How to Watch ESPN in Canada (and outside US) with these 2 Easy Methods

Since you clearly want to know how to watch ESPN in Canada, we’ll put forward similar questions to deal with them in a single awesome guide (this one!).

Would you like to watch ESPN outside US?

Or, are you wondering how to get ESPN in Europe?

No problem, this article will let you know how to watch ESPN internationally.

In other words, you will learn how to get ESPN abroad, ESPN overseas and live U.S. ESPN stream.

how to watch espn in canada
Learning how to watch ESPN in Canada doesn’t have to be a pain in the backside. In other words, read this guide

Moreover, get to function ESPN app Canada.

Again, you will find the ESPN proxy site and check out if WatchESPN works in Canada and Europe.

Again, you will know how to unblock ESPN channels in Canada, India or anywhere else in the world.

So, buckle up as you learn in detail – how to watch ESPN outside the United States of America using VPNs and Smart DNS.

So, ESPN is an abbreviation for the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.

Owned by ESPN Inc., the cable-satellite channel was founded in 1979 to cover sports.

Also, the ESPN is a household name in covering live matches.

ESPN has its studios and headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut.

But, they also have other offices in New York, Miami and Los Angeles among other places.

Since 1979, ESPN has gained fame due to its coverage of a broad range of sporting activities.

Besides streaming the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, ESPN acquired fame for airing EPL and NFL matches.

While ESPN was only accessible to a few people after launching, its subscription was more than 90 million in 2015.

Then, ESPN embraced online streaming services to be accessible for more users.

Hence no, ESPN is available on smartphones and smart television sets.

As a matter of fact, WatchESPN is one of the handy apps for American sports enthusiasts.

ESPN streams sports of all kind, making the app worthwhile for all sports lovers.

But the downside of the WatchESPN service is that it is only available for those in the United States.

Many people in Europe, Canada and the rest of the world yearn to know how they can access ESPN outside US.

While people apply many tricks to watch ESPN outside the United States, only a few work.

ESPN online is geo-restricted – thus, a US server must be used to access the sports streaming service.

Moving on, even though ESPN services are not available outside the United States – but that does not mean you cannot watch it!

If you follow the tips in this article, you can watch ESPN anywhere in the world using tools like VPN and SmartDNS.

So, with a little patience from you, you will know how to use VPNs and Smart DNS to access DNS in Canada, Europe, India or Africa!

ESPN Channels for you to watch

There is no point in you learning how to watch ESPN in Canada if you don’t know any of the channels.

So read this next section with a bit of attention.

ESPN has a host of channels for you to watch.

And, they are all available on the WatchESPN app!

So, when you access the service, you will enjoy a huge sporting experience.

For instance, ESPN has the following channels.

  • ESPN

In particular, ESPN broadcasts in English.

Also, the channel has sports talks, live and documentary shows.

So, on ESPN, you can catch the SportsCenter for news.

Moreover, you can find Around the Horn – it is a debate involving sports writers.

Besides, you get College GameDay, which is a football show for colleges.

  • ESPN2

Notably, ESPN2 is an English ESPN affiliate channel formed in 1993 as a way of appreciating the youth.

Unlike ESPN that is majorly adult-oriented, ESPN2 targets people aged between 18 and 34 years.

So, you can watch college NHL, hockey, or basketball.

Also, BMX and skateboarding races are available.

These days, ESPN2 serves as an affiliate for ESPN’s sports programs.

  • ESPN+

By the same token, ESPN+ is an extra channel whose signals are available in most parts of South America.

ESPN+ has two signals: the Pacific and the Atlantic.

Most people in Ecuador, Argentina, and Uruguay can catch sporting events live on ESPN+.

Some of the games aired on ESPN+ include Rugby, Tennis, Football, and motorsports.

  • ESPN Classic

For a start, ESPN bought the Classic Sports Network in 1997 and rebranded it to ESPN Classic in 98.

ESPN Classic dedicates programs to movies with sports themes.

Also, the channel is packed with documentaries and sporting events of the 90s.

In brief, ESPN Classic is the archive channel, where classic-level events are aired.


