50+ Best Chrome Extensions for You to Download and Use

Modern city and wired network concept iconsIf all internet browsers were in a WWE cage, which would win? Apple’s Safari or Chromium? Opera or Internet Explorer? Well, I’m pretty sure that the final face-off would be between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Well, this is the most anticipated tech-match of the century!

Yes- I am not the kind of English football freak, but at least, I do tech discussions to compensate that. Whenever my friends bring up this debate, the result isn’t always pleasing. Mozilla Firefox has fierce sympathizers, and so does Chrome. I agree that Firefox is a wonderful browser, although I do hate the ‘stop script’ messages.

Google Chrome, too, has several shortcomings. Yet, I love the wide room it has for customization. Yes, Chrome is never complete if you only use it for browsing the internet! If I’m talking to you, then you have been probably under-using this marvelous browser, and you need to step up! I believe the Extensions tab on the settings menu isn’t as hard as hacking Russia, is it?!

When you finally decide to make the best out of Google Chrome, you need to get the right add-ons. By now, you know that the browser works best with extensions- whether default or third party. They are available on the Google Chrome’s extension store, and you can always install them.

So, which add-ons are in the list of the best Chrome extensions for students, security or editing? Well, that’s the whole idea of bringing this up. Now, the best Google Chrome apps have different functions. Some will improve the performance or productivity of the browser. Others are for fun, blogging, and social media-whichever. It all depends on your taste.

50+ Best Chrome Extensions

And, it’s time to let the list roll. Here is the list of the best-rated Chrome extensions! Of course, I won’t charge you for installing those you find worthy. Noteworthy, some developers offer them free while others demand subscription.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Productivity

1 Pushbullet

Have you ever thought about bringing Android on your computer? I reckon you are thinking about BlueStacks already. And yes, BlueStacks is an app with many users, yet too sluggish on low-end computers. Well, another reason I love Google Chrome is that it has the best alternatives for BlueStacks! PushBullet lets you operate Android phones via PC with little strain on resources. Besides tying the knot on PC and phones, PushBullet will send you notifications.

When someone sends a text on SMS, your computer will receive it, just like the phone does. So, if your phone is in your pocket and you are too busy to take it out, you can actually reply on the computer! Push Bullet Chrome extension also sends and receive messages from WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter.

With Push Bullet, you will also have the chance to arrange your phone’s gallery or transfer files via the PC. No doubt, you will love this add-on. But, be ready to part with $39.99 as an annual subscription or $4.99 a month.

2 Chrome Remote Desktop

After you finish thinking about PushBullet, meditate on controlling the computer using a mobile phone. Chrome Remote Desktop extension turns your phone into a computer’s remote control. I have written about playing Pokemon Go outside U.S., and how to turn Windows or Android into iOS; but this one is out of the world! It is simple; first, you need to install the extension, and an Android app on your smartphone. You might experience resource strains if your PC is low-end, but you’ll eventually thank it for the benefits.

Look, after bonding the computer with the phone, you can now start doing a crazy lot of things! The desktop appears on your smartphone’s screen. It doesn’t matter if you are using Mac of Windows- as long as you have the Chrome browser, the Remote Browser will work! This should help you receive support from someone who is far. So, hello ladies; could the Chrome Remote Desktop help you track your husband too? Your guess is as pretty as mine!

3 MightyText

Another extension that will connect your phone and PC is the Mighty Text. Well, if you often find it too hard to fish out your phone from the pocket to read a text, you can now read it on PC via the MightyText add-on. As long as it is an Android platform, the extension will synchronize messages and files. So, even your Android tablet is considered. And, you will get the low-battery alerts too, just like you’d do on WhatsApp Web.

