How to Download Pokemon Go outside US on Your iOS or Android

Are you looking for ways to download Pokemon Go outside the United States? Or, would you love to know how to download Pokemon Go on Android? Well, downloading Pokemon Go on iPhone in America is easy.

But, do you want to know how to get Pokemon Go in Canada on Android too? Actually, not just Canada – anywhere in the world! Would you love to bypass the obstinate discouraging message “This app is not compatible with any of your devices”?Pokemon Go outside the USWhatever your geographical location is, this is a guide to download Pokemon Go in India or any other part of the world. Also, you will learn how to download Pokemon Go outside US using fake Pokemon GPS. Again, you will know how to use fake Pokemon Go GPS location to hack your way into enjoying the virtual game!

So, Pokemon Go is a virtual gaming app developed by Niantic Inc. Also, Pokemon series are available for iOS, Android, and Apple Watch. Pokemon Go is one of the most advanced games in the series.

Released in July 2016, Pokemon Go has gained more than half a billion users across the world. At the time of launching, the game received several accolades in reviews. But, most critics pointed out several technical snags, including slowing down low-end devices.

Also, Pokemon Go experienced server-outages brought by torrential traffic. Furthermore, many users complained about authentication errors during the first days of its release. Moreover, few users could access the game using their Pokemon Trainer Club profiles. PoodleCorp hackers took Pokemon Down in mid-July using DDoS attacks.

Besides, few governments blocked users from accessing Pokemon Go. Citing security issues, some governments across the world blocked created firewalls against the game. For instance, the French government raised a safety concern in July’s Nice’ terrorist attack.

Also, South Korea cited online geo-data to restrict the game. And not to forget, the Chinese government has permanently blocked Google using the Great Firewall. So, users interested in playing Pokemon have to use alternative download platforms-  third party sites.

Pokemon Go is so popular that it is the standard for all the apps in the world. For instance, in the efforts to regulate games, authorities have set up anti-Pokemon signs. While there are signs warning players to ‘play Pokemon Go safely’ in Minnesota Valley, there are also others for ‘No Pokemon’ in Hacienda Heights California. Also, there are many other Pokemon Go regulations in Japan, China and other parts of the world.

Moreover, many users complain that the game is not available in other countries. For instance, Pokemon Go is only available in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. But, Niantic insists that the app is a location-based virtual game trying to spread in the world.

So in short, location issues have been a challenge for Pokemon Go. When the app was new, Australian servers went down because other people used their accounts. Thus, the players were too many for the Australian servers leading to the failure.

Yet, by the end of 2016, the gaming app had gained millions of installs across the world – over 500 million. Likewise, Niantic – the makers of Pokemon, has profited much in revenues. Many of the challenges were fixed soon after they got discovered.

So, Pokemon Go is now stable and enjoyable than ever before. Most people can access the game on their iOS, Android, and even Windows. Also, millions of other users prefer playing on Facebook and other third party platforms. The only hitch with Pokemon Go is that it is not available in all parts of the world.

Places to download Pokemon legally

On 6th July 2016, Niantic expanded Pokemon Go services to Europe, Australia and, New Zealand. During the launch, Niantic CEO John Hanke said that the gaming app would be available in all countries when the company will feel ‘comfortable.’ So as of now though, Pokemon Go is available in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and most of Europe.

How to get Pokemon Go in Canada

Many people want to know how to get Pokemon Go in Canada on Android. Here, you will learn it – and get a bonus on how to download Pokemon Go for iOS in Canada. If you have a Gmail account, you can download Pokemon Canada. But, you will need to change your location on the Play Store. Also, with a Canadian or New Zealand iTunes account, you can download Pokemon Go!

How to get Pokemon Go in the UK

Pokemon Go is available in the United Kingdom! So, if you live there, all you need is create an iTunes or Google account. Then, head to the App Store and download Pokemon Go in the UK now!

How to get Pokemon Go in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

If you are a resident in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, download Pokemon Go by heading to the app store. So, all you need is an iOS or Google account!

How to get Pokemon Go in India

Unfortunately, India is one of the countries where Pokemon Go is not available. So, to download Pokemon Go in India, you will need to perform hacks that are outlined below in this article. Again, Pokemon India is like downloading Pokemon go outside US. But, you will need to trick Pokemon first!

Pokemon Go in purchases Billing

If you try playing Pokemon Go outside the US, you may find problems making in-game purchases. Pokemon Go is location-based and thus refuses to take your bank details or credit card. But this is because your billing method is not located in USA or a region where Pokemon Go is available.

So, you may need to get some other method to do your in-purchases. Try US PayPal account or digital currency, you can also try Entropay or Nettler to get yourself a US payment method as covered in our US Netflix outside US article.

How to play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an AR game that allows you to live up to the imagination of virtual reality. While playing the viral game, you are supposed to scan around for a wild Pokemon. Then, you throw a Poke Ball at the wild Pokemon. Afterward, you can add the Pokemon to those you have already collected.