ESPNU launched in 2005 to focus on college athletics.

So, ESPNU airs college swimming, hockey, and football – you can get other sports as well.

  • ESPNews

In a word, ESPNews is the main ESPN news channel.

Although ESPNews primarily airs news and debates, it also streams matches when there is overflow on the other ESPN channels.

  • ESPN Deportes

ESPN Deportes is ESPN’s Spanish channel.

Subsequently, ESPN Deportes is a 24-hour channel.

Also, ESPN owns several regional channels across the world.

For instance, ESPN has affiliates in Brazil, Australia, and Latin America.

Moreover, ESPN co-owns other channels in Canada, France, and the UK.

With such a huge sum of channels, ESPN occupies part of the world’s sports TV summit.

ESPN’s services are so popular that they have been incorporated into the popular culture.

So, many movies use ESPN to convey sports.

Again, ESPN receives several mentions in comedy and slang.

Moreover, there are even reports about kids named ESPN!

ESPN Compatible devices

Learn how to watch ESPN in Canada and change your streaming life.

Now that we have covered ESPN channels you can watch after unblocking it outside the US, let’s take a look at the compatible devices before we move on to the final session that are the tools to unblock and watch it.

So, the popularity replicates in many people outside America looking forward to watching ESPN.

Gladly, you can watch ESPN on a broad range of devices.

For instance, if you have the devices or software listed below, you have no excuse!

  • Watch ESPN on Roku
  • Watch ESPN on Canada Apple TV
  • iPod, iPad, iPhone
  • Vista
  • Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP
  • Xbox One
  • OS X
  • Kindle Fire
  • Android
  • Chromecast

How to watch ESPN in Canada

So, whether you live in Canada or Europe -wherever – you can access ESPN services without issues.

Like most streaming sites, ESPN is blocked for non-US users.

But, it is fortunate that there are hacks and tricks to help you unblock ESPN outside the United States.

So, it does not matter whether you are in the deepest part of Africa or the snowy mountains of Nepal – you can access ESPN right there!

In the first place, though, you will need to create your account.

ESPN requires that you fill out a registration form so they can give you an account on their site.

After you have acquired your ESPN account, you will need to provide billing information.

You must have a US based bank account or credit card as well.

Otherwise, ESPN will not accept non-US bank information during subscription to their streaming services.

ESPN is just like Netflix. Besides being from the United States, both are geo-restricted.

Thus, they are blocked for non-US users. But, the blocking also happens with other streaming sites such as Hulu Plus, Amazon, and Cackle.

So, you will need to use VPNs or Smart DNS to watch your favourite sports outside the United States.

In brief, this is how to use Smart DNS to watch ESPN internationally.

  1. Unblock ESPN using Smart DNS

Watch ESPN app and the ESPN website need you to be in the United States so you can enjoy their services.

But with a dynamic Smart DNS, you can beat this restriction anywhere in the world.

Smart DNS is a software that acts as a DNS server.

Also known as a smart DNS proxy, the software hides the location of its users to a colossal list of online IPs.

While most SmartDNS are paid, it is worthwhile because the proxies unblock exclusive sites.

Thus, with a good smart DNS, you can access any site that is blocked in your country.

Although VPNs and smartDNS proxies both unblock geo-restricted sites, they are different.

For instance, smart DNS neither encrypts data nor redirects Internet traffic to its proxy. Those are characteristics of VPNs, which Smart DNS proxies don’t perform.

Those are characteristics of VPNs, which Smart DNS proxies don’t perform.

Instead, the DNS proxy redirects users’ traffic for the specific selected sites through their servers.

Thus, traffic overrides the normal DNS restrictions and grants foreign users access to the targeted site!

ESPN covers all sports. And by that we mean, all sports.

The added advantage a VPN has over SmartDNS is, it allows you to change IP to another country – whereas, a SmartDNS doesn’t change your IP.

And yes, the smart DNS method has myriad advantages over the VPN.

Besides being faster, the smart DNS is compatible with all kinds of devices and OS.

