartphone and your desktop seamlessly.


  • Limited customization options.
  • Geared towards a Microsoft-like experience and works better with MS apps. It may not be preferred by devote Android enthusiasts.
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