What Steps Should Be Taken to Implement the Search Engine Optimization Process

Like most entrepreneurs, your number one priority is to increase the profitability of the company you manage. But global markets in 2023 are characterized by increased competitiveness, which is great for consumers, but bad news for newly formed firms that have to fight for market relevance. For this reason, many businesses have decided to turn to professional optimization services from well-known SEO firms in recent years. 

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When carried out by specialized SEO experts, these services are tools that can lead to a progressive increase in the number of daily website visitors and are a sure way to increase profits at the end of the fiscal year.

The professional services of a firm specializing in SEO management can be crucial to your business growth. Compared to other approaches in the repertoire of a digital marketing company, SEO is a method by which traffic is increased organically. 

The search engine optimization process attempts to increase the attractiveness of your website’s pages to search engine algorithms, which is more cost-efficient than paid advertising techniques and can lead to longer-term results than social media promotions. But you probably want to learn more. 

So, in the next few minutes, we’ll look at the main stages of the search engine optimization process and list why you should call on the professional services of companies specializing in this field.

Identify Your Target Audience

Calling on the professional services of a firm that deals with SEO optimization will involve several steps. But the first will have to do with identifying the keywords applicable to your business’s industry. Most traffic on the internet is organic, which means that your marketing approach will need to follow as closely as possible the interests and requirements of your target audience. 

What are keywords? In a nutshell, they are the phrases or groups of words people use when searching for products or services relevant to your field.

For example, are you the owner of a company involved in appliance distribution? Then your keywords might be related to the brands most often sought by your customers or the technologies most relevant to them. With the help of an expert in comprehensive SEO services, you can find the keywords that will take your business to the next level and boost the future implementation of content marketing campaigns.

What should you pay attention to when looking for relevant keywords? For one, you must consider that only some keyword types will be part of a classic structure. Many keywords can be of the long-tail variations, which add a level of specificity to your efforts. Also, a good starting point is to identify phrases or keywords relevant to your rivals and compare their search volume metrics with the data recorded for your site.

To identify and gather the necessary data, the company specializing in professional SEO optimization and digital marketing services will use professional programs such as Ahrefs or SEMrush to extrapolate the relevant data for your company. Afterward, the used firm will be able to lay the foundations of the SEO strategy used. Once these keywords are gathered, they will play a crucial role in optimizing the content written on your site’s pages, will help identify the core topics that can be exploited to turn your site into a domain authority, and will be able to provide a productivity boost in your digital marketing efforts that will give you an edge over your competitors.

Optimize the On-page Elements of Your Website

In the world of SEO, the actual optimization of a website is divided into three steps. First, we must discuss the technical stage, in which an SEO company can lay the foundations for changes that can influence the efficiency or speed of your website’s services. Then we must talk about off-page optimization, which is the stage in which you can create the link-building strategies necessary to increase your site’s SERP visibility. 

But the most involved process, and certainly the one that transforms SEO into a procedure up to 1000% more efficient than social media for product or service advertising, is on-page optimization.

On-page optimization refers to techniques that an expert in SEO services could use to identify and optimize visible elements on a website that could influence the experience users have with the services or products you offer. In many ways, on-page optimization is similar to technical SEO. Still, in the case of the former, the focus is more on optimizing the published content and how it is readable by search engine algorithms.

Based on the keywords found in the first step of the search engine optimization process, the SEO agency with which you collaborate will create content relevant to your field of activity that complies with the E-A-T principles imposed by Google. The actual optimization of articles or descriptions of products or services on the site will include an analysis of the title tags used, of the body text, of the meta descriptions used by crawlers to identify the content on the pages, and will also involve a rethinking of the pages’ URL structure.

When combined with the proper implementation of internal links to the other pages of your site, on-page optimization can increase the visibility of the website you manage in the search engine results pages and significantly improve the domain’s UX. The expert in SEO services you call upon will use all possible resources to increase the relevance of your site in search engine algorithms and to improve the CTR. And on-page optimization is a crucial factor in achieving these results.

Pay Attention to the Technical and Off-page Optimization

On-page optimization is crucial to the success of your SEO campaigns, but technical optimization represents the procedures that can make or break the usability of a website. As part of a technical optimization campaign, the SEO firm specializing in optimization services will analyze the internal structure of your site’s pages and identify if there are duplicate versions that could lower your score in the SERPs. 

The company you collaborate with will also identify potential broken internal or external links that lead to no longer active pages, fix crawl errors, ensure that your website pages are using HTTP, and optimize the usability of the domain for mobile devices.

But the technical SEO process’s most crucial goal is to increase the targeted pages’ loading speed. To this end, the marketing firm you call upon will use image compression, optimize the caching of the inspected elements of the website structure, improve the server’s response times, and search the HTML code of the web pages for any irregularities or inefficiencies. 

When performed by a professional search engine optimization company, technical SEO can be crucial to improving your company’s ranking in the SERPs, and its proper implementation can be synonymous with a progressive increase in profitability.

On the other hand, in off-page SEO, the expert specialized in SEO services you call upon will analyze the link profile of your rivals and identify the potential backlink opportunities to which your website has access. The marketing agency you use could directly target sites relevant to your field of activity in order to form backlink collaborations, it could scour the sites that have utilized your content and turn mentions into audience interactions with your services, and it could also set up and optimize your Birdeye or Yext profiles.

Off-page SEO refers to all actions that can influence the ranking of your business in the SERPS but cannot be controlled directly from the pages of the website you manage. Using this definition, social media and guest blogging are off-page tools you can use to increase the relevance of your website. At the same time, content promotion and online directory submissions could be accessories that will gradually increase your link portfolio and, thus, the profitability of your managed pages.

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Why should you use the professional services of an SEO agency? One word: efficiency. When implemented by a firm specializing in SEO and digital marketing, search engine optimization services are a natural way for you to systematically increase the number of daily interactions with the services or products offered and can be a way to increase the UI and UX satisfaction for the pages you administer. 

Can you handle the optimization of your website pages on your own? Of course. But in many ways, it might not be the most efficient decision. Using the professional services of a company that deals with SEO optimization and digital marketing services could free up the workload of your staff, which can lead to an increase in productivity and, therefore, an upsurge in profits.

Compared to other tools in the repertoire of a digital marketing company, search engine optimization can be a cost-effective method that, while not immediately successful, almost always results in a predictable increase in the SERPs. SEO can help you identify your target audience, can build credibility for the brand you manage, can be a way to spot trends in your industry before they affect your market share, and can lead to long-term results that will give you an edge over your competitors. 

What is SEO? It is the collection of methods that a professional company can use to increase the interactivity of the target audience with the offered services and products. And from this point of view, SEO is an indispensable tool for any entrepreneur wanting to gain relevance in their field.

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