4 Google Chrome to Phone Extension

If you need a free software to connect your phone and computer, you should give Google Chrome to Phone Extension a shot. This is one of the few add-ons from Google Inc., and it helps you send bits of info from the computer to your phone. You will also need to install the Chrome to Phone app from the Android Store. After connecting them, you can now start sending links, maps or phone numbers. If your work deals with phones, and computers, this could be a perfect idea for you. So, you won’t have to keep rewriting content from the computer anymore- you just send it to your Android phone!

5 StayFocusd

Stay focused when working online! Websites can be very disturbing, and even rob you of your precious time. Especially, social media sites are notorious for turning you into a slothful addict. But that does not need to happen anymore. If you have a look at the tutorial on how to block websites on Chrome, maybe you can fight internet addiction. Well, StayFocusd helps you block websites that try to turn you into an addict.

StayFocusd allows you to block permanently websites that take your precious time. Also, the extension lets you set the time you want a site to remain blocked. This way, you can set the time you want to access certain sites. For instance, you can block Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube from 8 to 5, to concentrate on your job. StayFocusd is easy to install and use.

6 AutoPagerize

If you are the kind of person who keeps searching for terminologies on Google, then should try AutoPagerize. Let’s face it- it is irritating to be restrained within the 10 search results on Google’s SERP. You want more results, and if possible, all that there is! AutoPagerize opens the next Search Results Page for you and puts it as a continuous scroll. You can always turn off the feature at will.

7 Hover Zoom

Another superb Chrome extension for Chrome is Hover Zoom. It lets you view the full image without opening it. As the name suggests, the add-on zooms images that are too small on the screen. If you are a lover of Google Images, then you know what I am talking about. You only need to install the extension, hover on an image, and it will zoom up. And, you can resize the images to fit in the window or computer screen. You can also view videos’s thumbnails the same way.

8 Momentum

You can make your Chrome tab pages more informative, and interesting. No doubt, I am sure the latest browsing history and most visited pages on your tab are a litany already! Momentum is a game-changing extension. Besides turning the New Tab page into an informative place, it also makes it cute. For instance, you can get the weather in the place where you are browsing. Then, you can customize the background with an image of your choosing. Also, it allows you to set the quote, goals of the day or anything you find worthy.

9 I’m a Gentleman

It sounds like what of some man trying to lie to an innocent lady, right? Well, I’m a Gentleman is a Google Chrome add-on that is a handy tool for those who like downloading pictures. Whether they are memes mocking UFA Champions League losers or pics of Vladimir Putin swimming with sharks, there is always a reason to download a good pic. With I’m a Gentleman Chrome extension, you have a short key that allows you download images. Anytime you hold the Alt key, and then left click on an image, it starts to download.

10 Turn Off the Lights

YouTube is an excellent Netflix alternative for watching music, short videos or documentaries. Turn Off the Lights Google Chrome extension literally turns off the lights and changes your room into a cinema hall. By obscuring, the other unneeded parts, the add-on lets you focus on the video you are watching. It is easy to use and has other transition effects.

11 The Great Suspender

Does your Chrome use up too much resource or finish up the battery power fast? Well, there are many explanations to that. But, the basic reasons are that it could be performing too many actions at the same time. The Great Suspender extension stops or suspends tabs that are not necessary. Then, the RAM increases, and the speed increases. At the same time, the resources are brought back to control, and so the system is protected from crashing.

Best Chrome Apps For Security, and Privacy

12 Adblock Plus

No one wants to be tracked, and that explains why AdBlock Plus is so popular. Well, ads are notorious for tracking users. They devise ways to find out your IP address so that they can bring you location based content. So, AdBlock Plus is a must have for anyone who wants to remain a anonymity gladiator!

But, the primary purpose of the Adblock Google Chrome extension is to rid your screen of unnecessary adverts. Who wants superfluous ads anyway?! After visiting torrent sites, you will understand why it is necessary to block ads. Their ads fill webpages, and at times make the content illegible. To make sure that webpages give you exactly what you loaded them for, use AdBlock, and they will all be gone!

