17 Awesome Instagram Tools that are Great to Have

In the present cyber world, Instagram is a popular social tool – no doubt about that. First of all, why is Instagram so popular? The answer to this is simple. Pictures and videos are rousing than words! And Instagram tools are more of posting videos, photos, managing Instagram in systematic ways, analysing success on the platform and making users experience cooler on Instagram as a whole. I’d say, in conclusion, making you a power user of Instagram!

These tools have overtaken other social media tools with a blast, with more than 60 million photos and 1.5 billion shares each day. It is this reason that marketers have seen Instagram as a goldmine. Different people are on Instagram for various justifications. Most likely, to share photos and have fun.

But that is not all about Instagram. A new direction has come up the way an Instagram tool gets used. Several businesses are now using Instagram tools for business to woo followers. Furthermore, they are using this social site to host their products.

If you happen to be one of the marketers, you can make most out of these Instagram management tools. Even general users can get benefit from such tools, and be keeping everyone in mind – we’ve come up with an extensive list of 17 Instagram tools below:

  1. Minter.io

    MinterMinter.io is one of the top Instagram analytics tools followers do rely on. It has a range of useful analytics you can make use of, all offered via a friendly-user interface. Minter.io can help marketers track data in real time! They can keep an eye on new followers. Also, they can trace fans gender and geographical distribution.

    As a result, marketers know the time they can post an image, so it gets more likes and attention collectively. This tool shows followers who comment more on your photos, too. Hence, you can easily measure the importance of branded hashtags. In brief, Minter.io is a perfect Instagram analytics for business.

  2. BestBuddies

    BestBuddiesThe majority of us are on Instagram, right? To start with, I’m not a big fan of Instagram. Because I have less time to post photos all the time (my opinion). But, there are Instagram users who would like to know who their biggest Instagram fan is – BestBuddies app will let you know.

    It displays top liked usernames and the number of photos and posts they wanted. Correspondingly, this statistics is useful. Especially to marketers since they can put in place it to identify potential influencers. Also, marketers can pinpoint whom to single out with their marketing campaigns. You think this Instagram tool is suitable for your needs? Check it out here.

  3. Over

    OverMost likely, Instagram users will want to have words written on their photos, isn’t it? I fancy this sometimes, personally! Perhaps you are passing information to your users, or you just want to customise them to suit your style – both, Instagram followers and businesses can invest in Over.

    For only $1.99, marketers and Instagram users will enjoy a profusion of alluring fonts. And the best of it, this Instagram-like tool is available for iOS and Android. You can get it following this link.

  4. Piqora

    PikazoAppThe majority of Instagram users contend Piqora as the best Instagram management tools. Besides, users claim that Piqora provides statistics when to contest tracking. Also, it provides analytics when to post photos via desktop and hashtag. Is there anything you’d like to know about this app? Click on the link here.

  5. Like2Buy

    CuralateLike2Buy is among the top rated Instagram tools for business. Many followers and marketers like it, I’d rather say love it. With Like2Buy, Instagram users can turn their accounts into shops. How? Fans can buy a photo you posted. That is if they like it or if it’s a product photo, they can purchase by clicking on the like button. Would you like to try it? Here is the link to get started.

  6. Tagboard

    TagBoardInstagram wizards will consent with the fact that hashtag gets used on Instagram. And if you are among them, you can use Tagboard to keep track of your hashtags. Also, Instagram users can use this tool to trail hashtag. From Twitter, Google +, Facebook, Flickr, and Vine. This tool necessitates users to interact with their posts. You can download Tagboard through this link.

  7. Repost

    RepostThis Instagram tool makes it easy for users to re-post and credit existing posts. With a tap of a button, the post will be alive on the Instagram user account. This tool is ideal for businesses that want to share generated content. It features the following:

    Search– users can find thrilling photos and videos using hashtag with this feature

    Bookmark Photo– followers or users can save photos and videos and repost them later

    One Tap Repost– with a single tap, you can re-post and credit the content creator.

    In conclusion, this is a great Instagram scheduling tool. Below is a link to its download site.

  8. SocialRank

    SocialRankMore or less, SocialRank is an Instagram management tools. It allows Insta-users to organise and manage their followers. If you are a business marketer, SocialRank is a must have tool. It lets users plunge into their fans demographics. As a result, you can single out influencers, brand advocates, and great followers.

    Features that highlight this Instagram tool are:

    Manage– Instagram users can create a customised list of their members. They then can export to a CSV file. Also, you can save on SocialRank and export to Twitter

    Identify– Users can use this feature to pull in all their followers and their profiles

    Organize-Once you have identified your followers, you can sort and filter your followers

    In conclusion, SocialRank allows marketers to break the demographics of their supporters.

  9. Crowdfire

    CrowdfireCrowdfire Instagram tool is a pretty good choice for you to at least give a try. It’s a web app compatible with iOS and Android. This app can get employed by both the business and regular Instagram users. It lets users know those that they follow. As a result, users can follow others who get interested in them.

