The best free VPN 2017: 10 Top Providers Compared

Welcome to the latest list of the best free VPN 2017, VPN ratings 2017 and Top free VPNs in 2017! In it, be sure to find the best VPN free online site, best VPN sites free and free VPN proxy! Also, this comprehensive article has details about free VPN proxy for Mac, VPN free download for Windows 7/10, and best free VPN for Android. Here, you will find information about the latest best free VPN for 2017. The Cyberghost VPN and best VPN free trial are also in place! Don’t forget to find out the best free VPN for torrenting! And, free VPN download too!

Best Free VPN for 2017

While information technology continues to enjoy fast growth, online security remains a top priority! Online privacy, cybercrime and government spying are on the increase. And this means you need to use a smart software to hide. But, most of the best free VPN proxy programs that hide your online ID are too expensive! With the prevailing worldwide financial constraints, the urge for free software cannot be ignored! So, the list below contains the best free VPN for 2017.

The online world is one of the sloppiest in terms of security and safety. Every year, thousands of people are conned and their online profiles hacked. In other cases, internet users get spied by governments across the world. Although phones and Personal Computers should be confidential, snoopers strive to eavesdrop your online data. This accelerates the need to come look at the list of the best free VPN in 2017!

Oh, it could be disastrous to forget the role of the best VPNs in circumventing geo-blocked websites. In fact, most 2017 VPN app users want to access US based websites. For instance, millions of people across the world cannot access streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu and Spotify. Those who have 2017’s most powerful VPN are the lucky lot!

First, what is a Top free VPN?

Too obvious, but I will answer anyway! When something is free, you can access it without paying a dime. In this way, a free VPN is different from a premium VPN service. A VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. VPNs are programs that hide your internet identity so you can trick hackers and spies. Websites, online programs and other spies are interested in finding out who and where you are surfing. VPNs give you a special ID on the internet to beat the spies. So, when they track you, they find you in a different geographical region from where your actual location. With a VPN, spies will find you in Manhattan, while you are actually in India!

How do VPNs work?

I guess this is the most-prevailing question on your mind. Well, VPN companies have servers in different countries across the world. The VP Network channels all your internet data to a server. Websites think you are browsing from the location for the server. So, when you want to access services exclusive to the United States, change your IP address to one of the servers in the region. The up-vote is that all your traffic is encrypted, thus; it is safe from interception.

And, which devices are compatible with VPNs?

The best 2017 VPNs come in many forms, to suite the various devices you may have. So, be sure to find the best free VPN for Android or even download Free VPN for Windows 10! And, there are free VPNs for iOS and Mac, too. If your device is a smart TV, then get a VPN for it! There are free VPNs for online media streaming devices and all you need is install the app.

Free VPNs come in many forms. If you do not want to use an app, then you can register for a VPN free online service. So, do not go before you find out the best online VPN. If you sign up for the VPN Sites Free services, you can use the details on your internet router. In such a case, all the devices that use internet from the router are VPNized! This kind of internet connection is ideal for homes, isn’t it?

Both the software and online VPN method have their downside though. To decide on the best way to put your internet data secure, you may need to way out their pros and cons. For instance, the online VPN site method works best for people with a good internet connection and bandwidth. Otherwise, if yours is slow, maybe you should just stick to the apps. Then, installing apps might not be the best way to watch Netflix on Amazon Fire TV. Why- the device does not allow any VPN installation!

Why use the best free VPN for 2017?

I will be so forthcoming to give reasons why you need the best 2017 VPNs. One, 2017 is one of the years when the dollar is performing poorly against other major currencies. And, this is a projection to the financial situation across America and the whole world. This is the same case in the bank accounts of ordinary people, and our readers are no exception! So, to save a little for basic expenditure, cutting a cost on things like VPNs is no meanness!

And, many people who use VPNs are based out far from the US. It’s no doubt that US citizens are bound to spend much when visiting the overseas. Whether it is for vacation or work, you still want to save some cash!

I am in war with freelance writers for exposing them in the second reason you should have the most secure free VPN for 2017. Most writers who work for freelance sites are not native as they claim- they are somewhere in Africa, Philippines or India, and not in the US! But they are smart enough to use VPNs to trick the hire-writers sites into the accepting their profiles. Well, who am I to judge?! They, too, have a reason to use free VPNs and continue maximizing profits!