Noteworthy, Adblock is not out to block every ad that appears on a website. Instead, it fights against those that are unorthodox. So, some of the content-friendly ads such as AdSense can be allowed. The idea is protecting you while surfing online. Yet, AdBlock Plus is free!

13 µBlock Origin

Another ad-blocking Google Chrome extension is uBlock Origin. If adverts keep interrupting your ‘broadcast’, you should block them. Any advert that does not let you browse smoothly should not be there. This includes pop-ups, and redirects. uBlock Origin helps remove ads in an intelligent way. For example, uBlock makes it possible to fill out the list of blacklisted ads. So, those that are not necessary remain active after during your browsing. While it runs a host-based filter technology, uBlock is friendly to computer’s resources. In fact, it is lighter than AdBlock.

14 SecureGmail

Hey, whoever said Gmail is safe enough to send sensitive stuff lied! Oh, don’t tell me I am wrong- at least I have the (un)popular Podesta emails to confirm this! The messages you send over Gmail are not encrypted and thus, they are open to hacking! But, as the Security Cyborg you are, extra care is necessary. If you find an add-on that secures emails, would you take it? Don’t dare say no- it’s not optional for Online Security Cyborgs! Secure Gmail will encrypt all your emails, and the recipient must have a password from you to decrypt it. How wonderful! But of course, if your name is Edward Snowden, or you intend to be like him, you better not rely on Secure Gmail.

15 Blur

Filling out forms, and handling online passwords needs you to be very vigilant. That is what Blur does for you! You see, many online companies use your browsing history to tell where you are, and what you do. Otherwise, some will even use a non-cookie-based form of tracking. But Blur chips in to protect you from online burglary. So, the extension prevents automatic filling of forms that require your credit cards. In the end, your money is safe, and no hacker can find you.

16 Disconnect

Cookies are necessary for loading websites fast, and in an effective manner. But, they could also be bad news because some websites use them to track your browsing history. Facebook and Google are notorious for doing this! Disconnect literally disconnects cookies from the access of websites. Thus, advertising companies and social media sites do not get to record your browsing data. Further, putting the cookies out attackers’ reach means they won’t have access to your personal data. And, with the Disconnect Google Chrome extension, you can tell if a website is safe or not.

17 LastPass

Yes- LastPass is one of the world’s best password managers, and it’s a wonderful Chrome extension for managing your credentials. If you have hundreds of passwords to manage every day, then this is your kind of manager. You see, some of us have to login to tens of sites every day. And you might need to be a Sheldon Cooper to remember every detail verbatim. Of course, there is never any room for forgetting a password; otherwise, you’d lock yourself from the rest of the world.

Now, LastPass provides you with a master password, which works pretty the same as a master key. Then, you won’t have to remember any other, because you will use it on any of your sites. Also, LastPass enables you to keep online credentials and files safe. Then, it has a multi-factor login authentication to serve as a replacement for weak login details. This makes LastPass a wonderful tool for online security.

A Premium edition of LastPass is available and it has more features. Moreover, even after LastPass got hacked, it remained a darling for many. Even after the attack, LastPass did not unveil the encrypted details.

18 TunnelBear VPN

Did you know you could hide your IP address without downloading any software? Well, on the Google extensions menu you can find good VPNs. TunnelBear VPN is one of the few that will help you remain anonymous online. In a previous article covering the best Android VPNs, I reviewed TunnelBear inside out-, and I guess you might find it worthy to look! The Google Chrome addon is similar to the app. However, the later is an Android based while the former is fashioned for browsers.

19 WOT

When browsing the internet, you need to be careful not to submit your caches to hackers. No matter how they try to defend it, websites that store your personal data without your consent should be blocked. In the current world, most websites take some of your data, but as the law guides. Now, most of the methods used to determine whether a site is safe or not depends on the website itself. Or, some of the best antiviruses and VPNs could help you do it. A VPN like ExpressVPN is worth trying out. Yet, the reviews by other users are absent.

