40 Best Kodi Addons for You to Make Use of Now

Wondering which are the most popular Kodi add-ons for this year and all time? After a lot of polls and research, this article brings you the list of the finest add-ons to enhance Kodi. And, in fact, Kodi does love add-ons and apps – they make customization a dream come true!

To begin with, no other media player is as customizable as Kodi – at least none is invented, yet! No doubt, you need to have the best Kodi extension or app, if you want to get the most out of the XBMC online media service.Best Kodi AddonsThankfully, the internet has Kodi add-ons for live TV and others for movies. Whichever addon you take must help you make Kodi even better. Be sure to catch a few tips on how to install addons the best Kodi repository! Let’s get started with this, all.

Hey, what is Kodi?

Am I writing this to a novice, maybe? There is no need to overlook! So, before the most prestigious list of Kodi add-ons, it’s important to attend to the newbies.

So, it is a downloadable media player that was designed for Microsoft’s Xbox originally back in the year 2014. At that time, it was dubbed as XBMC (Xbox Media Center) – and has since become the popular tool in tech circles all over, thanks to its open source compatibility with video game systems, computers, TVs and smartphones.

Instead of having your music, shows and movies in a bunch of the different places, Kodi enables you to access them from the local or networked storage – and stream content to your TV. As like any other software, there are Kodi alternatives available but it has major market share – has 10M to 50M active installs currently if you talk about Google Play store only.

In brief, Kodi is a free online media player that helps you stream stuff from sites like Netflix. But, it also has provisions for offline play, just like VLC or Windows Media Center. Kodi is the outcome of the rebranded XBMC software.

The software is not only free but also open source. So, it depends on a team of volunteers across the world to make it better. The volunteers include skilled software developers as well as translators. Mainly, Kodi is a C++ software, while the add-ons are Python based.

Oh, and what are the Kodi add-ons?

Away from the engineering, Kodi works best with add-ons. While Kodi is a comprehensive software, it requires add-ons for purposes of customization. Kodi’s most lucrative feature is the ability to customise the media player to fit your taste. And, that’s the exact reason why there are add-ons!

The briefest definition of Kofi add-ons is the enhancements that make the media player better. You can call them supplements in a diet – they are not part of the main dish but have immeasurable value. In most cases, the extensions are creations of the Kodi and XBMC’s community. Python, Ajax and Java coding volunteers make add-ons for the

In most cases, the extensions are creations of the Kodi and XBMC’s community. Python, Ajax and Java coding volunteers make add-ons for the Kodi community. So, if you ever need Kodi addons download, the repository is the place to be!

One more Q, why install Kodi add-ons?

You can download a Kodi enhancement as an Apple app, Android app or a computer program – whichever! The broad range of compatible devices means you have the freedom of choice.

And, the Kodi addons are available on the official website’s repository. Also, you can upgrade any old add-on there. Moreover, there are myriad reasons why you need to install Kodi addons. Here are some of them!

  • Add-ons help you customise the media player to fit your tastes
  • Get the best Kodi addons for live tv
  • Also, catch the best Kodi addons for sport
  • For fans of screenplay, there are Kodi addons for Movies at Theater
  • And, the best Kodi addons for Movies and television shows
  • The extensions are free and easy to install
  • Kodi add-ons not only help you customise the player but also multiply the fun experience
  • Also, Kodi is compatible with any device, literally. So, you can install Kodi extensions on iOS, Linux, MacOS X, Android, and Windows.
  • Oh, the list of Kodi and its addons’ benefits are endless!

Sounds like soft soap, but, any downside of Kodi add-ons?

It’s true that not everything that glitters is gold – some things are painted plastics! Well, Kodi has several benefits on its resume – too many, you might overlook the dark side. But, as far as the add-ons are concerned, it’s not always the same.

For instance, some of them are geo-restricted, and you cannot access them outside some areas. If you need to unblock Kodi add-ons, you need a VPN you can trust.

Yes, there are hundreds of VPNs in the market. But, which is the most affordable? Which Kodi VPN is safe, secure and compatible with your devices?

Well, you can explore the World Wide Web offering you lists and lists of the best VPNs. Or take advantage of the homework we’ve done via in-depth study and extensive trials of many providers. No doubt, ExpressVPN is the top VPN for Kodi add-ons – go for it!