Three, the best VPNs in 2017 are just as good as the standard VPN software. Their features are similar and, the only difference is the money you part with. The ability to encrypt online data is the same, and the speed too! In fact, the best VPN 2017 apps function exactly like the popular VPNs, but free!

Four, VPNs is known to be part of business technology; they helped employees to access office networks. Thus, the VPN enables selected staff members to access the sensitive company network. So, only the best VPN technology is trusted in handling such corporate intelligence.

Besides privacy and online anonymity, you may need a VPN to shop on geo-restricted online stores. Also, accessing Facebook, Google and Skype in China needs you to beat the Great Firewall using a powerful VPN. And, never forget to use the powerful free VPN to browse in public Wi-Fi! Why do that when many sites offer free VPN download already?!

Best Free VPNs for 2017 Vs Premium VPN services- Remove the doubt!

Yes, you pay for one, and not the other. But, there is no major difference between the paid-for VPNs and the free versions. Some are so obvious- like the issue of running ads. Free VPNs depend on running adverts to keep the services alive. Also, the free VPNs could be too slow for your taking, without forgetting the malware issue. Not all the free VPN apps are trustworthy- some could draw graphs of your internet habits.

No doubt, most free VPNs cannot access leading streaming sites in the world. For instance, Netflix blocks VPNs, because they want their services to be exclusive for US residents. And, other sites like Netflix are not kept behind in the crackdown. Of course, the embargo hits free VPNs the most.

So, when you think about a free VPN, be very discerning. That is why the list below only contains the best free VPNs of 2017. At least, I have scrutinized them to ensure that they are a cut above the rest! If you cannot trust them, then it is good you go for a VPN that you can trust. In this case, Express VPN is the most commendable!

Hey, how do you Determine best free VPN?

Well, there is no perfect metric to determine the best free VPN for 2017. But, just by looking at simple things such as efficiency and reliability, it’s possible to tell the best VPN. When you want to register for the best free VPN app or online site, look out for the features below.

Online protection and privacy

The main reason you use a VPN is to remain anonymous and secure over the internet. Whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden reveal how the American government spies on its people. And, it’s real! So, go for a VPN that can keep all spies and hackers at bay. The best VPN for smartphones should give anyone a hard time to catch your ISP- like in iPhone Vs FBI’s case! So, an ideal VPN should be hard to compromise and should never store your ISP.

Features of best free VPN 2017

By 2017, the best free VPN has sophisticated features. Not only does this make VPNs better and more functional, but also, increase their necessity. So, settle for a VPN app that has great features, and remains user-friendly. And, check out those that allow Peer to Peer (P2P) technology.

Number of servers and IP addresses

The best 2017 VPN should have a wide range of IP addresses for you to choose. So, you should not have to go installing five VPN Android apps just because one isn’t just enough. Instead, look out for those with servers across the world.

VPN speed

Shun from any free VPN software that slows devices or consumes too much disk space. The best VPN app should optimize your device’ speed. While VPNs with PPTP are relatively faster, those with OpenVPN technology are slower but more secure. Also, look out for VPNs compatible with your device- so that the RAM remains undisturbed.

Bandwidth limit

Some of the best VPN 2017 services only work for a limited internet bandwidth. Most of these VPNs have a provision of less than 1 GB a day. So, if you find one with more, the better!

And, Now, Ladies And Gentlemen, The List Of The Best Free VPN 2017!

Following the criteria outlined above, it is possible to come up with a list of the top free VPN 2017. Well, the internet has hundreds of VPN apps, but only a few can match the ten below! Basing the argument on popularity alone seems a little sloppy. Or, isn’t that the reason people debate on whether Twitter is better than Facebook?! To run away from such feuds, the list uses an algorithm that considers all factors. Also, the list comprises free VPNs that have an option for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows 7/10. In brief, let the list roll!

  1. CyberGhost- Best Free VPN 2017!

CyberGhostWhen was the last time you saw a ghost, ever? Halloween? Come on, a ghost is like the wind, no one sees it! CyberGhost VPN gives you that exact ID on the internet! If you ever find any list that leaves out Cyber Ghost and still claims be for the best VPNs, jump off and walk away! How can a serious writer forget the VPN software that has iOS, Android and Window versions? Is it even possible to write such a list without mentioning the free VPN with unlimited bandwidth? No! Let me stop pecking the beefsteak, and just eat it out already! So, here are the features that make Cyber Ghost a mandatory name on the best VPN for 2017’s list!