Gratefully, WOT Chrome extension has reviews from worldwide net users. So, you can know which website is safe, and which is not. WOT has a red, and green buttons which tell you whether to enter a site. You can click on the icon for reviews about your safety on the site.

20 HTTPS Everywhere

In one article about the difference between Tor, VPNs, and Proxies, I explained how the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) works. Whenever you find the HTTPS sign on a URL, you can trust that website. Now, when you install the HTTPS Everywhere extension on your Google Chrome browser, you will have several benefits. First, the add-on makes a colossal number of sites safe through the HTTPS URL. With the add-on, you are protected from hacking, tracking or other cyber-attacks. And, if you care about your online security, you are going to opt for the HTTPS Everywhere extension.

12 Click&Clean

If you need to scrutinize your browsing history, Click & Clean is your perfect mate! The Google Chrome extension finds out data that could be vulnerable and alerts you. Also, Click & Clean scans your computer for viruses and malware. Then, it can delete your browsing history when you close browser, far better than incognito browsing mode would do. This way, Click & Clean offers comprehensive online protection for all internet users.

22 Hola Better Internet

For so long, Hola Better Internet has been the tool that people turn to when they need a Chrome VPN extension. In theory, unblocks geo-restricted websites. It is also fast and has a table connection. Yes, it was good while its security lasted. Recently, it came out that the company sells bandwidth for botnets. I cannot recommend such a tool to my fellow privacy Cyborgs!

23 DuckDuckGo for Chrome

If you have ever used Tor, then you know this safe search engine. Unlike Google or Bing, DuckDuckGo does not dare track you or compromise your privacy. If you need to search anonymously, install the DuckDuckGo for Chrome extension.

24 Ghostery

The internet has many techniques that websites and companies use to track you. From bugs, image and screen sizes to cookies, you need to know what is happening in the background. So, the Ghostery add-on lets you browse like a ghost by controlling the background tracking tactics. Also, the feature allows you to block codes or images that prove to be compromising your privacy.

25 Mailvelope

By now, you know that Gmail and Yahoo are not safe. The fact that most mail companies do not encrypt messages means they are vulnerable to third parties. Mailvelope brings the OpenPGP encryption and decryption for the emails. Mailvelope works well with Gmail, Yahoo, Posteo, and Outlook among others.

26 Shield for Chrome

If I don’t say this, I might as well be hiding something. Some extensions hide malware in their codes. They hide adware, and spyware in the extension to exhort you even more. So, you need a shield to safeguard your browser from these indirect cyber-attacks. Yes- you need a separate extension to manage add ons Chrome features! Shield for Chrome scans your extensions for any malicious codes.

Funniest Chrome Extensions

27 Noisli

Is this extension funny, really? Yes, it can be! It only depends on the kind of sound you set as a background. Noisli is a useful Chrome add-on that will let you create a customized noise as a background. Then, you can set the combination of sounds that will create the noise you need. Thus what, you can track your work by setting timers. Oh, Noisli can be funny, but it could help you hit targets on time too!

Reading and Content Curating

28 Google Translate

Do you hate it when friends talk in foreign lingua and laugh? Well, I do, too, and it makes you think they are gossiping you. Don’t get locked out from good content just because the website is in Chinese or Russian. If you don’t understand a language, use the Google Translate Chrome browser extension.

29 Google Bookmark Manager

What happens to interesting articles you find online? Do you just hover, and keep the fine articles in your mind, or you have a special place for them? Well, most people opt to bookmark it using the default browser tools. But, they are not always the best. If you want one that has the visual aspect, get the Google Bookmark Manager.

After installing the add-on, it replaces the default bookmark tool. Now, whenever you bookmark a webpage, it will appear together with its thumbnail. Also, you can add comments to your bookmark or even create folders as a taxonomy for the bookmarks. Again, Google Bookmark manager gives you the chance to share it.