Then, the Kim Kardashians and Trumps of Kodi add-ons

Before the main review, taking you through the most popular Kodi add-ons is worthwhile. No doubt, there is a thin line between the best and most famous of anything.

Yet, the most popular only address those that are known by people. And, the best stuff is worthwhile, regardless of their popularity. For instance, which is more popular between Skype and WhatsApp? Then, which is better? How absurd!

According to international listings, here are the most popular Kodi addons:

  • Exodus- 73%
  • Phoenix- 8%
  • 1Channel- 3%
  • Specto Fork- 3%
  • UK Turk Playlists- 3%
  • SALTS- 2%
  • cCloud TV- 2%
  • HD Box- 1%
  • Evolve – 1%
  • Others- 3%

And, here is the list of the best Kodi addons!

Now, which are the must have Kodi apps, add-ons, and programs? Well, this list will answer that! Noteworthy, there are different kinds of add-ons to improve Kodi.

Some of them are purposefully for watching streamed videos; while others let you listen to online radio on your media player. A constant update on the article is one, to remove unnecessary add-ons, and add those that are better! So, the list first outlines all extensions, then places them in their category. Welcome!

So, Here are the Top Kodi Addons

  1. Exodus

ExodusThe makers of Genesis Kodi add-on realised it was losing credibility – so they came up with Exodus. Are we speaking about the Bible already? Probably, they will end up at Revelation!

While Genesis means beginning, Exodus is a mass movement. And, the developers of these addons know this pretty well. So, they move from the original software to a better, more comprehensive one.

Literally, Kodi addons Exodus is the Trump of the Kodi’s third-party enhancements. And, like the legendary football Ronaldo who keeps reincarnating in every generation, Exodus is out of this world!

Moreover, it is easy to navigate on the attractive interface, when trying to find interesting videos. Also, Exodus allows you catch up with the latest TV shows, documentaries, and best Hollywood movies! In fact, Exodus is so well updated, you can even find Game of Thrones Season 9 already.

It’s common sense, morality and in the pursuit of justice that guide you not to download illegal content. But, Exodus Kodi addon does not judge your choices!

How to install Kodi addons Exodus

Now, if Exodus is such pompous, how will Revelation be like?! So, let’s install Exodus before Lambda launches Matthew!

  • Open the Kodi System’s File Manager
  • Then, on the spaces provided, add the URL ‘http://fusion.tvaddons.ag’ and hit done!
  • After highlighting the box below you, type in Fusion and hit OK. Exodus should start downloading.
  • To install the downloaded file, open Add-Ons from System menu on your Home Screen
  • Hit the zip file, select Fusion Kodi repos and English as the language
  • On repo.exodus.x.x.x.zip, enable addon notification and install from the repository
  • Then, choose Exodus repository’s Video addons and Install
  1. Phoenix

PhoenixIf you find a web page listing the top Kodi add-ons, but goes ahead to ignore Phoenix – close the tab immediately! Or, how do they forget the world’s second most popular Kodi add-on? Is it even possible to leave out the addon that lets you organise creative media libraries?

Well, Phoenix Kodi add-on has constant updates to keep up with changes in technology. Also, with Phoenix Kodi addon, you find new content on sections such as ‘Her Place’ and others. With Phoenix installed, you will have the right to watch the cartoon, sports, news and much more!

  1. BOB Unrestricted

BOB UnrestrictedAlthough an underdog, Bob Unrestricted is one of the most promising add-ons on the Kodi repositories! Noteworthy, Bob Unrestricted is a creation of the Blue and Valhalla developers.

The add-on is fun-bound – it has comical notifications, and you can set offensive language if you are the kind of freak! With a single click, you will find all streams, so you don’t have to keep searching for content. Moreover, you can play a wide array of content from movies and television shows, to sports and music!

  1. Specto Fork

SpectoYou will realise that many Kodi add-on developers use the Genesis code to make new, more formidable ones. Specto Fork took the time to make it even better – now, you can watch a wide variety of TV shows, and movies live from your Kodi device!

Also, Specto Fork has an interface that is similar to the Genesis. Specto Fork also lets you save your favourite content to different folders. So, installing Kodi addon Specto Fork is worthwhile!

