Modern Technologies That Increase Business Efficiency

Modern business technologies can give a company a competitive edge. By implementing improved management, infrastructure, and processes, the company can enhance customer engagement and differentiate itself from competitors who have yet to embrace these advancements.

At the same time, one should not assume that modern business technologies are the lot of only large corporations, and are inaccessible to small businesses. In this article, we will tell you what are the current trends in this area, what entrepreneurs of any level can use, and also give a short overview of business technologies in various types of companies.

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Let’s take for example Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). Enterprise Data Warehouse is a centralized data warehouse designed to integrate, store and analyze large amounts of data collected from various sources within an enterprise. The main function of edw is to collect data from different systems and sources, structure it and provide uniform access to information for business intelligence and decision-making.

Tasks of modern business technologies

Business technologies (BT) are techniques and methods, including innovative technological solutions, that contribute to the development of projects. Innovative BTs expand the possibilities of ideas and open up new prospects for their promotion on the market.

Modern business technologies are aimed at promoting commercial projects and conquering market segments that are inaccessible to traditional businesses.

The main tasks of actual BT are:

  • Search for innovative solutions that simplify the relationship between the company and the end user;
  • Income optimization;
  • Increase the productivity of the company’s employees;
  • Updating work strategies;
  • Search and/or development of new effective marketing techniques.

The main task of modern business technologies is to increase the profit of the enterprise and promote projects in certain market segments through the use of non-standard solutions and strategies.

Sources of Modern Business Technology

According to experts, there are 4 sources of innovative ideas:

  • External (social, economic, market), structural changes in the company, and the needs of society;
  • Global and local demographic transformations;
  • Changing people’s perception of the meaning of life and personal needs;
  • Obtaining such an amount of knowledge about the world that provokes a qualitative leap in development.

Trends in modern business technologies

Data factory

In recent years, the number of different applications designed for data storage has increased significantly. However, the number of specialists working with them remained almost at the same level. Data factories help solve this problem – services that allow users to exchange information. Their advantages include:

  • Access to data from anywhere in the world;
  • The ability to create a scalable architecture;
  • Built-in analytical services that allow you to use data more efficiently;
  • Reduction of payback periods of modern business technologies.

Cyber security mesh

Since the employees of modern companies do not need to constantly be in the office, and the remote work format is in increasing demand, the protection system should be formed differently, and have a more flexible architecture that allows you to combine various services located in different places. To do this, they use cybersecurity networks that save all the assets of the enterprise from unauthorized entry, regardless of where they are physically located.

Merchandise management technology

A modern business technology that retail companies cannot do without. It automatically determines the stock balance at each point and for each item (SKU) on a daily basis.

Large-scale retail does not involve manual inventory counting because:

  • The owner of a large business cannot really manage the remnants of commodity resources, adequately change the cost of products depending on the situation on the market;
  • The level of stocks of products affects the turnover, as well as profitability;
  • It is important to adequately assess the degree of return of financial investments in the business.


As technology advances, so does business. So big companies are increasingly implementing autonomous systems that can replace a worker, or make the workflow more convenient, better, and safer.

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