30 Minimalist for Everything

If you love well-trimmed hedges, I’m sure you would like to shape websites too! Some websites are too disorganized and you can barely follow content. But, it doesn’t have to be that way- you can now remove everything you don’t need. It makes webpages easy to read, and besides, it saves your bandwidth! Minimalist for Everything is all about ripping the extra fats from websites. That means, all clustering features go away. For instance, Minimalist for Everything Chrome extension will remove the Google navigation bar and make Gmail simpler.

31 Google Dictionary

No one knows the meaning of all the words in a language. That’s why I haven’t stated anything like ‘lugubriously cantankerous’ in this article. At least, I want to communicate- but that’s not the case with all websites! So, when you get to one whose lexicon is too difficult, you should get a dictionary.

No doubt, getting to Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary won’t help you in time. Instead, you can install the Google Dictionary Chrome extension that will work pretty the same as Microsoft Word would do. You right click on a word, and the meaning pops up. Then, there’s an option to hear how the word is pronounced.

32 Readability

Are you that avid web reader they always talk about? Some websites (like Cyberogism) have the type of entertaining and informative content that no one wants to miss. And, you’d cut off anything that distracts you! While some websites have too many cluttering things, you can prune them all to remain with the text. The Readability Google extension rearranges the webpage to suit reading. Also, it alters the formats, where you can even change the types of modes. For instance, you might wish to read from a slider, day or night modes, or the reading list mode- whichever! Also, you can save the articles you’d love to read in future.

33 Lazarus

Have you ever had to go through the headache of losing everything when filing an online form? Maybe, you are trying to register for Spotify Student outside the United States, and then pap! Off goes the power! This is not only irritating, but it could also lead to the loss important information. You see, filling a form requires precision, and speed. If anything goes wrong during the process, a headache is inevitable!

But, even when the content is dead, it can rise again like the proverbial Lazarus. Well, this Chrome extension saves all the content automatically so that your online forms can get recover without losing an item. Think of Lazarus as a Microsoft Word recovery feature, but for Chrome online forms. So, it recovers your content and brings it back to life when you reopen the browser.

34 Save to Pocket

Some articles are way too good to let go (like those on Cyberogism.com!). Whenever you stumble upon an interesting, informative, and convincing webpage, the best you can do is save it for future reading. Well, you might as well ask about bookmarking pages. But honestly, how often do you even visit the pages you have bookmarked? That’s exactly why you need the Save to Pocket Chrome extension!

First, the add-on lets you access your bookmarks from anywhere, even when you don’t have your device. You see, articles are saved on your account, and so, you can access them from any device. After you install the addon, touch on the icon, and you will save it right away!

Chrome Best Extensions For Media, and Editing

35 ColorZilla

Are you a web developer whose fetish for color is insatiable? Well, I am, and nothing makes more sense than getting the perfect color for a site. You see, colors mean a lot, anywhere. That’s why you won’t find a man wearing a green shirt, yellow pants, and gray jacket. The combination is too screaming! And, when picking a theme color code for a site is critical. When you stumble upon a site with an adorable color, you may want to keep it for your records. ColorZilla is a must-have developer tool for people who want a light web color viewer.

35 Pixlr Editor

Are you looking for an easy to use photo editor? Well, I know how turf the Adobe Photoshop can be. It’s actually heavily on computer resources too. But, when you want a light picture editor integrated to your Chrome Browser, you should give Pixlr a shot! The editing features turn images into fabulous little nifty things! You see, these days, a picture speaks a thousand words, and you don’t want the words to be horrid on Instagram or Facebook. So, you need to edit them neatly before uploading them there. So, try installing the Pixlr Editor extension for editing photos, and then tell us how many likes you got!

36 Awesome Screenshot

If you have been looking for a screen capturing software, then you can rest and install the Awesome Screenshot Google Extension. First, it has the kind of interface that even a child can comfortably navigate. Then, Awesome Screenshot is light on computer resources and does not slow it. It lets you screenshot your pages, and edit them before uploading to your social media site. The edits include blurring some parts or inserting some annotations.