  1. UK Turk’s Playlists

UK Turk PlaylistIf you are tired of sophisticated addons and need to use simpler versions, hit the bull’s eye with the UK Turk’s Playlists! This Kodi add-on has a simple interface and powerful organisation of categories.

So, you will find live TV, shows (some call it series) and movies. Also, be sure to catch up with the latest sports, cartoon animations and documentaries!

  1. NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports LiveEvery sports freak looks forward to having an app that feeds live matches, predictions, and analysis. Also, none of the wants to miss out on a game- even the least important. Getting such a free app is quite a hassle, especially on Kodi. But, the good news is here – NBC Sports Live Extra Kodi addon has all the sports experience you need.

NBC Sports Live Extra addon brings you more than just the live matches. So, if you want replays and player profiles, be sure to catch them on NBC Sports. Of course, you can trust the quality, because it is from the NBC entertainment giant!

  1. SportsDevil

SportsDevilWith that kind of name, is there any need to explain what the add-on is all about? Well, there is still some pleasure- indeed, SportsDevil is a devil as far as sports is concerned! Besides having a wide array of sports channels. So, don’t miss out on EPL matches anymore!

And, SportsDevil is good for Republican conservatives too – it streams Fox News and the Cartoon Network.

SportsDevil works well with FireStick, even though the free Kodi addon does not compete favourably with NBC Sports Live Extra! But you must be ready to hassle your way through streaming more than one channels at a time on this devil!

  1. 1Channel

1ChannelIf you are looking for the best Kodi addons Exodus alternatives, install 1Channel! Both Exodus and 1Channel support near-same videos and content. But, 1Channel’s interface is simpler and more explicit.

If you can recall LetMeWatchThis, then you know 1Channel – it’s the rebranded name! In most cases, 1Channel is a movie Kodi add-on, but it has thousands of other genres too! So, be sure to grab some classic and new billboard music. However, you will have to stomach the variable quality and link issues.

  1. SALTS- Stream All The Sources

SALTS- Stream All The SourcesThe name says it all! SALTS Kodi add-on lets you stream content direct from the sources. The add-on has a wide variety of sources for its content. SALTS supports Real-Brand’s technology so, you can stream the best video qualities.

With Real-Brand, you can stream any quality from low to high and HD to medium! Besides, SALTS has active support and library integration. Also, the add-on has features that let you synchronise third party content to the Kodi library. But, you SALTS demand you register for a Trakt.Tv account.

  1. Pro Sport

Pro SportGood news to all sports maniacs! As long as you are a lover of Kodi too, Pro Sports add-on offers you all games under one roof.

So, be sure to catch all the NFL and NBA action. Also, Pro Sport will let you have a glance at MLB, UEFA and any game you can think of!

  1. Silent Hunter

Silent HunterWith a single click, Silent Hunter brings you limitless videos and streamed content. The Silent Kodi add-on updates new videos and content.

Also, the genres are so many; you’ll like them! The Tv add-on is a silent hunter because it is not necessarily as popular as the rest, but it has excellent hunted content!

  1. Watch 1080p

Watch 1080pThe Metal Kettle repository contains Watch 1080p Kodi addon, the best for people who believe in the highest quality! As the name suggests, Watch 1080 offers the highest quality of videos- 720*1080 HD.

But, they have a few lower quality provisions for the other ‘bits of wood.’ The most inferior quality you are likely to find is 480*1080p. The

The organisation of content on the Watch 1080p Kodi add-on is based on the dates and popularity. But, there’s a search bar for those who want to circumvent the algorithms. Needless to state, the addon has several videos from different countries in the world.

  1. Addon Installer

Addon InstallerFor sure, this is the first addon you should install on your Kodi device. The name suggests that it is an enhancement that lets you add other addons and, yes, it does!

While installing Kodi addons, the Addon Installer makes it even easier! So, Addon Installer is the simplest way to answer the FAQ ‘how to install Kodi addons.’

  1. Navi-X

Navi-XImagine having a Kodi add-on that is a blend between Genesis and Phoenix. That’s precisely what Navi-X brings you! Besides being one of the oldest Kodi add-ons, Navi-X has broad scopes of movies, TV shows, and other streamed content.