  • Cyber Ghost VPN offers unlimited bandwidth for all free users! So, you can stay logged for 3 hours without a hitch!
  • Also, CyberGhost has servers across the world, from the US and UK to Russia and Ukraine. Free Cyber Ghost VPN service offers access to 14 priority countries. And, the Premium Plus has more than 24!
  • The iOS Cyber Ghost VPN app service is only available for Premium Plus users, but it is so affordable you will love it! The same case applies to the P2P servers!
  • CyberGhost is fast, running at an average speed of 4Mb/s. That is perfect for Netflix and other streaming sites!
  • Again, Cyber Ghost does not store any of your ISP. So, your security and privacy is a guarantee!
  • For over a decade, Cyber Ghost has been the best VPN free download for Windows 7
  1. Cloak- second best free VPN 2017

CloakIf you need the best VPN free trial, you should try Cloak VPN. The 30- day free VPN trial is so good you will like to pay the premium. Interestingly, Cloak VPN’s paid-for version goes for as low as $1.99 a month. Does it mean cheap in price is cheap indeed? Cloak VPN free trial disapproves that statement! It has an easy installation and, they give free data cloaks for anyone who tweets about them! In brief, below are the reasons why Cloak VPN Free Trial is here!

  • The thirty-day free trial maybe too short, but Cloak Premium is the most affordable VPN service on the market!
  • Cloak appears to be the best VPN app for iOS. So, it is compatible with Apple devices. Also, Cloak VPN is compatible with personal computers! But, there are no versions for Android, Lumia phones or Blackberry.
  • Cloak has a broad coverage in terms of worldwide servers and IP addresses
  • It is fast and light!
  1. Total VPN- third Best Free VPN for 2017

TotalVPNSounds like the popular gas station across the highway, right? Well, Total fuels your online security and privacy for zero dollars! The free Total VPN service comes with myriad benefits for its users. Total’s Premium version goes for $5.99 a month, but the free version is worthwhile too! In brief, here are the features that make Total VPN to be part of the great Best Free VPN for 2017 list!

  • With the Free Total VPN, you can choose IP addresses from 3 prime locations. If you upgrade to the Premium, you get more!
  • The bandwidth is limited, but it is fast enough for your taking! Again. Total VPN’s paid-for option has unlimited bandwidth
  1. Hide.Me- fourth Best Free VPN 2017

Hide.meHide Me is yet another piece in the list of the most popular VPNs in 2017. Apart from simplicity, and easy installation process, Hide Me has tens of servers across the world. Also, it is easy to use, and the interface is easy to navigate. But, there are complaints that Hide Me keeps their users ISP. It is easy to download and install. Away from the ‘easy’ part, here are other fruits of this tree!

  • The Me free version has a bandwidth of 2GB  a month
  • With Hide Me, you can hide your IP in prime countries such as Canada, Singapore and Netherlands
  • It is simple to use- that has to be repeated!
  • It is fast, and has awesome performance
  • You can get better services by upgrading to the paid-for services
  1. HotSpot Shield- fifth Best Free VPN 2017!

HotSpot ShieldHotSpot Shield free VPN is a Kim Kardashian of the Virtual Private Networks! Many people across the world use the HotSpot Shield to watch streaming sites. The VPN has its shortcomings, though. It is one of the worst hit VPN software by the streaming site crackdown on VPNs. But, HotSpot keeps improving and that’s the ostensible reason it still remains popular. Here are some of the VPN’s sweet spots.

  • The free VPN version gets funding through running adverts, but it has almost all features that such a software needs
  • Hot Spot Shield has a download speed of 6.5Mb/s, one of the best among the best 2017 free VPN
  • It has servers across the world, including in UK, US, Australia and Japan.
  • Oh, almost forgot that HotSpot Shield Free VPN may change your search engine, but has unlimited bandwidth
  • Compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows and Android
  • And, their support runs 24/7
  1. VPNBook- sixth Best Free VPN 2017!

VPNBookVPNBook has one of the best ratings among 2017 top free VPN software. With 4/5 approval from pundits, you definitely want to give it a shot! It does become hectic to install VPN Book app. But, it does not ask for any details during sign up! And, to let the albumen remain in the shell till the pan is hot, here are VPNBook’s features.

