How to Block Websites on Chrome Permanently

Why would you want to learn how to block websites on Chrome permanently?

Is there a website you want to block on your Chrome browser?

Or even, do you want to block sites on Google Chrome permanently?

Well, if so, this is the perfect place to be then!

Besides learning how to block websites on Chrome permanently in Windows 7 or any other version of Windows, you will get to know how to block websites on Chrome permanently on the mobile version of the popular web browser.

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Also, you will find a site blocker for studying.

Again, you will learn how to block websites on Chrome permanently on Android devices.

Whether you use Blockit Chrome extension or settings, it is possible to stop websites from loading on your phone or PC.

So, here is what you need to know about ‘Block site Chrome’!How to Block Websites on Chrome PermanentlyIn the era of saturated Internet, you need to control the sites that are loadable on your Chrome browser.

No doubt, the Internet has several offensive sites that need some censoring.

For instance, there is that one site that keeps popping up on your screen every time you want to do your work.

Or, you may have a list of sites that you don’t want your kids to access.

So, which is the way forward in blocking websites on Chrome?

Just get a little keen for tips on the ‘Block sites Chrome’ topic, as highlighted in this article down below.

What Do We Mean When We Say How to block websites on Chrome permanently?


Blocking a website means disallowing it from getting open in your browser.

So, this involves employing hacks to ensure that a site is not accessible on your device. No matter the kind of device you have, you need to keep off sites that seem malicious or unpleasant.

No matter the kind of device you have, you need to keep off sites that seem malicious or unpleasant.

Also, in some countries, blocking of websites is done by the government.

This kind of blocking is known as Internet censorship.

Many countries in Asia have this kind of restriction.

In most cases, the states involved cite erroneous and inciting stuff from websites.

So, in the bid to remain conservative, authorities block certain websites from their country.

Examples of countries that practice Internet censorship include,

  • China,
  • Russia
  • Most Arabian countries.

But, some sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Hotstar (to name a few) do block their services in specific countries.

While some blocking is political sanctions, most are decisions by the companies.

If you want to unblock a geo-restricted website, you can have a look at our access blocked sites article.

At the personal level, you block a site using extensions or Google Chrome browser settings.

So, those hacks prevent any malicious or unwanted website from loading.

Here are some of the reasons why you may need to block some sites from your Chrome browser.

How to block websites on Chrome permanently: Why block websites on Chrome


There are a hundred reasons you need to block sites on your Chrome browser.

While some are personal, most of the reasons are due to online security and privacy.

So, here are the reasons why you should try blocking sites on Google Chrome:

  • Stop the nuisance!
    If you hate the obstinate notifications or websites that open automatically on your browser, block them!
    If a site is too stubborn on your timeline, you need to stop it right away by blocking it on your Chrome browser.
  • Protect your children from immoral websites.
    Of course, parents do not want their kids to watch adult stuff.
    But, discouraging children from accessing these sites is almost impossible in the era of internet variety.
    Because you still want children to learn about computers, blocking the websites is ideal!
  • Remain private online by blocking websites that track you!
    While blocking a site on Chrome is not a guarantee of online privacy, it goes a long way in doing so!
    If you know, a site is full of spam and spyware, what reason do you have for not blocking it?
  • Also, if there is a website that spreads malware to your devices, the best thing you should do is block it!
    Some of the websites try to steal your information while others are malicious.
    If you know of any of these websites, it is time to block it on your Chrome browser!
  • If a site contains information that you would never like your family, friends or colleagues to access, block it.

Noteworthy, blocking websites on Chrome does not affect other browsers on your device.

Thus, this guide on how to block websites on Chrome permanently on Chrome Android (for example) is to ensure you have no other browser on the device.

By doing this, you will prevent anyone from accessing the same site using a different browser.

If you are okay with the Google Chrome browser, here is a guide to block websites in Windows, iOS or Android.

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How to block websites on Chrome permanently mobile, Windows or Android

how_to_block_websites_with_chrome_permanently (2)

There are a couple of ways to block websites using Chrome.