Noteworthy, Navi-X offers the users to make their playlists, alongside the scraped content. Then, just like in the case of Genesis, Navi-X Kodi add-on may be a little of a nuisance. But, the merits beat the downsides.

  1. Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo! WeatherAre you a geek traveller? Oh, you don’t have to be any close to that for you to need the Yahoo Weather Kodi addon. Why? You don’t want to wear too heavily if it’s not going to rain.

Then, there’s need to monitor weather hazards such as tornados and hurricanes. So, just for precaution, you should have the Yahoo! weather app on!

  1. Velocity

VelocityDo you love Phoenix Kodi addon? Well, if you do, then you’ll have similar feelings for the brother- Velocity! Both Velocity and Phoenix are from one developer- BlazeTamer! The two brother-apps allow you to watch Television shows and video content from other sources.

For instance, you can catch 1080p videos from GVideo. Like the brother addon, Velocity is integrated with Trakt and enjoys live support from Real-Debrid. Further, you are at liberty to manage all collections and playlists on the Trakt. If you want Kodi for kids, try VelocityKids.

  1. YouTube

Download YouTube VideosYouTube is facing stiff competition from Facebook Videos and other streaming sites. But, still, it remains the world’s number two most popular site after Google!

So, why not have it installed on your Kodi? The YouTube Kodi addon, gives you access the uncountable videos and organises your library.

The YouTube addon allows you to subscribe to channels and catch geo-specific feeds. Then, you can have the Kodi add-on filter off the unwanted videos. And, you will still have the right to use the Advanced Search Feature!

  1. TV Guide

TV GuideOh, how should this start? TV Guide Kodi addon lets you organise your Television shows, so you miss none! With the TV Guide, you can see what’s currently running on your favourite television channels.

The TV Guide notifies you on shows and programs airing on all the selected channels. This way, you don’t have to keep changing channels looking for the best program. So, TV Guide Kodi addon is a must have!

  1. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn RadioAre you still stuck in the radio era? Me too! And, that’s exactly why there is TuneIn Radio Kodi addon for people like us. With the add-on, it’s easy to listen to endless radio broadcasts live on Kodi!

On TuneIn Radio, there are multiple podcasts and radio channels for you to enjoy. Also, The radio shows have as many news, debates and analysis programs as you’d need! All you need is install TuneIn Radio addon on Kodi, and you’ll start enjoying the fun!

  1. Open Substitles.org

OpenSubtitleHave you ever watched a good romantic Indian movie, but can’t understand what they are saying? Or, maybe you have seen of the excellent Chinese films, but the actors don’t speak English?

Well, that kind of feeling makes a lyric or subtitles Kodi addon necessary! OpenSubtitles.Org Kodi addon has subtitles for the movies you find on Kodi. If you get bored with Kodi, try Podnapisi, or Titlovi!

  1. Rom Collection Browser

Rom Collection BrowserKodi addon Rom Collection Browser is a game suite that allows you to play any emulated game on the player. With this Kodi add-on, you can get games on your database and use online art or information.

Also, you can decide the marquees or cabinets you need on the game. So, this addon is a must have for all gamers!

  1. CU LRC Lyrics

CU LRC LyricsKodi has an official lyrics add-on, and it is called CU LRC Lyrics. The Kodi addon CU LRC Lyrics is just what it is- a lyrics enhancement for your music collection.

So, CU LRC Lyrics lets you access all the lyrics for songs you want to sing along to! And, you can extract the music lyrics files from searched files, or third parties.

  1. Twitch TV

Twitch.tvYes, to enjoy Twitch TV full services, you will need some sign-up. But, with the benefits that come along with the Twitch TV Kodi addon, it is worth it!

Twitch streams live games and matches to your Kodi device. Also, you have the opportunity to sync the Twitch profile with Kodi- how sweet!

  1. AWXi

AWXiIf you are a true lover of Kodi, you need AWXi add-on to help regulate audio or visual qualities. AWXi Kodi addon is a web-interface that helps control stopping, speeding as well as pausing and playing media.

Again, you can browse files and add them to playlists. To enjoy all these, you only need to have a browser that’s capable of running Java, and web-sockets too!