Of course, you will have to create a Pokemon Go account. Then, you will also need to make your avatar (this isn’t the same as the James Cameron film “Avatar”) – with customized eye, hair and skin color. When the avatar is placed on the map, you will see that your player’s location will appear. Then, you will find Pokemon Gyms, PokeStops and other facilities designed to help you play. For instance, PokeStops will let you get important things like eggs, berries, and Poke Ball.

Also, the Augmented Reality (AR) game has different options for the surroundings. For instance, you can get the Pokemon water and much more! The boosting of Combat Power (CP) relies on Stardust and ‘candies’. Well, just get Pokemon Go game and understand these things better!

Compatibility of Pokemon Go

At times, Pokemon Go gets slow. But, this is mainly because of its incompatibility with lower end versions of iOS and Android. Android 4.0 KitKat and later are the ideal versions for Pokemon Go. So, prior to download the Pokemon Go game outside the US, make sure your operating system can handle it. Otherwise, you may experience slow pace or even ‘hanging’ of the device.

How to get Pokemon Go on Android

If your phone runs on Android, there is a Pokemon Go version for you already now! No matter where you are – including in Africa, you will be able to access the Pokemon Go on the Google Play Store. However, you might not be able to download it due to the geographical discrepancies.

But, is that a concern in these days of advanced technology, anyway? Well, you can find out how to do this by reading the instructions on the Google Play Store. If you are not in the US and want to download Pokemon Android, you may need a powerful VPN as described further below in this article.

How to get Pokemon Go on iOS

If what you need is Pokemon Go on your Apple device, then, you can have it right from your App store. However, you will need to be in the United States or other countries where Pokemon is allowed. So, once you have your iTunes account active, download Pokemon Go and follow the prompts.

But, you can download Pokemon outside the US and other legal places in many ways. The following guide outlines methods of downloading, installing and playing your American dream game!

How to download Pokemon Go outside US

Even if you are not a resident in the Unites States, you can still download Pokemon Go outside the US. Playing Pokemon is possible right from the US App store! Also, you can find Pokemon Go outside USA by downloading APK files outside the app store.

Furthermore, you can meddle with the Android rooting, and it helps trick Google that you are in America. Likewise, if you are on iOS, you can jailbreak to trick Apple. Or, with an active American iTunes account you can download Pokemon Go before it launches in your country. The account helps you access apps in the American app store.

So, this is the list of the best, most efficient ways to get Pokemon Go app outside the United States. Have a look at them in detail below and get the most convenient for you!

  1.     Download Pokemon Go outside the US using APK file

If you are in a country where Pokemon Go is not available, you can find it online. You need to use a third party website, though. So, you will change your settings to allow downloads outside Google Play. But, it is simple if you follow the procedure below:

  • Allow your Android phone to download stuff outside Google Play by changing your settings. To do so, head on to Settings>Security
  • Asked whether you want to Toggle to Unknown Sources, hit ‘ON’
  • Then, go to APK Mirror on your browser and search Pokemon Go. There, you will find the newest version of the Pokemon Go gaming app.
  • Next, dial the ‘Download APK’ tab
  • Then, after finishing the download, head to your phone’s files. Get the latest downloads, and you will find Pokemon Go there. Double tap on the APK and then, it will start to install.

Noteworthy, downloading apps outside Google Store is risky. You may get compromised stuff, Trojans, malware or spyware. So, you might also want to learn how to encrypt Android to make it safe by using the best Android antivirus.

  1.     Get Pokemon Go outside the US via new iTunes account

At times, you need to have a US iTunes account to access the US App Store. This method applies if you are using an Apple Device. So, if your device is an iPhone, iPad or Mac, this is your best bet!

In this case, having a US account helps you rid off the waiting until Pokemon launches in your country. Instead, you can access the American App Store and have a variety of apps before they can even know your home country exists!

But, it is not compulsory that you get a US profile to download Pokemon Go. The app is also available in most parts of Europe. Thus, you can set your region as New Zealand, Australia or Canada too. As long as the region you choose is a legitimate Pokemon Go location, you are safe! Simply put, you need to follow the procedure outlined below.

  • On your homescreen or desktop, find the App Store app. Then, after launching, hit the “Apple ID” and sign out.
  • Next, you will need to have your location changed.
  • So, head on to Settings>General>Language & Region.
  • Then, change the region to Canada, United Kingdom or the United States. Be sure to choose an area that is ‘legal’ for Pokemon Go
  • Then, go back to the App Store, Sign in and search for Pokemon Go. Next, hit ‘Get’ and ‘Install.’
  • When a pop-up asks you to sign in, hit ‘Create New’ instead. Then, use a US (or legal country) email and address to sign up. While filling the form, make sure that your credit card is US (or legal state) based. This is because you must use a Billing information from the country or region that has Pokemon Go available.
  • When you get back to the App Store, you can install and play Pokemon Go.

Easy, yes? But wait – when using this method, you will note several hitches. For instance, most of your apps will demand you change their regions too. So, you will have to modify the region when launching each app.

If that is not backstabbing, then signing in and out of the country’s Apple account is! However, it is worthwhile for people who want to download and play Pokemon Go outside the US. Also, you may need to use a VPN alongside the method to fortify your location and avoid discrepancies. ExpressVPN is the recommended Pokemon VPN, if you ask us.