  • It is compatible with a wide array of Operating Systems. So, you can install it on your Linux, Windows and Mac OS X devices. Also, if you have iOS (iPads and iPhones) or Android, you are covered by VPN Book.
  • VPN Book has AES-128 and AES-256 encryption technology to keep you safe
  • And, VPNBook VPN offers unlimited bandwidth
  1. FreeLan- 7th Best Free VPN 2017!

FreelanFreeLan is a free VPN that is best for people who love computer commands. Well, this might be rather difficult for computer greenhorns. But, for enthusiasts, it is an awesome shot! Freelan free VPN proxy earns its space on the list of the top 10 free VPNs! The open source code VPN is not installed like other software. Instead, it installs drivers through the command prompt. Then, its network drivers take the helms of the entire device’ traffic. So, Freelan is the best free VPN for torrenting! If you can move around the prompts, or you are a geek, then Freelan is your type of VPN!

  1. TunnelBear- eighth Best Free VPN for 2017!

Tunnel BearTunnelBear is one of the best online VPN, with servers in many priority countries. And, it has one of the top, fastest speeds. That is just the ‘news’ bulletin, here are the full details!

  • Tunnel Bear has servers in USA, UK and Canada. Also, they have IP addresses from Canada, Australia, Japan and Germany!
  • While their monthly bandwidth for the free VPN version is 500MB, you can tweet them for 1 GB more
  • It has one of the best internet speeds, at 12MB/s
  • Tunnel Bear VPN has one of the most user-friendly interfaces among the best VPNs of 2017
  • TunnelBear may consume a large amount of your space
  • It is broad spectrum, meaning that the VPN is compatible with a nearly all Operating Systems. So, TunnelBear is one of the best free VPN for Android. And, it is a free VPN Mac too! Also, download the free VPN for Windows 10!
  • TunnelBear VPN providers have a 24/7 hour support
  1. Opera- ninth Best Free VPN 2017

OperaVPNAre you a fan of the Opera browser? Then, you must have noticed some new feature within it! Nowadays, Opera has an inbuilt VPN that allows you to change your ID to wherever! And, the feature isn’t an add-on like you’d expect. Instead, it is a free VPN built within the browser! Better still, with the Opera Browser VPN; you don’t have to pay a penny for the service! To stop sugar coating, here are the features of the Opera Browser VPN!

  • Besides being free, Opera Browser VPN knows nothing to do with limited bandwidth!
  • You don’t have to install anything, besides the browser!
  • Opera is a renowned fast browser!
  • There is no site restriction in the use of Opera Browser
  • Only the Beta version exists, meaning there is room for improvement!

Opera Browser VPN appears to be the shot of 2017! So, should we place it right on top of the best Free VPN of 2017?  Well, try it and come tell us in the comment section! And, if you want to light up the VPN, head to the Privacy & Security option on the menu.

  1. PrivateTunnel- tenth Best Free VPN 2017

PrivateTunnelIf you are a light internet user, you will probably love Private Tunnel Free VPN. It does not give you too much bandwidth for its free trial. Instead, Private Tunnel VPN charges users for the bandwidth. For instance, they assign 100 MB for the free trial. Then, they put a price on 50GB, 100GB and 500GB respectively. But, there is a silver lining in using the Free VPN. So, find them below!

  • Private Tunnel Free VPN gives IP addresses from USA, Canada and Switzerland among others. Critics say that Private Tunnel has few servers but; who needs a Swaziland IP address anyway?!
  • Private Tunnel Free VPN supports one of the fastest download speeds. Where else do you get 20Mb/s?!
  • They have affordable prices for their bandwidth bundles. And, no annual or monthly subscription fee!
  • Private Tunnel Free VPN is compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows and Android

And the winner of the Best Free VPN 2017 competition is …

Noteworthy, the above VPN ratings 2017 is more of chronological than it is ascension. So, it’s time to point out the best VPN service in 2017! I won’t judge you for voting the wrong VPN. Of course, its evident humans are not smart enough for democracy! Or, hasn’t the world proved this, yet? Hey, don’t get livid! Well, it is evident that one free VPN fulfils the metric outlined in the article. So, it cannot be Freelan, because it is a bit sophisticated. CyberGhost VPN remains my favorite free VPN! Which is yours?!

Top/Featured Image: By Alan O’Rourke / Flickr

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