  1. MusicBox

Music BoxYes, to experience the fun that MusicBox Kodi addon brings, you need to register a VK.com account. But, with the entertainment the add-on brings, you will find it worthy! MusicBox has thousands of installs every year.

This owes to the endorsement it gets from first-class music streaming websites such as Last.fm, iTunes and Billboard charts. Also, you can search the files you need using the addon.

  1. Back Up

BackupWhat would happen if your Kodi was to crush? Or, would you stand watching all your database get deleted from your Kodi device? Of course, it’s not an easy time when your content is lost overnight. To avoid taking such risks, it’s important to have some insurance for your files.

But, this time, nothing to do with plans or premiums! Back Up Kodi addon all your Kodi database information in a safe. Then, you can store it to your local disk, or send it to Google Drive or Dropbox. If you get back your device, you can restore all the information you have backed up!

  1. Vdubt25

Vdubt25Vdubt 25 Kodi addon may not be as popular as Phoenix or Exodus Kodi add-ons, but it is worthwhile! The Kodi add-on lets you stream live TV content from the UK and America.

Also, Vdubt offers a wide array of content ranging from short news bulletins to documentaries! So, it’s time you install Vdubt25 on your Kodi!

  1. Veetle

VeetleLike UK Turk playlists, Veetle Kodi addon has a broad scope of compelling content. The Kodi Veetle add-on has a straightforward and interactive interface – even a rookie has an easy time using it!

Because the add-on updates content on a regular basis, you can catch the latest movies, Tv shows, and other exciting streaming videos! So, be sure to find Star Wars, Star Trek and Game of Thrones on Veetle!

  1. Xmovies8

XMovies8Are you a fan of XMovies8? Well, if so, then it’s ostensible you’ve been looking forward to watching the site right on Kodi! So, brace yourself, because Xmovies8 Kodi addon lets you bring the fantastic experience to your Kodi device.

The add-on collects the latest movie feeds from websites and brings them the experience to Kodi. Also, it has an attractive interface with a superb user experience too! If you need HD movies on your Kodi, give Xmovies8 add-on a shot!

  1. USTVNow

USTVNowNo doubt, USTVNow is one of the finest addons on the repository. USTVNow Kodi addon has some of the best quality of videos among apps. Then, it has a less number of channels to ensure the quality is high.

With such kind of organisation comes a simpler interface- and it is cute too! Although USTVNow requires you to create an account before accessing their services, it is among the most popular Kodi addons!

  1. cCloud TV

cCloud TVAs the name suggests, Kodi addon cCloud TV is a cloud software. In simple words, it is based on the cloud concept. So, all your data runs on the cloud, and that makes it one of the fastest Kodi addons on the repositories.

Also, most of the channels that cCloud TV provides are from different countries, so, the addon has multiple languages too. It is also in such a case that you may need a VPN! If you subscribe to cCloud TV Kodi addon, you get endless news, sports and documentaries!

  1. FTV

FilmOn.TVIf you are a loyal fan of USTVNow, maybe it’s time you reach out for an alternative. And, FTV is the first bet! FTV has an enormous library of exciting videos and streamed content.

For instance, you can watch horror, sports, and comedy. To enjoy the full FTV services, you need to register for an account on FilmOn. After subscription, you can enjoy the recording features.

  1. Cast Away

CastawayLike NBC Sports Live Extra and Sports Devil, Cast Away Kodi addon brings you the best of sports, right to your screen! But, Cast Away is cheaper, and thus, lesser convenient.

Also, Cast Away has streamed videos from multiple sports sites. If you subscribe to the addon’s premium option, you get access to a wider range of games. So, soccer, wrestling, and hockey among others will be available for you to watch.

  1. Stream Engine Kodi Addon

Stream Engine Kodi AddonIf you want a suite for all the genres of shows combined into one amazing app, then you need to try the Stream Engine Kodi addon! Stream Engine has any category of videos that you’d ever need.

Or, what’s best said of an app that brings you movies, athletics, and Tv shows?! On the Stream Engine, be sure to catch today’s match on ESPN or Sky Sports. So, it’s like all entertainment in your hands!