Again, you can send the pictures to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram wall. Also, they have added Google Drive as a store for your pictures.

37 Lightshot

When you want a light extension to capture the screen, then you should try LightShot. When you touch the toolbar button, the extension catches everything that is on the screen. You can also utilize the sharing tools to show your friends or followers what you have.

38 Musixmatch

Let’s be frank here- not all of us are members of the Cambridge Alumni Association. And as they say, the Queen’s Language was so difficult that not even the Americans could speak it right. I don’t want to talk about the Middle-Easterns, Indians or Nigerians because; somehow, their tongues and English just happen to be two immiscible liquids! Well, music is good, but at times, the English language used could be a little dodgy. When you love Drake or Eminem, but they speak too fast, you may need to find yourself some lyrics. Moreover, that is what MusixMatch does. The lyrics extension brings you to YouTube videos.

39 Evernote Web Clipper

Do you love Evernote? If yes, then Evernote Web Clipper is a must-have extension! With this add-on, you will not have to write down notes anymore. Instead, you can save the articles you need. Well, this sounds similar to the tutorial on how to save webpages as PDF. But, Evernote is an online store to bookmark stuff.

You can bookmark any website on Evernote, and when you find interesting pages, you just have to clip it. And, you can add comments or additional notes on what you save. Evernote Web Clipper also allows you to arrange them on different project slots.

For OneNote users, Microsoft Windows have an inbuilt clipper already. You might wish to download it yourself for other operating systems. It goes by a similar brand name- OneNote Web Clipper.

The Best Chrome Add Ons from Google

41 Google Scholar

Google Scholar is the best Chrome extension for students! It is part of the Google services dedicated to bring customized academic material. So, when you search for Isaac Newton, you won’t have to flip through Trump, Farage or WikiLeaks. Instead, you will get the books, academic journals and scholarly articles that address the terms you searched.

The extension is simple to use. After installation, you have access to millions of academic articles on the internet. Whenever you want to search scholarly material over the search engine, click on the button. Then, you will find an opening section with the results. The results come with the option to quote the work.

42 Google Calendar

Planning is vital, and Google Calendar is the perfect Chrome extension for this. Besides giving you the dates, Calendar lets you add events while browsing on the internet. So, if you want to remember about an event in one of the pages you visit, you only need to add it to Google Calendar. Google Calendar fills in the gap of having to type down about upcoming events.

43 Google Input Tools

How do you type in Arabic, Jewish, Chinese or Russian? If your language is not available on the keyboard, there’s no need to worry. Google Input Tools will help you write any language or pictograms that you desired. The Google Chrome browser extension has all the languages spoken in the world. Then, it will allow you to write in handwriting mode, in-script or transcription. Whichever mode is convenient for you, remember to set shortcuts so that you can type using the keyboard.

Top Chrome Extensions for Social Media

44 Boomerang for Gmail

Have you ever thought about sending emails when you are offline? Well, that’s what Boomerang does for you. The Chrome extension knows that you would like to schedule emails for sending, and it doesn’t disappoint you in doing it. Integrated to your Gmail interface, it does the scheduling in a single click. Then, you can the emails can be sent when you are offline. Again, you can postpone some messages from arriving early, just to make sure that your inbox is clean. Later, you can read them at your convenience.

45 Checker Plus for Gmail

If you always feel too lazy to open new tabs, and read your mail, don’t worry because I’m like you anyway! Well, at times, it is too engaging to open tabs when you are busy doing something important. But, with Checker Plus for Gmail extension, you can read them as desktop notifications. The news are even better news for lazier guys- it will read out your emails, and all you have to do is listen! If you donate any amount of money, they will unlock more features.

46 Discoverly

Who hates the fact that social media is not one big site? I do- imagine I have to log in to more than fifteen social media sites in a day. And, I have to keep updating each profile, or else it goes stale, and my followers think I am redundant. Social media should be very fascinating, but these things make it hectic. Fortunately, Discoverly helps you merge all sites, and put them under one umbrella. So, you can now browse Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn right on the Chrome extension.