So, regardless of whether your device is Android, Windows 7 or iOS, you can crack down on all unwanted sites.

If you want to stop Chrome from opening obstinate websites, then you must use the methods herein.

First, you can block websites manually on Chrome, or use extensions.

Whichever you choose, you will get to make unwanted websites inaccessible.

So, here is the way to block websites on Chrome!

Block websites manually on Google Chrome

This involves setting the browser in such a way that it does not open blocked websites.

But, the Chrome browser has no inbuilt feature to block websites.

So, you will need to perform hacks that will get you there.

The workaround will help you stop websites from loading on your website – without changing the settings.

But, the manual methods only work for a person who knows little about Chrome browser.

And, the person must be operating or surfing the Internet under your close supervision.

If that is worthy – and you need to block websites on your Chrome, then you can do the following!

Use Google Chrome accounts to block websites

how_to_block_websites_with_chrome_permanently (3)

If you want to lock out anyone from accessing a website, it is wise if you create a Supervisor account.

Although this may sound epic, it works perfectly when the individual is a loyal user of your device.

So, creating a Supervisor account is worthwhile!

The Supervisor account helps you supervise a targeted user.

Thus, you will give a list of the websites that the supervised person cannot access.

This is an automatic way to keep the unwanted sites off the user’s limit.

And, isn’t this what you want?

Creating a Supervised account is as easy as naming the colors on the Chrome logo.

Do you know them by the way?


My analogy seems unworkable, but I should tell you anyway.

Well, the four colors on the Google Chrome browser’s logo are Blue, red, yellow and green.

Back to the point, if you want to create a supervisor’s account on your Google Chrome, head to the settings bar at the far right top corner.

how to block sites on google permanently

Then, on the Settings bar, take a look under ‘People’ tab and hit ‘Manage other People” and then click on “add People”.

When filling out the form, choose the name you want the account to bear.

Of course, you will have chosen your favourite picture.

Then, tick the option named ‘supervise this person to control and view the websites they visit from your Google account.’

After checking the control, in the field with the text “select an account”, choose your account or a supervising account.

When you add the account, it should open in a new tab.

If you’d like to customise some settings, then, sign in to your account’s dashboard.

The supervised user dashboard should let you control the new account.

Actually when you have followed the previous steps correctly and click on save, it will automatically take you to another screen like the one given below.

From there you need to click the link that will take you to the manage page.

Also, you will find all the supervised accounts listed there- all for you to control!

So, if you want to block websites on the Chrome account, head to the ‘Manage’ in the ‘Permissions’ panel.

But, you have to be cautious lest you block all websites on the internet.

There are two options when it comes to learning how to block websites on Chrome permanently;

  • All the Web
  • Only Approved Sites

If you allow all websites, then the supervised account will have access to any site they wish.

But, allowing specified websites means you have to hit the option ‘Only Approved Sites’.

Then, add all the URLs of sites to want to allow.

Afterwards, hit ‘OK’ so that you can apply the changes.

If you need to manage the searches, utilise the Safe Search option.

Allow ‘Safe Search’ for Chrome to remove all adult searches from the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Safe Search is a perfect option for managing a children’s account.

Just hit the ‘Lock SafeSearch’ under ‘Permissions’ option.

In brief, the supervised account lets you know what the users can do.

It is an awesome way of blocking websites on Google Chrome.

Also, this acts as a smart website blocker for studying.

Besides, the supervised account goes far in elaborating how to block websites on Chrome permanently in Windows 7, 8 or 10.

How to Block Websites on Chrome Permanently using Extensions

how_to_block_websites_with_chrome_permanently (4)

Google Chrome’s extensions are enhancements that make the browser function better.

Some of these are from Google, but a large number of them are third party enhancements.

These extensions are programs to help you get the best out of the Google Chrome browser.

Chrome extensions have multiple functions.

While some extensions help change IP address, others assist you in blocking obstinate websites.

If you need to install an extension, head to Chrome://extensions/ on your browser settings.