  1. PlayOn

Playon BrowserTo be honest, if this list were by order of ascension, PlayOn would be next to Exodus. And, the logic is simple- PlayOn Kodi addon has all the best features from all other addons combined!

It has a wonderful, easy to use interface that clothes some smart sophisticated coding! Besides giving you the chance to watch streaming sites like Netflix on Kodi, PlayOn records the videos for offline viewing! And, the recorded videos are in HD and MP4 format- very high quality!

But, if you are not in the United States, you might get a hard time on PlayOn. So, be sure to get a top VPN such as ExpressVPN to do the job for you, as with it, also, you get to watch Hulu outside US!

  1. Evolve

Evolve StreamingAnother awesome Kodi addon on the repository is Evolve. If you want to watch movies, music, television shows and other content on Android, Evolve is the add-on you need!

Evolve has a full range of services for you. Evolve Kodi addon is like a supermarket of services as far as the Kodi repository is concerned. If you are the broad-spectrum kind of Kodi enthusiast, you will fall in love with Evolve!

  1. HD Box

HD BoxAlthough HD Box Kodi addon is a small fry, for now, it is bound for greatness! Especially, the fact that the TV addon has majestic quality is no doubt going to propel it there!

Also, HD Box will get to the crème due to its broad scope of content. The library shelves have overflowing videos, movies, and television shows!

  1. Plex

PlexPlex is one of the official default Kodi add-ons you might find. But, why is it one of the best Kodi addons? Well, Plex is an excellent media manager for Kodi. Plex Kodi addon lets you access your local library of files – pictures, videos or audios.

Then, offline, you can listen to all the music or watch videos right on Kodi, without any strain! Also, Plex allows you to send or stream your content from websites- using the DNLA technology. And, you can send stuff to treat when you are not at home.

  1. MP3 Streams

MP3 StreamsIf you are a music freak, then MP3 Stream Kodi addon is your friend! Look, the add-on lets you listen to music from all corners of the world – if there are any!

It does not matter if you are Indian or Vatican oriented because MP3 Streams Kodi add-on will bring you all! Also, Kodi has impressive capabilities to organise your files. So, MP3 Streams understands that life is too short to waste a minute searching for a song!

  1. Trakt

TraktTrakt is one of the most popular Kodi addons that you can have. It uses technology that tracks your music listening habits.

So, just like Spotify, Trakt uses your behavioural patterns to deduce and suggest the kind of music you’d love to listen to.

If you are happy with videos or audio files, Trakt allows you to share them on for your social media friends to grasp!

Oh, the customer always wins – here is the bonus of Kofi add-ons!

  • Genesis

Genesis could be the oldest Kodi addon on the repository. For far so long, Genesis remained everyone’s dream add-on. But, that was to come to an end due to the bad reviews it received.

Then, many other better add-ons came and proved to be better than Genesis. That’s how Lambda came up with Exodus.

  • Picture Slideshow Screensaver

At times, you want to flip your photos on your big screens. If you want to give life to some memories, try launching the Picture Slideshow Screensaver on Kodi!

  • BSPlayer & Subscene

Try the BSPlayer & Subscene anytime you want to catch subtitles for movies and television shows.

  • ROM Collection Browser

Did you love superhero games like Pac-Man or Super Super Mario World? Well, ROM Collection lets you re-live your youth by letting you play them on Kodi devices. You might also need an Android emulator for it to work.


  • Project M
  • Imperial streams
  • Zen
  • Gobble
  • Fideo

Best Kodi addons for live TV

If you want to watch live TV on Kodi, you may need to install USTVNow, Vdbubt25 or Twitch TV.

Also, if you are a fan of BBC News, iPlayer will record all the videos for you to watch later. And, there’s YouTube live streaming and Phoenix add-on for you!

Best Kodi Addons For Sports

If you are a sports freak, there are Kodi addons live sports enhancements that must have! So, try Stream Engine, NBC Sports Live Extra and Navi-X. Also, cCloud TV, FTV, HD Box and SportsDevil are worthwhile.

Best Kodi Addons for Movies at Theater

Phoenix is worthwhile in myriad genres, including for movies. Then you can use other Kodi add-ons such as Veetle, XMovies8 or the good old Exodus!