Also, Discoverly lets you make new relevant friends. After analysing the profiles of people you visit often, Discoverly looks for their Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail and Facebook accounts, then asks if you want to add them. If you are a blogger, this is a smart way to make your readership base more efficient.

47 Google Hangouts

Gmail and Google+ have a chat element – Hangouts! If you are one of those who stay online for the whole day, then you know how Hangouts works already. Well, it is not a popular app, but if you install the Google Hangouts Chrome extension, you could enjoy much more! Instead of having to send short emails (mail-chats), you can use the Hangouts feature.

48 Google Voice

A Google’s extension that lets you hear out SMS or other written context. In fact, the extension will also let you call phone numbers you find on sites.

49 Gmail Offline

This Chrome extension is a version of the Gmail app. Like the app, the extension lets you draft messages, and send them when you get back online.

50 Oweb Voice Input

You should be conversant with the Google’s ability to search voice queries. But, Oweb Voice Input lets you speak instead of typing. Oweb is yet another awesome tool for people who have always needed to do away with typing. So, if you are writing a post, you could speak instead of typing, when you install the Chrome extension. Then, it is available in 30+ languages.

51 Instagram for Chrome

Apparently, Instagram is a preserve of smartphones and tablets. If you want to have Instagram for computers, you must be discerning enough to download the right software. Instagram for Chrome is one of the finest extensions you can install. It makes it possible to post on Instagram using your laptop.

52 Social Fixer for Facebook

I’m not judging what you do on Facebook. But I am pretty sure there are certain kinds of posts you’d never wish to find on your timeline. Facebook does not have enough features to crop them out of your wall. Social Fixer is the perfect supplement for Facebook because it will even let you know the friends who block or unfriend you. I am sure you anticipate using it.

53 Share to Facebook

Another social media plugin that will make your Google Chrome more productive is Share to Facebook. If you are like us- our wall is always active with updates, and you may wish to check it out– then you need this extension. It works like the common plugin that shares webpages to Facebook, but this one is for the Chrome browser.

Best Chrome Extensions for Online Trading

54 Honey

For avid online shoppers, you need the right tools to guide you through safe and cheap shopping. Honey is the Chrome extension that scours the internet for the best shopping coupon codes and brings them to your desktop. After installing the Honey Chrome extension, click on the icon to begin the search. Then, it will search for leading stores, and bring you the best deals. Honey is limited to a few major online shopping stores, but it is expanding to others the smaller ones, too. Also, they promise to bring the support time of those stores aboard.

53 Amazon Worldwide Shipping

In a previous article about how to set up Amazon Echo outside the United States, I explained how the world online shopping giant restricts some stuff on the American shelves. But, with Amazon Worldwide Shipping, anything you buy outside your country’s store gets home! Very many products in the American Amazon are not available for the rest of the world. If you lust for them, you will require personal shipping arrangements to your home. Fortunately, Amazon Worldwide Shipping Google Chrome extension bridges the gap. You will have to pay some shipping fees, though.

54 Camelizer

If you want to track price changes on Amazon, then you should try the Camelizer Chrome extension. It’s a smart way to avoid the Christmas rush. You can get stuff two months earlier at a lower price.

55 MockingBird Freebooks

Why buy books on Amazon when they are available for free? Mockingbird scans the internet and recommends the free versions of the ebook. So, you can save money by getting the right deal.

56 Hover Hound

Is your computer making too much noise, and overheating? Maybe, the fan and cooling system is damaged. If you need a good deal for hardware, make sure you are not it at an unreasonably expensive. Hover Hound scans Newegg, Tigerdirect, and Amazon for the most affordable hardware price. If you deal with computer hardware, and you want to track this, install the extension!