In reality, hundreds of extensions block websites on your Google Chrome.

But, here, the list below only comprises of the best extensions to block websites on Chrome browser.

So, these are the tested, effective and recommended site blocking Chrome extensions.

  1. SiteBlock

If you need a light Google Chrome extension with no pompous features, SiteBlock is right on the money!

SiteBlock restricts the unwanted websites but has no fancy features.

So, it does not slow your browser.

Most extensions that have too many features have a disadvantage – slowing the browser.

And who wants that?

Well, some features may be substantial, but others are unnecessary.

SiteBlock lets you specify the time you want websites blocked.

So, when you want kids or yourself to concentrate on homework, you can block social sites.

At least, it is common sense that such sites consume too much time.

Likewise, you can ‘whitelist’ informative websites such as Google, Dictionaries, and Wikipedia.

Also, SiteBlock lets you block all sites or only a few.

The choice is all yours!

  1. Simple Blocker

Are you looking for a website blocker that will help you focus on your chores for a while?

In the era of Internet, most people have become inactive due to social media.

Exciting websites have the potential of making turning your mind to little unprofitable stuff.

So, if you find that the Internet has become too good for your work, you should give Simple Blocker a shot!

Simple Blocker is not like other extensions that block websites on Chrome.

Instead, it assists you to focus on your work by blocking sites that carry you away and distract you.

So, with Simple Blocker, you can escape time-consuming websites like Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

If your distraction comes from Whatsapp messages or Reddit, Simple Blocker is the right extension for you too!

Unlike other extensions, Simple Blocker is not the perfect choice for parental control.

But, if you want to earn more money and make a better life, then this is perfect for you!

The best thing about Simple Blocker is that it prevents you from disabling it for a specified time.

You only need to set the time when you want to work.

At last, internet nerds have a chance to beat the addiction!

  1. Website Blocker (Beta)

Website Blocker (Beta) is a worthy extension to block websites on Chrome.

Unlike other extensions, Website Blocker has an elegant interface that is easy to use.

On Website Blocker, you can set the time you need certain websites blocked.

This includes the days of the week or time of the day.

Again, you get the chance to write the warning message that someone receives if he or she tries accessing a restricted website.

Also, your passwords are protected to keep your changes and settings safe.

So, no one tampers with your decision!

How to block a website using Website Blocker (Beta) Chrome extension

  • Search the Website Blocker (Beta) on your extensions tab and tap ‘Free.’
  • Install the extension to the Chrome browser and allow it to access your device.
  • Open the site you want to block right on the Chrome browser.
  • Then, tap on the blue Website Blocker (Beta at the far right corner) icon.
  • On the pop-up that appears, fill in the period you want the site blocked. This could be hours or days. Whichever you choose, be sure to hit ‘Block This!’ in the end.
  1. Nanny for Google Chrome

Nanny for Google Chrome has several features that will thrill your mind.

Although this extension does not have a pretty interface, you will have to like its features.

First, it allows you to blacklist websites depending on time or date.

Again, you can set it to block sites in specified days a week.

Also, Nanny for Google Chrome helps you keep off adult content.

So, it goes an extra mile in helping you beat that kind of addiction.

You can block a website by blacklisting them on Nanny for Google Chrome and whitelisting the rest- or vice versa.

Nanny for Google Chrome sends you a status of blacklisted sites in a pie chart.

So, this extension is ideal for both personal and parental control.

  1. StayFocusd

StayFocusd is another useful Chrome extension to block websites.

Although it is a simple website blocker, it is efficient and right on the money!

So, here is how to block websites on Chrome via StayFocusd.

  • Search ‘StayFocusd’ in the extension tab
  • Tap ‘Free’ option and let the extension download on your Chrome
  • Grant StayFocusd the permission to access caches and surfing data
  • Then, open the URL of the website you want to block.
  • Next, tap the StayFocusd tab situated at the far right top corner of your browser.
  • After launching StayFocusd, open ‘Advanced Options’ and set the length of time you want the website blocked. For instance, you can configure to block Facebook for a week.
  • Also, StayFocusd is how to block websites on Chrome permanently. Head to the ‘Nuclear Option’ in the ‘Advanced Options.’ Tapping the button blocks the sites permanently.
  1. Block Site

Block Site is one of the most advanced extensions to block websites on the Google Chrome browser.