Best Kodi Addons PPV

If you need to play a pay-per-view live streaming service on Kodi, you need an addon built to do that. Castaway and VidTime are some of the Kodi PPV addons!

VidTime Kodi addon lets you watch HD quality paid sports streamed content on Kodi. So, it is one of the best Kodi add-ons to help you watch MLB, NHL, and UFC.

Best Kodi Addons for Firestick

What type of device are you playing Kodi? If it is the Amazon Firestick, you might have a hard task trying most Kodi add-ons.

Fortunately, there are good addons that are compatible with Firestick. So, try out SportsDevil, FTV, and HD Box!

Best Kodi Addons Music

Music add-ons let you stream music tracks or listen to those on your local disk. Here are the best Kodi addons for music and radio; SoundCloud, TuneIn Radio, and MP3 Streams.

Best Kodi addons for Media Management

So, which Kodi apps for media interface and management are the most convenient? Well, these kinds of Kodi addons help manage the interface and files of the media player. So, if you need such an add-on, you should try Plex, DBMC (Dropbox) or Onedrive.

Best Kodi Addons Android

So, which Kodi Android apps are the best to have? Well, there are many on the repository. But, UKTV Again and Evolve are the best known, and most stable! UKTV Again is the updated version of UKTV NOW.

When you install UKTV Again Kodi addon, you will catch endless TV channels including CNN, Animal Planet, and the Discovery Channel!

How to install Kodi addon

If you ever want to install an addon onto Kodi, you can use many tricks. One, you can install it from the repositories. Also, you can get the help of other apps.

Of course, Kodi likes it when you go to their repository. But, for an easy time, maybe you should try other installed apps because they make the process simpler! So, you can try the Addon Installer for Kodi.

Best Repository for Kodi 2017 add-ons

In brief, a repository, or repo – is a site that allows you to download Kodi add-ons.

Most add-ons that you find in the online store are from third parties. So, Kodi warns that you should only download those that you can trust. Now, how do you download a repo?

  1. Navigate to Kodi’s system and enter the web address to the website you want to download addons from. So, use the following rule:
  2. System>File Manager>Add Source
  3. On the source, add the repo’s URL and name, then hit OK.
  4. And, start installing add-ons from the Kodi repository!

List of Best Kodi Repos

There are many sites for you to download your favourite addons. And, here are the best Kodi repositories for you to download addons.

  • Metal Kettles Kodi repository

‘Metal Kettles’ repository is found on the URL http://kodi.metalkettle.co/. The repository updates regularly and thus, you can find the latest versions of the best Kodi addons.

  • Mucky Ducks Repo

If you want to install the Mucky Ducks Repo, enter the URL ‘http://muckys.mediaportal4kodi.ml/’. Mucky Ducks Repo has a wide variety of Kodi addons including those for movies and live TV.

  • Noobs and Nerds

The Noobs and Nerds Kodi repository is new but has a wide range of top Kodi addons. So, on ‘http://noobsandnerds.com/portal/’, be sure to find Zen, BOB and SportsDevil Launcher among others.

  • TKnorris Repo

Tknorris Repo has add-ons such as 1Channel and SALTs among others. It’s found on the Tv add-ons. The URL is URL: http://fusion.tvaddons.ag.

  • Fusion

Kodi addons fusion repository is a third party app, so, you will not get direct support. But, Fusion is a great repository and you are going to enjoy it. Find it on the URL http://fusion.tvaddons.ag. To clear the doubt, I recommend Fusion because it has the widest scope of the best Kodi addons.

In summary

By now, you know the best Kodi addons that fit you already, don’t you? I know you are asking about my choice. Well, am for the Fusion Kodi repo. And, I live my life in technology – so, you expect me not to like weather, sports or political news addons.

But I love using the ExpressVPN on Kodi; it is a must for me as it enhances Kodi experience. Using a quality VPN like ExpressVPN enables the stream the TV and movies complete security and privacy, without compromising speed or video quality. Am still looking for a Kodi addon that has channels only meant for advances in technology. Do you know any?

Addons Images by: TvAddons.og

Featured Image: By Viemo

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  • I have a kodi streamer box; can`t download any thing because the instruction book print is too small! is their anything you can do to make printing Larger as I am 76 yrs old and can`t see the small printing!

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