Blogging Best Apps for Google Chrome

Here are the must-have Chrome extensions tools for bloggers!

57 Goog.gl URL Shortener

Just as the name suggests, the Google URL Shortener extension trims URLS in the form Goog.gl. This tool is perfect for bloggers who share content across social media platforms.

58 Related Content by Zemanta

Blogging is a job that requires you to have the right pics at the right place. So, you need tools to help you find these photos and make your posts lucrative for visitors. You can get high-quality images from leading sites such as Flickr, IMDB, and others. It does not matter whether you are using Windows, Mac or Linux OS. But as long as you have Google Chrome Browser, you can always use Zemanta. Also, it is functional for multiple blogging platforms. So, you can insert pictures in WordPress, Blogger, and TypePad among others.

59 ScribeFire

When you want an extension that brings all your preset social media sites in one tab, get ScribeFire! Apart from bringing the chance to push across several platforms, ScribeFire lets you edit a comment before posting. It is available for Blogger, Typepad, Livejournal, and WordPress. But Tumblr users might have to wait a little longer.

60 Darkness

Sometimes, the computer causes strain to the eyes. Many people complain that their peepers get red whenever they watch a video or stay behind the screen for long. If you are among the complainers, all you need is a set of dark themes to reduce the lights. At $4.99, Darkness Chrome extension will get you a new theme for Facebook, YouTube or Google.

61 Ginger –Grammar, and Spell Checker

Another of the best Chrome Extensions 2017 is the Ginger –Grammar, and Spell Checker. Besides checking your posts for grammar, the extension also helps you type without mistakes. I’m sure you hate reading a text full of errors, or one you can’t follow. Bloggers might find it a good Chrome extension to install. You have to be ready to part with $5.10 a month, but if you are a student, you might get a discount!

Best Video Chrome extensions

62 Netflix Party

Isn’t it a shame that they haven’t discovered a way to share a glass of mango juice, or a bowl of popcorn over the virtual space? But, thank heavens, they already allow you to watch Netflix as a group while you are not actually in the same place. With the Netflix Party extension, you can watch Netflix with you friends even when you aren’t in the same ‘IP’. If each of you installs the Netflix Party extension, you can actually pause or to comment. If you have watching American Netflix outside US, try our review.

63 Fix Plus

Most Netflixing freaks run out of ideas every time they want to customize the streaming site. Fix Plus Chrome extension steps in to show you a movie’s IMDB, and Rotten Tomatoes’ ratings. It removes spoilers and gives you the right to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate Netflix.

Other Chrome extensions

64 Feedly

You can have RSS feeds reaching you right on the browser. This is an awesome way to catch the latest posts from your favorite sites.

65 RSS Feed Reader

Whenever you bookmark a website, I am sure you would love to have a glimpse of the interesting posts. RSS Feed Reader brings you exactly that. So, instead of manual bookmarks, the Feed Reader will bring them to your Google Chrome browser. It has customizable themes, and you can get more features with the $2 a month or $20 annual subscription.

66 Instapaper

Just like Readability and Pocket, Instapaper Google Chrome extension bookmarks your favorite articles. Then, it synchronizes them across several of your devices.

67 Lingualy

If you want to learn a foreign language, Lingualy will train you appropriately. Of course, you won’t have to part with a cent to install the Lingualy browser extension. Lingualy helps you gain the language efficiency you’d need in a foreign country. The extension has French, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, German, and English among others.

And, before installing the best Chrome addons 2017…

By now, you have an idea on which extension is best for your Chrome browser. Of course, you need to pick the best- whether it is free or paid. Well, you must also consider the purpose of the extension. For instance, you need them for media editing, security, and others privacy. Again, if you are using Chrome without an extension, then you are not getting the best from the browser.
Is the battle between Firefox and Google Chrome still on? I guess not! Oh, sorry for the pun- you got to take bad jokes these days. Meanwhile, is there an extension that has been left out? Let me know, and I will add it right away!

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