3 Simple Ways to Unblock and Watch Hulu Outside US

The online environment is an endless resource of information and valuable access to exciting programs, shows, and movies that we enjoy watching every day. However, it is also the place where limitations can appear when you least expect it.

In fact, if you find yourself outside the US traveling – you may experience the annoying situation in which your free movies and favorite TV shows are not available for watching anymore on sites like Hulu.

Unblock Hulu Outside USWhy is that? Mainly because you no longer feature a US IP address that might allow you access to what you want online.

In fact, the geo-restrictions that come as the new restrictive rules of several service providers on the Internet make it more challenging for online users to watch Hulu wherever they want across the world.

However, ways in which to overcome such issues are always available to discover. As a result, today we will reveal three straightforward ways in which you can unblock Hulu outside the US; thus, enjoy your shows right now.

To access Hulu outside of the US via any of the method discussed below, all you have to do is first change your IP location to a US one and then visit the Hulu – boom, it will be unblocked!

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  1. VPN to Unblock Hulu

One of the best ways in which you can unblock Hulu outside US is through the VPN providers. However, you should know that many IP addresses used by such providers are already on lists of banned items. As a result, you need to be careful when choosing the best one to access Hulu unblocked.

Some tricky ones might promise to show you how to get Hulu in the UK for example but fail to deliver such services in the best possible way. Moreover, we can understand that there are privacy concerns to consider when it comes to the use of VPN providers to access the Hulu proxy.

However, this should not make it difficult for online users to video stream regardless of their location given the era of technology in which we live. Furthermore, the great news is that there are still such reliable sources that offer the best options regarding easy access to Hulu USA vs. Japan.

Besides, the Hulu VPN solution ensures that online users connect to the fastest servers located in the US. In fact, it is from these that a smooth streaming experience becomes possible. Moreover, it has become a choice for use in case of users interested in achieving a better online streaming experience in the US as well.

Furthermore, although a wide range of limitations is now on trend with the purpose of leading users towards the choice of accessing Hulu outside US credit card options, VPN providers like ExpressVPN have not been yet affected by these changes. In fact, it has always been and managed to remain the best stand-alone service of this type.

As a result, you should choose it as your go-to solution for achieving free VPN for Hulu services on trial. As a result, you will receive high speed, ultra-secure and easy to use features enabled through an instant setup.

All in all, a great advantage to consider in this case is that you will be not only able to discover how to watch Hulu outside the US but also unblock other services of interest through such reliable VPN provider.

Moreover, every website you want will get unblocked. Additionally, your Internet traffic will be properly encrypted for perfect privacy and security online.

  1. Browser Add-ons

Next, comes browser add-ons on our list of easy ways to watch Hulu outside US Google Chrome extensions as an effective way of solving your current geo-restrictive issues. In fact, free browser extensions will help you achieve your goal without using any VPN provider or DNS proxy.

Besides, all you must do is to engage in a fast installation process of add-ons. In fact, these allow easy access to desired programs and websites on their own. Moreover, Media Hint is the most reliable extension for Firefox and Chrome for this intended purpose.

It will allow you to know how to watch Hulu outside US on Apple TV as well as other programs, finally. In fact, all you have to do at this stage is access the homepage for this browser extension and click on the Start using option. Moreover, according to the type of browser you use, you will discover the redirection page for Chrome Web Store or the Firefox Add-on Center. Next, you will be able to install it just by following the instructions quickly.

Also, once you make sure that the installation process has completed – you should restart your Internet browser. In fact, this will ensure proper recognition of your updates. Now you are ready to watch free programs no matter what countries is Hulu available in. Moreover, such geo-restrictions will no longer affect you in any way.

Furthermore, another great option to consider from the same perspective is Hola. In fact, it allows you easy access to any website you want to visit. Also, it is the favorite choice of more than 90 million online users from around the world. This way, you can quickly engage in a trial period to test its abilities. Next, you can choose to make further upgrades if everything goes according to the plan.

Now just imagine yourself clicking to add an extension in your browser and immediately regain your browsing freedom no matter where you might be at the moment. Additionally, you will gain less buffering and faster start times for your programs.

  1. SmartDNS

Third on our list of useful ways in which you can manage to overcome limitations concerning Hulu international expansion refers to the use of SmartDNS web proxies. The recommendation, in this case, is Unlocator. Why? Because it can help you hide your real country location to gain easy online access to all the blocked sites, not just Hulu.

In fact, all you need is to show yourself as a visitor in the areas where Hulu remains open to watch. Moreover, this is the primary purpose why such proxies interfere with the online configurations or settings. In fact, their goal is to present your address as one from the required areas.

Additionally, you will not encounter any downsides in this case. In fact, you will have more benefits to add up to your lists such as the fast Internet speed, hassle free access to the desired site or service and perfect privacy. Moreover, you will have access to two distinct options, in this case, to choose from according to your current needs and preferences.

First, you have the possibility to choose the free and ad-supported version of it. That allows you a valuable yet limited range of streaming options. Second, you will have the choice to go for the premium version that offers you endless possibilities without any ads whatsoever.

In fact, all the freedom you need regarding online browsing will come your way through this fantastic tool. Moreover, the free trial option represents a great opportunity for you to test everything before deciding what step to take next.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the great news is that now you can access Hulu shows outside the US using one of the methods mentioned above. Admittedly, each method comes with pros and cons that are only normal given the difference of needs, requirements, and circumstances that each user might encounter in different locations around the world.

In either case, make sure you are aware of all the necessary legal aspects involved before deciding anything. However, from our experience and the options of other experienced users who walked on this path already, we can recommend the VPN option as the best solution so far for a broad range of reasons.

First, because it does not require you to establish any complex configurations that might delay the process. Second, because it is the most reliable option – works all the times, if you go with a quality provider like ExpressVPN ready to be used in no time.

So, all you need can be ready for you faster than ever with such options that help you access Hulu and other programs while maintaining a fast Internet speed and perfect privacy at the same time.

Happy Streaming!

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