Also, most smart DNS services are more affordable than their VPN counterparts. Again, the smart DNS can grant access to an enormous number of sites.

So, you no longer have any reason against learning how to watch ESPN in Canada!

But, critics say that a data may be intercepted or redirected to the servers without a user’s consent.

So, malicious Smart DNS providers may hijack and leak data leading to a compromise.

But, that is very rare because the smart DNS providers (as like any other company in serious business) need their clients’ trust.

A little caution should apply.

Thus, you must always use efficient and trustworthy Smart DNS to watch ESPN outside the US.

But, that is very rare because the smart DNS providers (as like any other company in serious business) need their clients’ trust.

A little caution should apply. Thus, you must always use efficient and trustworthy Smart DNS to watch ESPN outside the US.

Below, we are going to take off the tension from you by recommending our tested one.

Best Smart DNS to Learn How to watch ESPN in Canada

If you want to properly learn how to watch ESPN in Canada, there are few options better than a Smart DNS service.

With the long list available on the Internet of smart DNS to help unblock ESPN abroad, making a choice may become a hard task.

Notably, it is a hard task because all the similar software in the market are efficient and worthwhile.

At least, watching ESPN in Europe, Canada or Asia is no longer impossible.

But, when making a choice for the best Smart DNS, it is important to consider the price, efficiency, and compatibility – and trust.

For instance, most of the Smart DNS only unblock a few sites and are compatible with less than 20 devices.

Noteworthy, you need a smart DNS to unlock as many regional-restricted sites as possible.

While your primary objective is to watch ESPN outside the US, unlocking a few more sites is the best bargain.

Unlocator and SmartDNSProxy all unblock more than 130 websites.

Unblock US and IronSocket are the best at this with 152 and 215 respectively.

But, the number and availability of the compatible devices is an important consideration.

Of course, no one wants a situation where you have a DNS that cannot open ESPN on your device.

So, the best DNS in this criterion are Unlocator, IronSocket, and SmartDNSProxy.

And, many pundits rate Unlocator and IronSocket better than any other smart DNS in the world.

After reading most of the reviews, users end up more confused than convinced.

They even result to tossing a coin to get the best!

However, after close examination and experience, Cyberogism recommends Unlocator.

And, the price is not the single issue of concern here.

Anyone who has had a taste of both smart DNS will be sure to place that bet!

  • Use Unlocator smart DNS to learn how to watch ESPN in Canada

Unlocator is the undisputable king of smart DNS.

Across the world, millions of users put their trust on Unlocator because it is efficient.

While using Unlocator, you only need to make a $4.95 payment a month or $49.95 a year.

Even with the affordable fee, you access ESPN and 143 other sites.

Also, Unlocator lets you watch your preferred ESPN channel programs on 28 devices.

For instance, you can watch ESPN on Wii, PlayStation 3 & 4 as well as Boxee.

For the payments, Unlocator accepts Credit Cards, PayPal and many others.

So, how do you unblock ESPN using Unlocator?

First, you need to create a US profile account on the Watch ESPN website.

But, to do that, it is important you have the DNS on first to avoid getting blocked.

So, follow the following procedure to set up your account on the Unlocator DNS.

  1. Visit the Unlocator site and sign up
  2. Then, choose the method of payment
  3. Next, accept all the prompts
  4. Start your Unlocator Free Trial!
  5. Configure the device you are using so it can accept Unlocator, all configurations are going to be in your Unlocator account
  6. Then, head to the Watch ESPN website. Also, you can decide to use their app. Whichever, ensure your device can handle both ESPN and Unlocator
  1. Use VPN to Unblock ESPN And Learn How To Watch ESPN In Canada

If you want to trick websites, so they do not track you, then you need a reliable VPN!

Also, if you are afraid of hackers trying to hack you, then a VPN service can come in handy as well.

Again, the VPN helps you escape NSA’s espionage. Not just it helps you stay anonymous online, you can watch ESPN outside America using the VPN.

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) grants online anonymity to Internet user alongside the ability to unblock websites – hence, it is ideal if you want to know how to watch ESPN in Canada.

For instance, the VPN gives you an IP address in the United States – thus, you access all the exclusive services.