Yet, it has an elegant and easy to use interface.

Some of the features of the Block Site include the ability to block specific keywords.

So, Block Site helps you block any website that contains the keyword you have blocked.

Block Site is efficient, not only for blocking websites but also for preventing searching of a keyword.

Most websites have a keyword that describes their niche or kind of content in them.

So, blocking a keyword on Chrome means putting away all sites with URLs containing the word.

In the end, blocking the keyword makes Block Site a must-have extension for those trying to beat the addiction to adult content.

Also, Block Site lets you schedule the blocking of a website.

For instance, you can set the extension to block Twitter during the day and open at night.

This would help you become more productive, uh?!

Again, Block Site Chrome extension affects websites opened in ‘Incognito.’

Thus, there is no running away from the restriction!

Meanwhile, protect settings by establishing a password during the installation of Block Site extension.

Also, you can use the password to back off anyone from uninstalling the extension.

So, here is how to block a site on Google Chrome using Block Site extension.

  • Find the Block Site extension on the results list
  • Tap on ‘Free’ to start downloading it on your browser.
  • Install the extension. Also, remember to grant Block Site Chrome the rights to access caches and browsing data.
  • After installing the extension and launching it, tap ‘Extension Settings’. Find the option ‘Block Site’ and check it.
  • Get the option ‘List of Blocked Sites’ and paste or write down the URL of websites you want to be blocked. Click ‘Add Page’ for every URL you enter. You can add as many URLs as you need to block.
  • If you want to set a password for Block Site Chrome, check the ‘Enable Authentication’ box. Then, establish a password for the extension and tap ‘Set Password’.
  • Done!
  1. Personal Blocklist (Google)

Another worthwhile extension to block websites on Chrome is Google’s Personal Blocklist.

Although Personal Blocklist does not have as many features as other extensions, it is worthy.

With Personal Blocklist, you don’t have to add too many URLs, numbers, and characters.

Instead, you need to Google-search the website you want to block.

Then, click on the button that shows up (it contains the site’s name).

The blocked website will then be part of your blacklist.

How to Block Websites on Chrome Permanently on Android

how_to_block_websites_with_chrome_permanently (6)

By now, it should be easy to block websites on Chrome Android for you.

But what happens when you want to do something different?

Well, this is How to Block Websites on Chrome Permanently on Android mobile.

  • You need to install the ES File Explorer app. In essence, the app helps you edit host files so that all sites you block redirect elsewhere.
  • So, after you launch ES File Explorer, hit ‘/’ at the bottom. That folder should lead you to the host files. Open the files and in the pop-up, choose Text.
  • Click ‘ES Note Editor’ on the pop-up
  • Then, click on the three full-stops at the far top right.
  • Start editing the hosts files
  • Enter this: FilterPak Test Page
  • Next, enter change ‘FilterPak’ Test Page for the site you want to block. For instance, you can write ‘ Cyberogism’ – but this site is too helpful for you to do that! Repeat for as many websites that you need to put off limits.
  • After you enter all the websites you want to blacklist, reboot your phone

Noteworthy, this method does not block websites on Chrome alone.

Instead, it blocks websites permanently on Chrome and all other browsers!

How to block websites on Chrome permanently: Conclusion

In summary, there are myriad ways you can block websites on Chrome.

Apart from blocking them manually, you can use Google Chrome extensions.

Although some of these tools slow the browser, they are worthwhile.

Apparently, you can beat the addiction to adult sites or social media by blocking websites on Chrome.

Also, you can increase your productivity by blocking the sites that keep you glued to the Internet.

Whether you choose the manual way or the extensions, just give it your best!

If any important point has been left out in this article, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

Happy blocking!

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