    Features of Cowdfire app include:

    Who supported me– It enables Instagram users to get a list of new followers

    Fans– Get a list of your followers but you don’t follow them back

    No Copy Followers– It lets you support users who follow Instagram accounts you specified

    Who unfollowed me – This feature highlights fans who unfollowed you. That is after linking your Instagram account with Crowdfire

    Non-followers– Using this feature, you can unfollow users who don’t follow you

    To summarize, Crowdfire is a free Instagram tool that allows users to grow. Besides, clean their Instagram accounts. Download this app here.

  10. Social Insight

    Social InsightFor Instagram users looking for Instagram analytics tool, Social Insight is a must to try. This tool is a web-based application that allows users watch follower growth. Besides, users can check engagements and interactions. In conclusion, Social Insight gives depth analysis of any Instagram user account. By the way, you can use it on several accounts.

    It features:

    New features monthly– Each month the feature rolls out new features

    Best Time to Post– Users can pinpoint the best time to post an update, basing on post history and account engagement

    Link multiple accounts– Users can link many Instagram accounts. Besides, they can switch between their analytics

    More than 28 Analytical Data Points– Users get detailed data on followers gained and lost. Also, average and largest post engagement. Besides, most engaging filters.

    In effect, Social Insight gives proffers everything that Instagram user’s need. It is one of the promising Instagram tools for business in 2016.

  11. Boomerang

    BommerangeBoomerang is a video application from Instagram, which is available for free for the iOS and Android. This app lets you grab the attention of your Instagram followers effectively. Noteworthy, Boomerang is a unique photo and video app. Besides, it allows users to shoot brief videos.

    This app plays the video users post forward and backwards in a never-ending loop. Go and install your Boomerang Instagram video through this link.

  12. Vintagio

    VintagioInstagram users can edit their photos and videos with ease, using Vintagio. Also, users can apply filters and give their photos and videos a vintage look. Vintagio features a variety of filters and effects. Sepia, black and white tones are some of them. Also, it proffers filters that offer colour effects from the 60s, 70, and 80s (click here if you want to know more about 80s women’s fashion).

    This app has some built-in songs that you can choose. If not, you can import songs from their library. Vintagio is a subscription app; it costs $3.99. It’s compatible with iOS and Android.

  13. Latergramme

    SchedugramUndoubtedly, one of the best Instagram scheduling tools is Latergramme. This tool is perfect for businesses looking to upgrade their Instagram marketing. Letargramme works on almost all devices including desktop, iOS, and Android. Besides, its interface is user-friendly.

    This app allows Instagram users to manage two accounts. And, it lets users schedule new posts. Also, check current unscheduled posts. Letargramme doesn’t display the content, and it’s the downside of this app I believe. Users do receive a reminder, though, they then log in the app and update the content.

    It offers five different plans; one is free (for individuals, ideally) and four are paid, users who want more features need to upgrade. Check this link to know more about it and install.

  14. Have2Have.It

    Have2HaveIt’s also an Instagram selling tool, and hence, businesses can make good use of Have2have. It uses a good approach to selling on Instagram. It encourages followers to click on the store link within the profile, and the link then directs members to the virtual storefront.

    Businesses and marketers can tag a variety of outputs in an image. It’s easier for company followers to buy a complete set of products via this Instagram eCommerce tool.

    Have2Have offers a 30-day trial period, too. After then, pricing takes effect. The pricing depends on the number of clicks a business gets a month. From 0-49 clicks, it’s free, but the rate goes up to $300 for 3,000 clicks per month.

  15. Layout

    LayoutThe Layout is a free Instagram tool compatible with iOS and Android. It is a photo app that allows Instagram users create many-image collages. These images are the ones that users later can post on their Instagram accounts.

    Users can feature many pictures in a single post. The app features different formats and layouts that you can use. Integration of this app is easy. Besides, the quality of pictures is high since the app got developed by Instagram itself.

  16. SnapWidget

    SnapWidgetThis app allows Instagram users to display photos on their website, without any technical skills at all. Furthermore, the widget feature enables users to embed their Instagram gallery. Also, users can customise the Snapwidget look as per their desire. Consequently, users can display photos based on hashtag or username.

  17. Pic Stitch

    PicStichPic Stitch is almost like other mostly used Instagram tools. With Pic Stitch, users can combine photos. If you feel one photo isn’t enough, this app applies. For behind the scene and unique moments, it’s an ideal Instagram tool to have.

Instagram is now one of the useful marketing tools, no second thoughts on that. The compatible instruments and apps available can prove this. With all these Instagram tools marketers and general users both have all reasons to keep their fans engaged and beneficial to them.

If you want to browse Instagram anonymously and download any content you want, you should check out Pixwox, the ultimate tool for Instagram privacy and convenience.

Any of the listed tools will help users cement their presence online on Instagram, given that they now exactly what they are looking for. Comment with those that are working well for you and those that aren’t.

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