  1.     Get Pokemon on Android via a VPN

With the strongest VPN for Android, you can beat regional restrictions and, play Pokemon outside America. It may sound epic for newbies, but it is easy after you have understood the process. Pokemon Go will no longer be a reserve of a few. First, a VPN is a Virtual Private Network – an app that allows you change your virtual location.

So, the VPN app tricks websites and apps that try to track you. The VPN providers have servers in many parts of the world. Thus, anytime someone tries to check out where you are surfing from, he or she is redirected to the servers of the country you have set.

Again, the VPN can to trick Google and grant you access to the Play Store. You only need to change your Google Play’s region to the USA. So, you will find the apps on the Google Play that are exclusively for North American users.

Also, you may hit one with servers in any of the countries where Pokemon has launched. Because Pokemon Go gaming app is USA-based, you will find it in the American Play Store. But, to succeed in using a VPN to get Pokemon on for Android outside the US, follow the instructions below:

  • First, register with a VPN company that has servers in America (and in countries where Pokemon Go is allowed). If you ask me or any of my colleagues at Cyberogism for a VPN recommendation, get yourself ExpressVPN as it has American servers as well as servers in all places where Pokemon Go is available.
  • So given that you have your VPN account created, run the VPN app on your Android phone or tablet. Also, choose a location in the United States
  • Next, set up a connection on using the VPN Android app – if you choose ExpressVPN, you just need to install its Android app and there you go
  • Also, you will need to clear the cache in your download memory. Most trackers use your caches, so this is important. To do clear data, use the following navigation.
  • Settings>Apps>Downloaded>Google Play Store>Clear Data>Force Stop
  • Then, exit the settings and launch the Play Store app
  • Next, download the Pokemon Go game app outside the US

Please note; every time you launch Pokemon Go outside US, you need to have the VPN activated. Otherwise, Pokemon might realize you are not within their jurisdiction and block you! And of course, there are myriad VPN apps you can use to get Pokemon Go. But, Cyberogism recommends ExpressVPN for the purpose of playing Pokemon Go outside US. Besides, a VPN is recommended every time you are using public networks – expressly WiFi.

  1.     Get Pokemon Go outside US Via Fake GPS location

On an honest view, Niantic has strict ways of preventing Pokemon Go users to fake GPS location. But that does not mean guys who are good at tech cannot break through it. In fact, faking Pokemon Go GPS location is one of the most efficient ways of playing the game outside the US.

So, the fake Pokemon GPS location is a way of accessing the game without moving from where you are. Thus, to play or download Pokemon Go outside America, follow the following instructions:

  • First, root your phone, tablet or device
  • Next, install the ‘Xposed Framework’ app
  • Then, launch the new app
  • On the Xposed Framework, look up for ‘FakeLocation.’ Then, make sure you install the latest version
  • Next, activate the module in the Xposed Installer- find it in the ‘Modules’ tab
  • Once you finish the activation, reboot your device to hasten background installation
  • Then, launch the FakeLocation app and tap settings
  • Hit ‘System Apps’, then refresh the list
  • To choose your preferred location, turn on ‘GPS Mocking.’
  • Also, change your VPN to the location that is near to the Pokemon region. So, if yours is New Zealand, let it replicate in the VPN location settings. Notable, the FakeLocation app is the VPN in this case, but you can use your choice!
  • Then, open Pokemon Go and play to your fulfillment!

Again, Niantic is vigilant on combating Pokemon fake GPS location. So, players who use this method need to tread with caution. Yet, the fact that fake Pokemon GPS location is efficient – means you can give it a shot!

How to update Pokemon Go outside the US

Everything has its downside, though – the Pokemon Go will need updates as well. Like any other app on the app store, Pokémon updates on regular basis. Thus, you will need to know how to deal with it- it is just as easy as installing it.

But, you will have to repeat all the steps in the installation. The installation is manual because Apple will not update your app automatically. So, follow the instructions outlined below to update to latest version of Pokemon Go outside the United States.

  • First, on your Homescreen, launch the App Store
  • Then, hit Apple ID which is the same as your email
  • Next, you will need to sign out of your Apple Account
  • Then, sign in again – but use the US iTunes login details this time
  • Dial OK and log on to the App Store
  • On the ‘Pending Updates,’ you will see the Pokemon Go app. That is where to tap
  • Then, when your app is updated, you can sign out of the US profile and go back to your local account
  • Next, what do you do after you learn to update to the latest version of Pokemon outside the United States? You know better!

Noteworthy, all your Apple stuff – music and apps etc. are connected to your local account. So, your US iTunes account is nothing more than a bridge to getting apps from the American App Store. Thus, you have to sign back to the original account when you finish updating the game.

In conclusion, Pokemon Go gaming app is no longer a preserve of Americans. With the tricks and tweaks above, you can play Pokemon Go outside the US. So, sleeve up and get ready to throw the Pokeballs!

If there are any ideas not addressed in this article, feel free to raise them in the comment section. Feel free to contribute your views as well! All the best!

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