So, you can proceed to access Watch ESPN services in Europe, Canada or anywhere in the world using VPN.

Top VPNs in Order To Solve The Riddle Of How To Watch ESPN In Canada

Want to watch a sport that doesn’t have a huge following? Great. Watch ESPN.

There are many VPN apps for you to consider in your pursuit of watching ESPN outside America. But, you will need to get the best from them. This list consists of the best, most popular VPNs. People opt for Tor because it is free and more convenient – but, if you need to surf faster, VPNs are way better.

Noteworthy, VPNs encrypt all your browsing data so that no one can track what you do. Thus, besides unblocking Watch ESPN for you, VPNs keep you safe online. So, here are some of the best VPNs to utilise:

  1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has its base of operations in the British Virgin Islands.

And it has more than 15 thousand IP addresses in the world.

Also, ExpressVPN is available in 78 countries in the world. ExpressVPN gives its users a 30-day money back guarantee. You can unblock ESPN using ExpressVPN for as low as $8.32. Read our detailed ExpressVPN review for more details.

  1. VyprVPN

A product of Golden Frog, as like ExpressVPN, VyprVPN comes with multiple benefits. For instance, it is available in more than 48 countries and has more than 200 thousand IPs. Also, it has a 30-day money back guarantee in case of anything! Thus, with $4.99, you can unblock ESPN and many other sites.

  1. is a VPN service provider that has its base in the United States of America..

But it still offers a great number of IP addresses all around the world.

Also, they have servers available in 30+ countries and give a 15-day money back guarantee.

To conclude, with as little as $5.42 per month, you can watch ESPN in Europe, Canada and literally anywhere worldwide.

You can read our review to know all the nuts and bolts about this VPN provider.

So, there you have it – the best VPNs for ESPN. As a consequence, at Cyberogism, we recommend ExpressVPN for its efficiency. It has unlimited bandwidth, fast speed and is compatible with a wide array of devices.

How to watch ESPN in Canada By Using A VPN Service

Watching ESPN in Canada isn’t a big deal. The only thing you need is a guide. And this guide is the best guide.

Unblocking ESPN abroad is easy with ExpressVPN. So, follow the procedure below.

Register for ExpressVPN

Here, you will need to fill out the registration form and then provide your plan. Finish the sign-up process before proceeding to the next step.

Download and Install ExpressVPN

After you register for the VPN, download the version that is compatible with your device.

So, check out for your device on the list and click on it.

For instance, if yours is Apple TV, tap on the name and wait.

The process is simple- so, install the file to your device.

Connect ExpressVPN to a US server
Connecting involves choosing your preferred server. It is a list of IP addresses, and you need to tap one in the United States.

Register on ESPN

Next, you will need to register on Watch ESPN. But, if you have an ESPN account already, you are okay!

Once logged to the Watch ESPN site, you will access their services outside the United States!

In brief, you can access Watch ESPN and other ESPN streaming services with ease if you use the VPN or Smart DNS.

Other methods such as Tor are worthwhile, too – but they are not as reliable as VPNs and SmartDNS.

And, among these two, the VPN method is our favourite because of the added advantage of complete privacy over Internet.

Noteworthy, you must have an active American Cable subscription to watch ESPN.

Besides Watch ESPN, you can also access other streaming services such as Amazon, Hulu or Netflix using the two methods.

So, trying them out means you get such a huge bonus! Now, which is better – watching ESPN abroad using VPN or Smart DNS? Try out, find out!

Bonus tip: A little off topic, but if you ever get in trouble while paying for ESPN your subscription, as they require only US bank or credit card, you can turn to our Netflix without credit card article as there are some methods suggested to overcome Netflix US credit card payment problem – you can apply them in case of ESPN, should work.

How to Watch ESPN in Canada: Conclusion

We hope that this guide answered all of questions.

Hopefully you know full well know how to watch ESPN in Canada.

In case you still need help in learning how to watch ESPN in Canada, then we are here for you.

If you have questions or suggestions about watching ESPN outside the US, feel free to utilise the comment section below.

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